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“The Consciousness of Why You Are Here” -The Power of Your Brain, International Call for Submission 2017

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon




consciousness (noun)

  • the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.
  • the state or fact of being conscious of an external object, state, or fact
  • the state of being conscious; awareness of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc. … the thoughts and feelings, collectively, of an individual or people


Your consciousness is the primary fabric of reality as explained in the new paradigm of quantum physics. It is the ground of being while the brain acting as a tool in fulfilling the optimal purpose of consciousness and evolution. According to the new paradigm, thoughts create reality and that thought comes from consciousness.

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of “The Science of Evolving Your Brain,”

“Consciousness” is what inhabits and occupies the bio-computer called brain. It is like electrical current that runs a computer and all its programs. The brain has hardware systems built in and software systems that consciousness is upgrading or routinely using.

 Consciousness enable us to think, and at the same time to observe our thinking process. We typically think of consciousness as our awareness of self and our perception of the world around us. However, there is another type of intelligence called innate intelligence within us, and resides equally in all things which is the expression of universal intelligence in the body.


The Two Elements of Consciousness

There are two fundamentals of consciousness—the conscious and unconscious. Both are vital to live and to become alive. Like animals, human being possess both elements except that human being has higher brain complex compare to animals. We have the ability to be consciously aware of what we think, what action we must do, we can become conscious of our behaviour, emotions, the environment around us, where the thoughts come and go, and most, we have the ability to express our ideas, thoughts and opinion.

The first aspect of consciousness is called subjective consciousness that upholds our individual free will. It enables us to express who we are (as a thinking self) by flagging our own traits, ideals and characteristics. This subjective consciousness comprises our unique abilities, skills and qualities to learn, to create, to dream, to remember and not to remember, to decide and to choose. This consciousness pertains the “you” or the “self.” In short, it is the self-conscious identity.

The second element of consciousness is the intelligent awareness within us that gives life called objective consciousness or known as the subconscious. This is a system of awareness that separate from the conscious mind. This subconscious is extraordinarily intelligent, focused and mindful that separates from thinking brain but operates the other parts of the brain to keep the functions of the human body in system and in order.

Objective consciousness runs the show of which we are not consciously aware that this aspect of consciousness controls our health and life. It is the huge mystery that controls the heartbeat, converts oxygen to carbon dioxide, it digests the food, regenerate cells, organise the other system of the body. Objective consciousness operates without our “effort” but it functions automatically.


The Greatest Question

Science is doing its best to understand and explore and discover more about the human brain.

The greatest question is who control all of this mysterious field of intelligence that gives life to all of us? Who controls the sub-conscious and what is the purpose of the consciousness of why we are here and how can we tap to it?

No one knows the main reason of who is the greatest director of creations, of this giant intelligence in the brain. But the fact that consciousness was given to human being, we are here to fulfill and complete our own dreams, our own desire of what we want to do, to live righteously fulfilling and achieving our goals by aligning our thoughts and intentions into action.

To use the power of our brain is the greatest reason why we are here by

  1. Doing our best
  2. Realizing our greatest potentials and take action on it, and
  3. To choose to change for better and better version of who we are



“The Power of Your Brain”–International Call for Submission 2017

Extended submission until July 21, 2017…….Submit your best work to

Topic 2- Why You Are Here


“Our own consciousness is the most indubitable thing there is.” -Rene Descartes

“Everything we do is for the purpose of altering consciousness. We form friendships so that we can feel certain emotions, like love, and avoid others, like loneliness. We eat specific foods to enjoy their fleeting presence on our tongues. We read for the pleasure of thinking another person’s thoughts.” - Sam Harris

“Do not look for approval except for the consciousness of doing your best.”-Andrew Carnegie


Topic 2-Facts-Brain


Cartoon by:

Emad Salehi, Iran

Senad Nadarevic, Bosnia and Herzegovina




Learning, Language, and Mimicry- “The Power of Your Brain” Int’l. Cartoon Call for Submission 2017

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Learning to speak was the hardest thing to do. We start nonlingual and within 18 months we have a core working vocabulary of 50 words that we can pronounce and 100 words we can understand. At age 3, we have 1,000 words in command and we start to construct sentences. By our 6th birthday, our vocabulary exploded to 6,000 words. And as we grow up,  it takes 50,000  words to master good conversational English.

