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Painting Flowers

Posted By: Margie Babon


1 Summer

To capture light and shadow adds aliveness to the painting of my new artwork entitled “Summer,” using watercolor on paper.

Flowers are the feminine beauty of nature which attract not only humans but also the fauna kingdom of insect, bats and other animals. Flower is associated with the term “Flora,” a Latin word which means “goddess of plants and flowers. In different vibrant color, different shades, some are fragrant and some are edible, flowers give us pleasure for it symbolizes touch, care and love.

As a woman, I honestly love flowers. Flowers make me feel special, even just a glimpse of it from my small garden is a heartfelt reminder that beauty is everywhere.Like meditation, to arrange flowers in a glass jar or ceramic vases radiate wonderful energy that lighten my thoughts and feelings. Like the creative mind of an artist, flowers are mysterious creation that dies and bloom again and again. And like snowflakes, each pattern of the flowers is fascinating. Each color, shape and size is perfectly created that perfectly suit each season, weather and location.



Title: Lovely
Medium: Watercolor on paper
Size: 15 x 10 1/2 inches
Year: 2015

Not to miss its beauty, flowers are one of my favorite subject to paint. In painting flowers, eachbrush stroke is a representation on how I feel about life. To paint a flower is like creating mandala that signifies balance thus expressing your appreciation of nature in tangible ways.

For the first set of my floral painting collection, I truly adore “Stargazer lilies” which has significant symbol to me. To see a stargazer flower is like looking at the beauty of my own dreams that I want to achieve.  Each bloom, like white roses and lotus, both represent hope and beauty towards the“fruition of the purity of my dreams that will come in the right hour.”   I do believe that dreams and goals must be surrendered to the mysteries like plants, trees or flowers that grow and bloom in the perfect time.


3 Honey

The orange spider lily has same value and tonal color to the honey the reason I made it as as the title of this painting.

The word “purity” not only for my personal symbolic meaning when it comes to white flower is also associated with lilies which have been considered for thousands of years. During ancient times in Greek dated 1580 B.C., ancient Greeks believes that lilies symbolize chastity, purity and virtue. Found in the ruin walls of their home are pictures of lilies they adorned.

Wonderful color and elegantly arranged petals are the characteristic that I am attracted to stargazer aside from the fragrance. Notice in my painting that I use a lot of pink which is my favorite color for stargazer. The color pink looks sweet, loving and romantic.

4- Pink in Romance

Pink stargazers are my favorite among other color. It looks so soft, thoughtful and full of hope and love.


“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”- Henri Matisse



Hand Paint

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Fly catcher

An artist expression of fly catcher in Polillo Island, Philippines


Looking back at my life seven years ago working as a field photographer for the documentary film on endemic biodiversity in the Philippines, I am fascinated with the beauty of perfect nature.

We had this experience of climbing mountains, travelling the ocean for eight hours boat ride, being trapped by the storm in the middle of our journey, etc. only to capture a glimpse of the rare animals in the forest of different islands from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao.

Some animals are very hard to find like amphibians, especially frog that are tiny. Among the animals I have encountered, the most colorful and cheerful to look at are birds especially sunbird. Sunbirds usually stay on the top of the trees or looking for flowers to get some nectar. Feathers are very glossy like a satin in the lovely shade of turquoise blue, black, red, orange, etc.



Sunbird I have captured behind my lens in Danao Twin Lake in Dumagute. Dumaguete is an island that is part of the Visayan region.


Inspired by what I have seen in different travel and exploration in the different islands of the Philipines, I create impressionist style of hand painting of birds in my first set of artwork appeared here in my website.

Without using any paint brush or palette knife, I use my bare hands to create form and shape. Hand painting is fun to do creating finger print as the design. It is perfect activity not only for kids but for adults as well. I encourage you to try it and create more freedom of rendering your painting by using your hands.


To purchase and see the complete hand painting works, visit this link


About Margie Babon

argie- for hyperkreeytiv

Margie Babon is fascinated in the beauty of nature and she is expressing her amusement through her passion in painting and writing. Designer, painter, illustrator, and writer maximizing each and every day exploring and expressing the beauty of this world finding muses and inspiration. She believes that discipline and daily practice is the key towards loving more of your passion and discovering more of yourself towards greater improvement. She lives in Manila and currently completing new sets of work that truly inspire her.

Visit her official art website at:

You can also buy from her Etsy shop:



Paint Me without Your Hands

Posted by Margie Babon


Can you imagine if you are being born without hands? How will you eat, how will you write, take a bath, how can you work and help yourself to survive?

It was Saturday of December 1st, my niece handed a stamped letter addressed to me. We are curious what is inside and why did I receive an unexpected letter.

The thick and quite heavy envelope has seven Christmas cards, gift tag and 2013 pocket calendar. I am astonished with the design of the Christmas cards; all are painted without using any hands. I can’t believe that I am holding a product of seriously disabled people who are maximizing their potentials to sustain themselves financially. Imagine, these people are using their mouth and foot to grab a brush and stroke it on a palette & canvas. As I am staring to each printed painting, each artist teaches me to do my best without complaining in achieving financial independence. That no matter how hard life will be being a beggar in the street is not the last option in order to survive.

