Life is Awesome

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Family is Everything

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Flower Pattern and Mandala in Sweet Potato

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Understanding People

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Forgive Others for not Being Kind

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Continue that Dream! Happy 2017!

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Small Note

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Smile Don’t Cost a Thing

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“Seeking for an Answer”-Personal Experiences about Religion

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Usual Unusual

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9 Months

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon






In this space we are divinely connected

on our own sacred way, we meditate

9 months inside the womb



Free from society’s judgment

Without any label—name, birthday, race

Free from other’s opinion

Innocent of judgment

Free from religion


A spirit growing

Manifesting in bodily form

Metaphysical to physical

Supernatural to material

Within 9 months

A preparation


Work has been done

Completed by nature

The spirit has flesh and bones

Has brain, heart

Willpower…intuition, emotions

9 months of amazement


Ready to face

Challenges and experience

And fulfill deep assignment


And the moment we are out

A birth of material life

Taking charge

Of what we see, feel, touch, taste and hear

To grow physically, mentally

Yet the spirit inside

Still the same

The rope that binds

To all wonders of life


And as we completed

The journey on earth

We go back

To the same place

The point where we started

In the spirit and mystery

The shell we abandon

Forward we move

Without gender

With awe and innocence

In the space of freedom and liberation

Is where we ended



“The mystery is what prompted men to leave caves, to come out of the womb of nature.” -Stephen Gardiner


Photo credit: Google images


Where Do I Owe?

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Cartoon by: Vitaliy Levitskiy, Ukraine


Where do I owe

How I think

How I imagine

Things, goals, dreams

Parents, family

Colleagues, friends

Teachers, society

Even not to any


Where do I owe

Talent and skills

How it started

How it evolves

From youth

To age of gold


Where do I owe

the power,

the language

to speak,

to express

certain things


Where do I owe

the ability

to sing

the rhythm

the hymn

inside me


Like a conductor


This thy Self

Is it?

In my thinking brain

Or to my Highest Self

Where I owe

duties, ambition

worries, failure


spiritual soul


Behind these

Who is

the great

grand genius



even billionaires

still unknown


Thinking deep

make me sip

more coffee

Finding myself

in bitter sweet

a cup of mysteries

top with

full cream curiosity


Where do I owe…


“No object is mysterious. The mystery is your eye.” – Elizabeth Bowen 

“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.”- Neil Armstrong

“If some longing goes unmet, don’t be astonished. We call that Life.” -Anna Freud



About the Cartoonist:


Vitaliy Levitskiy is a Civil Engineer, architect and a pensioner. He is a member of the cartoonist Association of Ukraine and began pursuing his passion in cartoon drawings in 1960 and from then on, he keeps participating in different international and local competitions. e-mail:





Written and Posted by: Margie Babon


Oh Cupid

Have you appeared?

I can’t remember when

None I have actually met


Oh Cupid

Don’t be silly

You left the arrow

Of all

Why hit me

I was sitting alone



Tell me please

Where can I find

A true love

Not supposed to be blind


I know

Today is 14th February

Twenty-four hours’ after

It will pass

But being single

Oh my

Why always last!



May I know

Do you have fb or skype?

Let’s connect

And help me erase

Bitter experiences

Will you?

Send me roses

With beer please

Let’s cheers

Until the night sleep



Teach us to love more

Everyday should be


…..joyful Valentine’s Day

To be kind, to be generous

To talk with respect

Without hurting

Showing honesty

Appreciating all

Loving all


I know

It is difficult

To trust people

But if we’re coming

From good intentions

No matter how painful

Life can be

If the foundation

Nothing but pure love

We understand people

When they hurt us

We accept life as it is

For love is the greatest

Life we could ever live


Hey Cupid

Come on over now

You’re broken hearted

I know

Don’t stay stupid

Let’s drink and move on


Happy Valentine’s Day!!




Cartoon image: Google

angel cupid video via face book


dear cupid1






Love and Solitude by Nancy Wood

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon


Frank Howell

From the book of Nancy Wood entitled Spirit Walker published in 1993, we feature two of her inspiring poem Love and Solitude.  As a poet, her creativity comes from the roots of her fascination with the Indian ancient culture like the Taos of Rio Grande situated in northern New Mexico which are very connected to nature—to the mother earth, and to the mystery of the universe. As what Nancy described in her introduction of this book, “A rich, deep, and complex religion, drawn mountains, desert, sky, animals, and birds, sustains the Indians.”  And that, until this modern times, Taos are still governed by ancient laws and customs that can be seen through seven centuries in their mud village.