This not included the children who learn second or third language which means they double or triple the information of words in their head. Baby’s brain is different from adult in which the neuron’s branch out in 15,000 ways. There is extra neuron wiring that learn language so easily and they key is the comprehension speed in baby’s brain to understand fast and distinguish each word, syllable and sound. Parents know the earlier they introduce a child to second or third language, the less effort for them to acquire.

Top 10 Tongues

  1. Mandarin (885 Million) the most speakers— by a lot
  2. Spanish (332 Million)
  3. English (332 Million)
  4. Bengali (189 Million)
  5. Hindi (182 Million)
  6. Portuguese (170 Million)
  7. Russian (170 Million)
  8. Japanese (125 Million)
  9. German (98 Million)
  10. Wu (77 Million)

Aside from learning a new language, brain also love to imitate because neurons in our brain constantly watch what other people are doing and mime it themselves and that is how we learn. Mirror neurons are found all over the brain. When a mother opens her mouth, her baby imitates her. Under a microscope, mirror neurons look like other neurons. What makes them special is the web of connections that links these neurons in the motor and the sensory that process the visceral and emotional reactions. And these mirror neurons vastly expanded over time. When the baby smile, her mother smiles too. And that is how the brain sets up a circuit. Scientist and researchers believe that mirror neurons could be the key the way humans learn speech, signal meaning to one another and develop primal feelings of empathy.


Join!!  Hyperkreeytiv for its 2017 International Call for Submission entitled

“The Power of Your Brain.”

Submission in the form of cartoon, drawing or caricature.




2017 International Call for Submission entitled—“The Power of Your Brain.”

How to Submit:

  1. Participants can submit maximum of 3 entries.
  2. Submit your work by sending your entries to
  3. Images must be less than 500kb JPEG file in the following format:           surname_entry #_country
  4. Submit a short intro about yourself (not more than 200 words) and a photo or caricature not more than 200kb.
  5. Participants can submit entries until July 17, 2017.
  6. All works will be posted on July 27, 2017.


“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” -Oscar Wilde


Credits: Wikipedia and Your Brain- A User’s Guide

Photo: Google images



“The Power of Your Brain” -International Call for Submission 2017

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon



By just one thought, awareness becomes active whether the thought is intentional or not. That is how powerful the human brain that continuously remoulding and organising different thoughts and different experiences in different times thus, enriching the circuits of the brain neurologically. We can remember things, make plans, we have the ability to imagine, we keep envisioning, how we think, what we do, all comes from the greatest computer of the body system called brain.

Human brain has no mechanical moving parts but serves as the motherboard of body system and the seat of thoughts and mind. Though only weighing less than 3 lb., it is the home and storage of of pictures, songs, philosophy, dreams, passion, happiness, sorrow, of memories, of love, of wisdom, the consciousness and awareness of itself.  It is the greatest computer ever built, the seat of your mind, the seat of your being. It creates abstract thought, imagination, creativity, emotions, language, solutions and problem. It creates consciousness.

All the body organ that makes us alive is connected to the brain acting as the general commander of the body. The brain does thousands of thoughts and thinking while we breathe, we talk, we work, we crave for food, we exercise, etc. There is a giant super power or called it genius seating behind our brain that direct both the conscious and unconscious mind.

Human brain is also the source of good and bad moral depends on the thoughts we keep in our head. Through the power of the brain, we develop talent and skills, yet, brain can also be damaged having misalignment, disorder and addiction.

Who we are is what we believe which is wired already in our brain. And as the brain continuously collate experiences through different periods and phases of life, our physical body, emotional aspect and intelligence become a work in progress.

Join Hyperkreeytiv for its 2017 International Call for Submission entitled “The Power of Your Brain.”  Submission in the form of cartoon, drawing or caricature.

How to Submit:

  1. Participants can submit maximum of 3 entries.
  2. Submit your work by sending your entries to
  3. Images must be less than 500kb JPEG file in the following format:  surname_entry #_country
  4. Submit a short intro about yourself (not more than 200 words) and a photo or caricature not more than 200kb.
  5. Participants can submit entries until July 17, 2017.
  6. All works will be posted on July 27, 2017.