I am very proud to share to you the works of Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (AMFPA) that touches my heart and soul!  I salute them for being a great inspiration; their work is truly a remarkable treasure for us to be motivated in life.

Please share the lesson and remember them especially when times are tough in acquiring your goals and achieving your dreams. If they can, why can’t you? These amazing artist are no limit person in improving their skills and evolve themselves into a more useful and purposeful way of life.

As you are browsing each painting, ask yourself, “If I am in their situation, will I give up? Or should I choose encouragement rather than discouragement? ”

“The Child” by Marions Swanepoel


“Mother and Child” by Amado Dulnuan


Jingle Bells by Jadir Raymundo


Christmas tree

“The Gift” by M. Palotar


candle and angel



“Nativity” by J. Unikowska


Christmas carol

“Christmas Preparation” by Jovy Sasutona


flower vase



santa claus


Artist without Hands at Work

Self-help – not-charity

A.M.F.P.A. is not a charity but a company entirely owned by seriously disabled members of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. Its members have all learned to draw and paint with the brush held in the mouth or with the toes. The formation of the Association in 1965 gave all members the opportunity to completely support themselves through the sales of their paintings reproduced as cards, calendars and other items. Similarly handicapped people are being encouraged and helped financially to develop their work to our standard. Our work is offered to you on artistic merit and value for money from this address only. If you like our work and wish to purchase you will help us to gain self-respect that comes from earning our own living and finding financial independence for life and creative self-fulfillment.


Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, Inc.

We are a group of handicapped artist who, through illness, accident, or at birth have lost the use of our hands. We have disability yes that’s true, but all that really means is we have to take a slightly different path than you.

Our aim is to be financially independent, free from charity and to lead useful, creative, normal lives. Our association was formed to enable us to reproduce our paintings in the form of greeting cards, calendars, gift tags and offer them to you.

The price for the set is Php455.00 ($10.15) and we hope that having considered the design and quality of our work, you will decide to buy and perhaps order more (please see the Christmas greetings form for more details). If you’re not interested in the set of Christmas cards, you may return them in the same envelope. You are of course under no obligation to buy.

Thank you for reading this letter on behalf of all my colleagues, may I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Peaceful New Year.

 Jovy Sasutona


Page 2


The original of this letter was written by Jovy Sasutona using a pen held in his mouth. Filipino mouth painter was born on October 7, 1962. He lost his hands through a diving accident. From there on, he learned to write and paint with his mouth. His painting entitled “Golden Years” won the first prize at the International Art Competition held at Vienna, Austria on April 30, 2007.

Other Members:

Amado Binuag Dulnuan was born on May 3, 1975 without arms. Being born without arms has not deterred him from finishing his studies in the university. Mr. Dulnuan who specializes in water colours, has won many prizes for his work including a 1st prize for creativity in London. He is a footpainter and married with two children.

Bernard Pesigan was born in the fifth of ten children on June 3, 1968. A motorbike accident in March 1988 left him paralyzed from his neck down. Mr. Pesigan took up mouth painting after our Associate Member Jovito Sasutona had encouraged him to paint.

John Roland Feruelo our newest member was born June 2, 1965. He met and accident on March 5, 1989 in a diving activity. He suffered a severe spinal cord injury. He was referred by the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation to apply for good opportunity with AMFPA.

Jason de los Reyes born on Sept. 22, 1976 at Sta. Cruz, Laguna. He is inborn paraplegic and learned to paint at the age of 7.  His first exhibit was held at Macau, China in 1988. Jovy Sasutona had encouraged him to join the association.


The Artist Say

Your support keeps us productively employed.

Your appreciation of our work inspires us to create art for you to enjoy.

Your purchase and additional orders are really appreciated by us.

You make us proud to earn our own living.

Your satisfaction is our concern.


Page 1

“We would like to bring your attention that our products are NEVER SOLD by hawkers and WE DO NOT EMPLOY door to door salesmen or collectors.”

Association of Mouth & Foot Painting Artists

G/F B Crismor Bldg., 29 G.Araneta., Brgy. Santol, 1113 Quezon City

Tel. Nos. (632) 716-4719/ (632) 413-3071/ (632) 448-6237

Fax Nos. (632) 413- 3071/ (632) 931-6994



About the Author

 Margie Babon is an architect by profession, a vegetarian and a yogi by culture, a painter, photographer, creative writer and  an entrepreneur by hobby. Her working experience as a wildlife photographer in 2006 let her choose to become a vegetarian for six years now. Has background in film making and work as a researcher for the award winning documentary film,Children of the Mountains that garnered the Mark Haslam Awardee in 2005 in Toronto, Canada.  She has teaching experience as a part-time faculty  in school of Fine Arts and college of Architecture for more than 5 years. Currently living in Manila and excited for her experiment on veggie patties while dreaming to go back in Sabang Beach to surf the glassy blue wave of the Pacific Ocean.