Nancy believes in interconnectedness,

“….where a blade of grass, God may live; the wind was the breath of the Great Spirit, renewing us once again and that between earth and sky, suspended in time, this is what life all about.”


Love and Solitude



For us, my love,

The faraway moon laughed

And breathed a new song

For all the earth to hear


For us, my love,

The stars deserted the sky

And became a silver pathway

To our dreams.


For us, my love,

Time made a ladder out of grass

To show us to our happiness.


For us, my love,

Beauty encircled two lives and

Love created one horizon.




Do not be afraid to embrace the arms

of loneliness.

Do not be concerned with the thorns

of solitude.

Why worry that you will miss something?


Learn to be at home with yourself

without a hand to hold.

Learn to endure isolation

with only the stars for friends.



comes from understanding unity.


arrives on the footprints of your fear.


arises from the ashes of despair.


brings the clarity of still waters.


completes the circle of your dreams.


About Nancy Wood

Nancy WoodNancy Wood is a noted poet, novelist and photographer and the author of the classic poetry book Many Winters published in 1974. She has won numerous awards, including a literature fellowship from National Endowment for the Arts. Her book War Cry on a Prayer Feather was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in music in 1977. Nancy Wood makes her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she lives on the edge of the wilderness she celebrates in her poems.



Reference: Wikipedia, Google images 

Painting credits:  “Eagle’s Path” –Painting by Frank Howell from the book Spirit Walker. 


“Supermoon”- (November 14, 2016)

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


I didn’t get the chance to take photos of this stunning Supermoon yesterday since it was traffic going home. So I thought of writing a poem about this supermoon  and this took me less than 15 mins. to finish this inspiration. Enjoy!




A giant balloon floating
Everyone’s watching
Across the night sky
Half of the world
Standing by

A symbol of feminine
Coming out of nowhere
Though rising from the mountain nor ocean
You enter so grandeur
In the naked eye too beautiful

Super moon grant me
A power no one can own
Instill in my heart
A courage I can carry on
To be strong while getting old
To be humble like the creator

Getting close to the Earth
What might be the effect
Will you bring more fertility
Or to make people super moody
Hope there’s no catastrophe
Coz its frightening to see

Super moon still so romantic
Yet today very powerful
Too brilliant to comprehend
The magnification
Too huge behind my lens

Each day and each month
Different faces of yours
Regardless of location
Of race and nation
Still you are a moon
And we are a speck
Three hundred eighty-four thousand kilometers
Away from you





Photo credit:

Clayton Anderson (taken from Houston in 13th Nov. 2016)

Axel Elfner (Supermoon over Sonoran Desert)



Meaning and Poetry

Words by: Roy Austin




Sharing a set of poem full of meaning, curiosity and wonder from our contributor writer who is a retiree named  Roy Austin. His style of writing holds deeper meaning about life and the mystery outside yet such an inspiration to read with over and over…


Rumination at Aphelion

She will pay her penance
for her obtuse offspring,
their exploitation at large
that has wounded her so,
her long, sacred passage
she does not forsake,
as each her nascent children
she must leave in her wake,
through her endless orbits
with her troubled youth
she whispers unto space
our moment of truth;
how should one say it,
again and again,
the earth is our passing
and a sweet amen.


Ode to Grandeur

Grandeur is the rolling earth
turning to a morning sky,
the gliding eagle grips my question-
does not the dawn imply the eye!
Do those sun-rays strike a chord
to fill the mountain air with song!
Are these vibrations from ‘the ground’
reminiscent of a Gong!
where that sheep-dog with the sheep
is running foothills to the scar,
are those ripples in the rock
the fluid echoes of a star!
A clutch of eggs the hue of sky
as if the sky had learned to fly
until the sun descending low
leaves Glory in it’s afterglow!


Not to Know

Some thoughts are certain
like those stubborn pack mules
that stop to graze on grass,
I hope they make it there
over the mountain pass,
to look conspicuous
as smuggled contraband,
bound for the soul’s plateau
with their swag in hand!
Then thoughts of the soul,
how does that star- dust
connect man to the whole,
the finite, seeking the infinite
’til the void of nothing, is found,
as the face of transcendence
will surely show
the meaning of faith
is not to know.