Watch out for the post that will be published covering the following topic each week to learn more and understand the power of human brain.

  1. Learning, Language, and Mimicry
  2. The Consciousness of Why You Are Here
  3. “Sleep”—The Brain Recovery
  4. Your Brain Has Gender
  5. Inside the Wild World of Adolescent Brain
  6. “Addiction” – When Your Brain Can’t Say No
  7. Personality and Brain Disorder
  8. Through the Ages
  9. The Chemistry of Love
  10. “Right, Wrong” – What Makes Us Moral
  11. Older, Wiser and Gray Hair
  12. Stress and The Power of Mood
  13. The Science of Your Appetite
  14. The Biology of Belief
  15. Sickness and Healing
  16. “Memories”—We Remember Too Much. We Forget Too Much.
  17. Evolution- Your Brand New Brain

Join now and participate in our 2017 educational International Cartoon Participation 2017!!

“I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells.” – Dr. Seuss

“Trick or Treat” – All Soul’s Day 2015

Posted By: Margie Babon


Thank you so much to all the participants!!


Alexander Dubovsky

unnamed (3)

unnamed (2)

unnamed (1)




Avraham Ash

unnamed (2)



Behzad Bigdeli

unnamed (4)



Chernyshev  Fedorovich

unnamed (2)

unnamed (1)




Chernyshev  Nikolay

unnamed (1)




Davood Kamali

unnamed (3)


Doru Axinte


unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)



Ehsan Iranshahi

unnamed (3)




unnamed (1)


Ester Lauringson

unnamed (3)



Fereol Fuentes

unnamed (3)




unnamed (2)


unnamed (1)





Jucalo (Juan Camilo Arroyave)

unnamed (3)



Merhdad Abbasi

unnamed (1)



unnamed (2)






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Mohsen Asadi

unnamed (4)



Neda Moghadam

unnamed (1)



Nikola Listes


unnamed (1)



Resad Sultanovic




Saeed  Sadeghi


unnamed (2)

unnamed (1)



Sharam Rezael



unnamed (2)




Sohrab Kheiri




Stanila Liviu

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Stefan Wenczel

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Valera Momot



unnamed (3)



Valeri Tarasenko

unnamed (1) unnamed

unnamed (3)



Vasileva Lilia


unnamed (2)


unnamed (1)



Vladimir Sivtsevich

unnamed (2)





Waldez Duarte




unnamed (4)


unnamed (1)



Yalda Hasheminezhad

unnamed (1)