The Eighty Percent Was My Body Language


Posted By: Margie Babon

According to the Harvard Management Communication Letter:

“Most of the research into nonverbal communications shows that people are not very good at masking their feelings. Emotions do leak out regularly. Body language conveys important but unreliable clues about the intent of the communicator.”

Without saying a word and any hesitation, Camping Grounds uncover their own subtle mysteries in the painting entitled “Uncanny Portrait” by Lorenzo Villar and “Reverie” by Diletta  Legowo.

The more I stare at the painting, the more I want to get out from the invisible and eerie place surrounded by the layers of the dark space. An emotion that is being passed unto me as I was captivated from the light and tonality of the hands that create a huge contrast on the overall composition of Lorenzo’s painting entitled “Uncanny Portrait.”

“Uncanny” by Lorenzo Villar/ Size: 10.5″ x 18″/ Medium: Digital/ Year:2012

Based from the artist description of his work, “This started out as a black and white study of light. This was more of a “training” piece for me. In fact, this was the first piece I did using more confident brush strokes and use of a color palette.  I added color later on. Again, I was fairly new to using color so this was an experimental piece that I think turned out well. As for the piece itself, it is quite the uncanny portrait. No face, just hands but to have captured the expressions of the hands was important to me and you can see that in the painting.

Luscious lips, repetitive feline outline and a small white mouse at the lower right side of the artwork assemble the composition secondary triangular. The out of the scale hand in blue color reveals the loneliness of the artist that is being masked by a cigar. Filled with white smoke, the red flaunting lips symbolizes strength and courage that could speak of these words, “though sadness strikes me, I am on the top.”  Red color is also associated with success aside from love.  Diletta explains to the audience that she has fascination on cats and she owns a small white mouse.

“Reverie” by Diletta Legowo /Size: 24″ x 24″ /Medium: Oil on Canvas/ Year: 2012

“Reverie” is a very feminine painting done by Diletta Legowo as a project for his professor, .Mr. Torrado-Cabrera (a printmaking artist who is the cousin of a master of Contemporary Filipino artist BenCab). According to Diletta, “Prof. Cabrera told us to visualize a mood of comfort and the things that served that purpose. What these objects are, I shall leave open to the viewer’s interpretation so that they may attempt to connect it to themselves. This was my first painting utilizing vibrant colors.

Whether the composition is based on the shape, color, movement or symbols, painting is always an extension of the self of an artist.  It is the materialize thoughts, emotions, and ideas that continuously connect to the inner world of the creator.

Catch the mini-exhibit of Camping Grounds featuring the “Uncanny Portrait” and “Reverie” that run until 31 November 2012 at the Briggy Hall Community Café in East Capitol, Pasig City.


Camping Grounds:

Diletta Legowo, 18, is Indonesian and moved to Manila in 2010. Currently a student of St.Scholastica’s College for Visual Arts and Design, she majors in painting. A fan of surrealism, most of her works are either acrylic or oil paintings on canvas, her curious choice of subjects often varying from everyday objects to the absurd. Diletta has also been exploring other mediums such as printmaking, photography and fabric work. On her spare time when she works on her small brand, “ABCDEEDS” that sells hand-made bracelets, t-shirts, and bags.

Lorenzo Villar, 19,  of the local breed. He was raised in the city of smiles, Bacolod City.  He grew up teaching himself photography and music. He would consider art as an integral part of his childhood.  A student of Game Design in De La Salle’s College of St. Benilde, Lorenzo takes on the more artistic aspect of gaming as he is often in charge of designing art assets. Although you will always find him with a sketch pad in his backpack, or a mini sketch pad in his pocket that are filled with many intricate and fascinating pencil and ink drawings, he is a self-taught digital artist.

Diletta and Lorenzo at the opening of Camping Grounds mini exhibit

Camping Grounds is something that Diletta and Lorenzo came up with to encourage each other’s productivity through art, to challenge their creativity, and to develop their skill. Always finding themselves drawing together, or drawing each other during their times of leisure, they decided that they would create Camping Grounds as a medium of sharing it with their friends. Starting as a Facebook page, they post works weekly with a random theme that they decide on together. In addition to this, Camping Grounds is also a free art space wherein they share their daily doodles, and so on. The weekly posts were put on hiatus shortly after the creation of the Camping Grounds Facebook page due to need for focus in their academics, but they wish to return to the weekly routine as soon as possible.


About the Author

Margie Babon is an architect by profession, a vegetarian and a yogi by culture, a painter, creative writer and an entrepreneur by hobby. Her working experience as a wildlife photographer in 2006 let her choose to become a vegetarian for six years now. Has background in filmmaking and work as a researcher for the award-winning documentary film,Children of the Mountains that garnered the Mark Haslam Awardee in 2005 in Toronto, Canada.  She has teaching experience as a  part-time faculty for both courses in school of Fine Arts and college of Architecture for more than 5 years. Currently living in Manila and excited for her  experiment on veggie patties while dreaming to go back in Sabang Beach to surf the glassy blue wave of the Pacific Ocean.










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