About the Author:


Roy K. Austin  writes poetry and article but he enjoys studying 20th century sage / philosophers and drawing on Vedanta and mystical insights, he enjoys writing poetry that points to the non – dual vision of life, that it might just strike a light in someone’s darkness. He also writes with gratitude and love for these sages, who, in Ken Wilbur’s words, are the spiritual  avante – garde  who ‘rode a beam of light‘ at the head of the evolution of human consciousness. He has 2 books published now out of print. He has rural pursuits and enjoys walking his Labrador. He resides in Dorset England.

See more works of Roy  Austin by visiting his website:


Submit work of poetry and get featured in this website by sending to


“My Mother’s Garden”–Happy Mother’s Day!

Posted By: Margie Babon



To every mother in this world. Thank you for your unconditional love! Happy Mother’s Day!

My Mother kept a garden,
a garden of the heart,
She planted all the good things
that gave my life it’s start.
She turned me to the sunshine
and encouraged me to dream,
Fostering and nurturing
the seeds of self-esteem…
And when the winds and rain came,
she protected me enough-
But not too much because she knew
I’d need to stand up strong and tough.
Her constant good example
always taught me right from wrong-
Markers for my pathway
that will last a lifetime long.
I am my Mother’s garden.
I am her legacy-
And I hope today she feels the love
reflected back from me
–Author Unknown



Thoughts in Eleven Minutes

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon




If I think of anger, I see the world full of hatred

If I think of sadness, I see the world full of loneliness

If I think of hatred, I see the world nasty and cruel

If I think of regrets, I see the world full of error

If I think of mistakes, I see the world as failure

If I think of dishonesty, I see the world fake and fraud

If I think of risk, I see the world full of challenges

If I think of adventure, I see the world full of excitement

If I think of trustworthy, I see the world true and dependable

If I think of happiness, I see the world full of joy

If I think of blessings, I see the world full of possibilities

If I think of kindness, I see the world full of love


How I think

Creates my own world

How I think

Dictates my emotions

How I think

Builds, sustains or can ruin

A dream, friendship, relationship

How I think

Defines who I am

How I think

Creates what will I be, who I will become


You see

It is the thoughts

Holding the greatest power

Controlling how we live

–in productiveness

–in easiness

–in laziness

–or doing our very best


It is the thoughts

Making us wise

Or making us fool


It is the thought

That holds our future

It is the thought

That makes life meaningful



“Change your thoughts and change your world.”  -Norman Vincent Peale


“Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts.”  –Soren Kierkegaard



Credits: Google image

 Quotes from Brainy Quote


This year won’t be the same

Written By: Margie Babon




This year won’t be the same

Yet almost as yesterday

Exactly the same

I keep telling myself

This year won’t be the same

My life will be different

Yet today…still no difference


This year won’t be the same

Told by a mentor

“Change the habit

Changes the day”

Why on me

Always the same


This year won’t be the same

Is it only a wish?

Impossible to be fulfilled

A different….

Twenty four hours



Year ahead


Then I realize

If I will change my environment

It will make a huge difference

If I will change—





Daily routine



Inner dialogue



My life will totally change

Creating a diverse experience

For a progression of happiness


This year will be different

My life will be different

No longer an old self

A different route

A different road


If and only

I choose… to be…



“I hope you are no longer stuck

On the deck of what used to be…

I hope you are hiking straight up

The face of a new beginning”

 -Steve Wiens


Wishing every one a happy new year!

Make this year a different one by creating new things, achieving new results each day by trying something new, getting out of curiosity or discovering how far you can go by getting out of your comfort zone.  Always remember that happiness lies in new positive things.



Written by: Margie Babon


I would rather live

In reality

Seeing myself

Happy and content

To gaze

In the beautiful clouds

And smell

The ocean breeze

Rather than dreaming

In an illusion

Of holding someone

Dancing with someone

Under the moon and stars

In shimmering dust


I would rather be

In reality

Meeting difficult people

Solidifying tolerance

Making me brave

Yet humble and tough

Rather than

Dwelling in an illusion

Of travel and leisure

Without any purpose,

Goals and direction


I would rather

Start from scratch

Conquering unknown

Getting scary

Feeling nervous

Taking risk

On what to do

How to do

Getting creative

Discovering technique

Failing, learning

Learning, failing, succeeding

Rather than dreaming

Sinking in an illusion

Of instant money-making


Reality bites

Reality hurts

Putting under pressure

Giving you stress

To survive

To live

To understand

The meaning of life

And move forward

To inspire, to improve

To grow and develop


Face the reality

Where honesty,


And peace of mind

Are the keys

In embracing responsibility

And end up all the illusory


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