“Movie of Your Life”–All Soul’s Day 2015, Int’l. Call for Participation

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon



You are walking along the suburban street full of lights, establishments and café, and happy people chatting by. You stop for awhile and look at the huge poster of green salad, soup and sandwich thinking if you want to try. But your focus diminishes when someone yells, “Free movie, free movie, come inside. Sir, hey wearing a black hat, yes you, this movie is perfect for you.” Then you look at your back if he is pointing to someone wearing a black hat.  Yet no one wears a black hat except you. You realize he is pointing at you.  Curious about the movie, you walk towards the cinema to check what the title of the movie is. You asked, “What is the title of the free movie?” The barker said, “None sir, it is a surprise. In fact, when you get inside it is not a typical cinema. There is a free dinner that awaits you.”  Since you are free that night, you get inside the cinema. “Why is it so bright in here?,”  you asked yourself. You saw four round tables with four wooden chairs on each table fronting a small stage. No one is around. Yet the table is full of food–Fresh  green salad, pasta, pizza, red wine and fruit plate arranged on the table. “Good evening sir, we are still waiting for others to come, have a sit and you can start eating while waiting for others,”  said by a woman wearing a white suit with apron. “Oh, you frightened me! Didn’t notice there is a server here, why is it so silent. Anyway, what movie is this and what is the start?” you asked. “Sir, we cannot tell you that unless others will get here to occupy the table, for the meantime, enjoy your free dinner,” the woman said.   You sit on the last table from the right. Since you are hungry, you bite the pizza, it taste bland. You try the salad with lime sauce, it taste bland. You try to taste the red wine, it is bland. “Why the food is so bland? No wonder it is free!,” as you whispered to yourself. Suddenly the lights were off, and the light on stage gets bright. The movie opens with a voice of a woman counting from 10, 9, 8, 7….3, 2, 1……then followed by a soft music of a piano playing “Sundial Dream,” the background music on beautiful scenery of ocean, mountains, flowers….and a small river with kids laughing. The white and blue boat was docked on the side while three boys are happily jumping on the river. It reminds you of your childhood. “It looks like my brother, that shorts is the same as mine, my favorite shorts when I was ten years old. And that boat is like the boat of my dad that we use for fishing,” you said to yourself. Then a woman appears, carrying a towel and some cold drinks. You stand up and step back. “That is my mother that is my mother!…Where am I. Anybody here?” feeling frightened, you run to get out the place but the hallway is dark…yet there is a small light at the end. You run and run until you have reached the source of light.  You walk towards the door and outside was infinite bright light. Suddenly you hear a voice of a man, “Are you ready to watch the movie of your life?” Feeling frightened and nervous, you are speechless…you don’t know what to say. Toot-toot-toot….you hear the alarm and you open your eyes. Your mind went back to reality.  You look at the clock, it was five in the morning. Still feeling nervous, and your can feel your heartbeat so fast ; you realize it is just a dream. A dream that looks real. A dream that feels so real.  You stand a little fast. You get up and shut off the alarm, and then you sit on your bed analyzing the dream that you had and telling yourself, “If I will watch the movie of my life, am I ready to watch it? What movie do I want to create?  If I will watch the movie of my life, I want it happy, I want to see a life with meaning, with purpose, with joy, with success, with love to my family and helping others…”  Then you switch to your reality realizing that the dream was a sign, a guide to motivate yourself to choose a meaningful life.

When a person die, there is a moment that you will be given a chance to watch your life. A film like a rewind of your life on how you accomplish your dreams and how live on your journey on earth. It is hard to believe about this idea, but this was based on my experience few weeks after the burial of my mother that I experience this during my half-wake dream. I thought I am watching a movie. There is a narrator, mentioning the place and the significance of the scene. Suddenly I saw my mother standing near the river. The narrator is describing her life then followed by  meeting a man, it was my father. Then into another scene where my sister was there, still I can hear the narrator stating her life. I only wake up and realize that it was a dream when my mother looks at me saying, “my youngest.” I saw her getting close to me then the alarm beeped. Still analyzing my dream, it was the movie of my mother…her life..her own film… It was so clear to me. I have seen some highlights of her life…her life  that I wasn’t born yet.

This dream becomes a reminder to me that each one of us is creating our own movie and there will be a time that we will watch it.

If I will watch my movie, I want it happy. I want it to have a positive impact to others. I want to see  my life sharing love and joy and not hurting others. This experience becomes my guide to live each day with meaning and purpose doing the best that I can be, giving kindness, understanding, honesty and love towards myself, to my family and to others.

If you will watch your own movie of your life, what scenes do you want to see? And will you be ready to watch it without feeling guilt or fear?


The most honest form of film making is to make a film for yourself.-Peter Jackson

If you want a happy ending that depends, of course, on where you stop your story. –Orson Welles



Trick or Treat—All Soul’s Day 2015 on November 1 showcasing hilarious cartoons on November 1st.

 2015 Trick or Treat-last poster


To all the participants, thank you so much for making it happen!  Much gratitude to Seyran Caferli of for making this call for submission possible.


We are the movies and the movies are us. -David Ansen



“Long Stairway” -Trick or Treat , All Soul’s Day 2015 International Call for Submission

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon



Every day I use to walk going to school and going home with my eldest brother. Most of the time, my brother left me to go with his friends to play then he comes home late in the afternoon. One time, I ask help form my brother to carry my books because my bag is heavy. But then my brother is just ignoring me. He is running so fast and I keep chasing him. As we are near to our house, my brother still running while crossing the road. And I still follow him with my heavy bag, I run…I run…and when I cross the street….bang!!!! In a matter of a second I saw my physical body lying on the road, dead and full of blood.I saw people are in trouble. Men are chasing the driver that is trying to escape. Some are shouting, yelling, and seeking help to lift my body.  A ten-wheeler truck has hit me.

In a matter of seconds, four spirits appear beside me and the wind is carrying us so fast and I cannot do anything even though I don’t want to go. I did try to escape and go against it but the wind is so strong. I am like falling leaves following the direction of the wind. It was fast…really fast…then I found myself in a cave full of candles. Each candle has a name on it. Some are tall with a bright light flaming. Some are short, some are flickering, and some have weak light. Some have no flame at all though the candle is still long. Then I saw a very short candle with very weak light.  I went close to that candle and saw the name of my grandmother. “Grandmother will die soon,” I said to myself.

The wind carries me again so fast. Still the white spirits are with me and in a matter of a second, I found myself in a place where everything is white light. Then I saw a long stairway that looks endless.  I walk to the stairway until I heard a huge voice of a man. He said, “Do you really want?”My tears began to fall. I am crying so loud and pleading the man, saying, “I don’t want to die yet!! I don’t want to die!! I want to go back! I want to go back!! I still want to live. I want to experience having kids, to have my own family. I still want to live. I want to go back, I want to go back.”  Then in a matter of a second, I found myself lying on a bed. I saw the nurse walking at the hallway, walking towards me carrying a tray with huge syringe. I am trying to move my feet, I am trying to move my hands but I can’t. When I turn my head to my right, a freezing dead woman is beside me. I yelled so loud, I cried, and called my mother. The nurse was shocked; she throws the tray and yelled upon seeing me alive. She was so frightened, she ran away from me while shouting. She left me crying inside a cold place. I am inside the morgue.

This story is based on a true-to life death experience of my eldest sister. She was only nine years old when she died then came back again on Earth to experience to become a mother. Now she is fifty-five years old and has three boys and still vividly can tell her journey in a spirit world. Like some people who experience death or near-death experience, they have common story of reaching a white and long stairway.

The story itself is signifying  that people don’t want to die. People want to continue living in the physical world and fulfill the roles they want to accomplish.

Have you wondered why people are afraid of death? Is it because it is unknown experience? Or is it about fear of the mystery of the unknown? Why are we afraid of death considering it is part of natural process of life?

From the book Talking to Heavens by James Van Praagh , “Many spirits have communicated through me and telling me that death itself was easy but dying is not. There is pain contained in the physical body but when death arrives, there is no longer pain or discomfort. The condition of the physical body remains as only part of the memory, in the mental state of the spirit, only memory; the feeling is gone.”

My sister said, “I did not feel anything, no any pain when I exit my physical body. In fact I did not know that I have passed away. I only feel the pain when I wake up inside the morgue.”


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Trick or Treat 2015-12 oct


No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is at should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s changing agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. –Steve Jobs

The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living. –Marcus Tullius Cicero


“Lost Soul” – Trick or Treat, All Soul’s Day 2015 International Call for Submission

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon


An eerie picture of dark clouds covering the moon

Ever wonder why in horror film and freaky graphics about horror movie or when days are near to celebrate the day of the dead and in Halloween theme, the background is usually with dark clouds over a large full moon?  Have you tried looking at the sky during full moon where dark clouds are present? How do you feel when you stare at it? Do you feel frightened? Does it appear odd to you when the movements of the dark clouds are trying to hide the moon?

Every time I stare at the full moon with different layers of dark clouds moving slow and fast, I still feel a little freaky. I don’t know what kind of prayer I should speak.  I even cannot question God or the creator why it should happen that there is always a time of full moon with dark clouds. I know that people who love science explain that in a logical reasoning. Perhaps you may call it weird because I have a different explanation about it. It reminds me of the most unforgettable experience I ever had encountering a mass of lost soul.

It was year 2008 that my mother has an appointment with the doctor for the next day. It is always my evening habit of kissing my mother before I sleep and staring at her while she is sleeping silently thanking her for everything she did for us. That night that I am looking at her feels different. Though there has not yet results from the previous check-up she had, I feel afraid that my mother will leave us soon. That night I keep telling God, “Please extend her life because we still want her to be with us.” That night I was worried and it really feels odd. As I close the window to sleep, I noticed the moon was covered by lots of dark clouds. Dark clouds that move in a certain speed. Curious about the formation of clouds, I went out to the balcony and have a closer look.  I wonder what are in the dark clouds with different depths and layers. It feels so eerie; I went back to the bedroom then sleep.

In our house, we have different beautiful sea shells and in the bedroom we have two: one is small cowrie shell near the window and other one is the large seashells on the small corner table. While sleeping, I woke up by the bark of the dogs. I didn’t bother to get up so I continue to sleep; I was half-awake and keep hearing the dogs barking and some cats meowing. We don’t have a dog so I assume that the dog that was barking is from my sister which is beside our house. But the noises of the animals were getting loud and hear some angry voices of people that want to go inside the house.  What I have seen was a mass of lost soul at the balcony. Others are downstairs at the back of the service area near the gate, others are at the main door, and others are surrounding all the windows. These lost soul are bad spirit, they are all black. They want to get inside the house and get the soul of my mother. Still half-awake, I get up and stand raising my hand and commanding them to get out and leave us. I was angry and telling them to go to the light, go to the light. In a matter of a second, all the seashells in our bed illuminates and beam out a light so white covering the whole bedroom. I saw my mother in a shield of white light coming from the large sea shells we had. The bad spirit cannot get it in the bedroom and all of them were quickly get off and leave the house. Still standing, I open my eyes and saw my mother sitting on the foot of the bed. She said, “Who are you talking with and why are you so angry? I cannot understand what you’re saying but you raise your hand pointing to the window then pointing at the door then yelling to someone. What is happening?”  Then I said, “Mother, there are a lot of bad spirit outside, they want to get in, so I stand up and confront them. The seashells emit white light and cover the bedroom, covered the whole house.” I did not tell my mother that the lost soul wants to get her. I also did not tell her that the white light from the sea shells covered her and protect her from the bad spirit. As soon as I told her, my mother lights a candle and pray. After that encounter, I got terrible headache and cannot sleep and so does my mother. So she stays awake to prepare early for the visit with her doctor.

When my mother and eldest sister went out at six in the morning to go to the hospital, I left alone in the house. I am still frightened and afraid of my experience.  But I should be brave to let go of that fear as I need to prepare for office. While the sun is shining at six thirty, I went to the balcony and staring at the clouds talking silently, “Never ever go back here!! Never ever go back here!” I was angry to the mass of lost soul that I encountered. Their visit gave me a clue that my mother will die soon and it was such a sad experience knowing that my mother is still alive.

Before I left the house for work, my brother-in-law went to the house and asked me, “I woke up at four in the morning by the noise of the dogs and cats, the visitors were so early to visit our mother and why they have dogs and cats? Who are they? Are they relatives? They were at the gate and want to go inside.” I was surprised that he also has heard them. I told him that they are lost soul and bad spirit.

I was amazed how a seashell emits a white light to protect us from the bad spirit. I made some research about sea shells that in Feng Shui, shells are for protection from negative vibes.

The encounter of lost souls happened in May 2008 then my mother died in August 2008.


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lost soul


The human body is the best picture of the human soul.-Ludwig Witt Genstein

Your soul is nourished when you are kind; it is destroyed when you are cruel.” –King Solomon


“Forgiveness” –All Souls Day 2015 “Trick or Treat” International Call for Submission

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


I’m sorry Mama, forgive me, I’m sorry, sorry Mama…” the only words I speak while tears are falling in my half-wake sleep at four in the morning. I was talking to a spirit of a woman wearing a white gown sitting at the edge of my bed. Her visit wakes me up crying. She was the mother of a very close friend of mine that I have had left almost a year ago. I can feel her anger towards me, with teary eyes and her voice was shaking  saying this, “Why did you do that?  You have wasted the relationship, why you ended it?” There was a mistake in me because I close the door to communicate properly with her son. I did not give any chance to let his son speak to me and discuss the problem or any resolutions. Instead I act so immature and left his son together with the non-profit organization he owns that I worked with. Though the separation becomes a relief for me to follow my own path and create my own destiny, I don’t have any peace of mind for almost a year because I want to seek forgiveness from my friend and from his mother that loves me like a mother. Mama doesn’t wear any white gown in her entire life. I know something is wrong with her. That day that I saw her spirit, I received email at ten in the morning from a friend that Mama was gone and had sudden death.  She visited me to ask for my apology and forgiveness. After her visit, I include Mama in my prayer and meditation hoping that she will understand what I did. That I need to end up the attachment because staying with his son and his organization becomes so heavy that it makes me crave for my own freedom. I keep talking to her every night before I sleep to forgive me and understand my decision and accept my apology wholeheartedly. After two weeks, I saw Mama in my half-wake dream; she is wearing her favorite pair of clothes in white short. She waved goodbye while happily saying, “Bye Marge.” I thank her for all the love she has shown to us and for forgiving me for the mistakes that I have made. After that, I never saw Mama in my dreams anymore, she is at peace now.

When a person dies, the emotions of love and hate in the physical world is also the emotions that a person will carry through in the eternity as a spirit. That is why people are saying esp. to people who are dying, “learn to forgive” because anger will become obstacle to attain more peace and higher journey in the spiritual world. This could be the reason why a lot of spirits are roaming on this planet. They even have the ability to touch things to hurt human being. Because they have so much hatred and anger, they cannot go to the light of pure love and joy, instead, they choose to have remorse and stay in the physical plane. When we die, what we only carry in the spirit world is our emotions and intentions.

Living on earth has a lot of hurt and pain because life on earth is not fair. Yet if we allow soaking in those emotions, we will live with anger and hatred. Nobody has ever lived without experiences of hurt and rejection but there is an option to live with tolerance which means acceptance, understanding and kindness. Earth is a schoolroom to test how far our endurance of love can go. And that love is about understanding other people of their reactions and emotions and putting ourselves in their shoes for us to consider and recognize their actions. Aside from giving understanding and kindness, we must learn to give compassion for us to learn forgiveness. Expectations, hurt and anger are heavy to carry and only results to larger negative thoughts. Never allow those weak emotions to grow its roots because we do not know when our last breath will be. It feels better to live light, to forgive, to love more in order for us to heal not only ourselves but others as well.

Try to imagine this, after you die, do you want to appear as a ghost so ugly and angry roaming in the dark clouds having no directions at all or do you want to see your own spirit as happy and as white as a starlight  shining in the sky to give smile to people watching at night?

Life is too short to live with anger and hatred. At the end of our physical journey, what matters is how we live with kindness and love and it all goes back on that. Focus on love no matter what because life on earth and in the spiritual world is evolving out of pure love.


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“We cannot love unless we have accepted forgiveness, and the deeper our experience of forgiveness is,the greater is our love.” –Paul Tillich

“Forgiveness is act of grace and unconditional. When we truly forgive another person, we are using the highest aspects of soul to reopen the inflicted wound and let it soothed by the wholeness of love. Forgiveness frees the heart and takes us from the position of victim to someone in charge. It helps us to realize our true self.”- James van Praagh


Is it a Ghost or Spirit?-All Soul’s Day International Call for Submission 2015

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


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“Who is that?” asked my mother. None answered. Another knock on the door and my mother asked again, “Who is it?” No one answered again. My mother is boiling some roasted coffee while preparing things we will bring to our vegetable garden. The garden is located at the downward slope of the yard which is few meters away from the house. Then we heard another knock for the third time,  I ran towards my mother and stay behind her and cling on her skirt. My mother looked at me and said silently, “It’s only four in the morning, who is this knocking at the door? Stay at my back and we will open the door.” As she opened the door, standing is a well-dressed man wearing a black coat and black hat. He was holding a map and showed it to my mother which I also saw, it is a sketch with road and trees.   I never heard him speaking anything, what happened was a mental telepathy of communication with my mother. And I understood him as well. My mother closed the door abruptly. Then we didn’t hear knocking anymore.

The well-dressed man holding a map is not physically living in our current time but comes back, he is living from the past of Spanish and Japanese colonial era. I told my mother, “Mother, he is not a real human, he is a ghost!” Then my mother said, “Yes, he is a ghost looking for the chest of gold buried in our yard.”

I really feel frightened. That moment is very unforgettable for me. It was my first time to see a ghost face to face, that moment that I am only six years of age.

Not everyone has the ability to see spirit or ghost and even communicate with them. Some call it a gift but some doesn’t want it to have. But have you ever wondered what is the difference between ghost and spirit is?

In the simplest form of explanation, spirit and ghost are both spirit except the other one doesn’t want to leave the material world.

When a person died, spirit will shed its physical body to move into its astral form. In the astral form the spirit is able to enter into the more refined energy of the astral world. No matter what the manner of death, this process always remains the same. The spirit will cross over into the light going to the spirit world.The Light is the doorway or the passage/corridor that guides the deceased into the afterlife.

The term “Ghost” is when a person died; it chooses not to cross over the light to go to the spirit world. Some they don’t realize their dead so they don’t cross the light. Some are confused or attached to their desires to stay in the physical world. They are referred as “earthbound.” Ghosts are also spirit except that they are disturbed and don’t have peace with their emotions. According to James Van Praagh, author of  the book “Reaching to Heavens,  these earthbound spirits are very common to stay close with their family few days or weeks after their death and they even attend their own funeral.  Earthbound spirit has attachment not only to the family but to the material things they owned in the physical world and even desires.

Like the example of a well-dressed man that my mother and I have encountered. He is looking for the chest of gold buried in our yard. His spirit is still has attachment to the material things, the reason why he keep on hovering on earth. If you have watched the movie of Nicole Kidman “The Others,” that movie is an example of spirit that is attached to the physical world. They are not aware that they are dead but still have ownership of their house and other things.

When a person is dying, it is important to release forgiveness to everything the person holds anger to.  Because when a person died, it cannot bring all the material things he or she accumulated but what the person could only bring to the spirit world is emotions.

What I observe on earthbound spirit; they are disturbed soul who seeks prayer to attain peace and giving them intention to stay with the light because a lot of disturbed spirits are lost soul. They chose to be trapped on earth and don’t want to surrender to the Light.

Below is an example of how I see a mass of molecules that turns into a shape of man’s head. I was sleeping and it was past 6:00 in the morning. Upon seeing a mass of molecules, I ignore it and went back to sleep. After few minutes, it feels heavy on my leg though I am covered by a blanket.I yelled to the bad spirit telling him, “Go to the light!!” Then it left the room by forming a face and exit by the open window.




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“I’d like to see a ghost. It would confirm there’s an afterlife.” –Marlon Wayans


Cartoon credits: Kondee Wieczorkowski

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“We are All Spirit”- All Soul’s Day International Call for Submission 2015

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon



Our spiritual journey is infinite and endless. Even before we were born into this world, our soul which is the core of our spirit has evolved many times in different places and dimension. You might think, “Oh it is only a theory.” Because some people do not believe that we are all spirit having physical body. To be in this planet earth is only a cross road for us to exist. It serves as a school room where we are able to experience not coincidence circumstances but meant to happen for us to evolve, to be tested and grow. Experiences of challenge, triumph, loss, happiness, sorrow, joy, pain, etc. are part of our journey for a higher spiritual evolution.

Not all the population in this world believe in reincarnation, that human comes back to earth for a spiritual fulfillment. Some religion ties the word reincarnation to the term “Karma.”  The majority of population of religion doesn’t believe in reincarnation but rather believe that when a person dies, there are only three choices that you must fit with: Heaven, Hell or Purgatory. But this belief of heaven, hell and purgatory is only a theory that nobody knows it exist.

Some spiritual medium do not believe that the description of heaven where you can find a white man sitting on a throne is not true including the belief of hell and purgatory.  According to them, to live in a spirit world is based  to a person’s thoughts, emotions and desire. Other people with near-death experience are sharing a story that they can see their dead body and quickly appear in a snap walking through a long white stairs towards white clouds of heaven. Regardless of different belief or experiences, our existence is a great proof that human beings come from mystery of spirit and will go back to the mystery of spirit. That we are spiritual being living in a spiritual world. All physical things and materials stuff exist to serve as a tool to complete our spiritual journey. Including people that we meet and family that was given to us are all part of our spiritual fulfillment.

Though we are all spirit by nature having physical body, not everyone has the maturity of spiritual wisdom. One cannot force to become spiritual, it takes deeper meaning of intention on its own to flourish and grow. Once found, a person will not go back to old belief; instead it will continue seeking truthfulness, meaning, purpose, and freedom which are the true identity of soul and spirit—to create its own adventure by questing for truth and live with purpose without any restrictions.

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.” –Swami Vivekenanda


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