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Lesson from a Farmer

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Lesson from farmer 1

A week ago I went to a visit in northern part of Luzon which is 14-16 hrs. drive from Manila. Though I’ve been there 11 years ago but the place is farther from the location I went to. I am not expecting that the province I visited is surrounded by rice field. Though there are mountains that you can see but it is really far from high hills and mountains. The place is called Gattaran, Cagayan Province where the famous huge river named Cagayan Valley is located.

No internet, no commercial area even a small coffee shop. All you can see are rice field all around. The house I have stayed is near school campus and trade school and fronting the main highway road. The life in this province is very simple. Though there are television and sky cable, still you can see how they live day to day. Each houses that we visited, everyone has their own small rice field and small farm they taking care of, they have carabao (buffalo), small farm of vegetables and fruits, some chicken livestock, pigs and some have horses. In short, it is a country living.

When I get bored, I go out and take some photos. One morning, I decided to walk in the middle of the rice field to meet a farmer. I want to see how they do their craft of planting rice. It is my very first time to walk in the rice field and I bet you, walking towards the middle is very challenging! The foot path is so tiny though some are covered with grass, there are muddy part that you might be able to fall if you get out of balance. And when I accomplished that task of meeting a farmer in the middle of the rice field, it was fun! It teaches me wisdom about life.

Here’s a short poem I composed from my mind while going back from the rice field.  

Planting rice is not fun
With your bare hands
Toiling the soil,
Digging the mud
As I watch him
Without any gloves
Without any boots
Under the heat of the sun
He teaches me that life
Is about working hard

A farmer I admire
Truly hardworking
Contented of what he has
As nature building him patience
To wait for the harvest
Living a simple life
A long walk to the field
Thirsty and tired
Yet he gave time
And share to me
His golden smile


Life’s Lesson

 Lesson from farmer 4

Walking towards the middle of rice field is a challenge. The foot path is so tiny making you walk one step at a time. And there are red ants along your way biting your feet while stepping to the soft and muddy tiny foot path. An obstacle that you must overcome while ensuring yourself you won’t fall down to the wet and muddy ground.

And this experience teaches me that

“In life for you to reach the destination that you want, you need balance. And there are hurdles trying to stop you but it is your determination that will motivate you to keep on going.”

And while walking to the long tiny foot path, I have learned that,

“The technique to achieve balance, look straight without doubts, and do it with speed. Your determination will drive you not to fall yet there are chances to fall down but still keep going and surrender.”


I want to see how a farmer do his craft and what I learned from him is

“In everything that we do, we need to toil the ground ‘alone’ before we reap the rewards, before we get the result.”


Lesson from farmer 3

And it is such a privilege that this humble farmer welcomes me to observe what he’s doing and give me a warm smile at the end. And his smile is my reward that I took the challenge and reached the middle of the rice field. Heck, going back is another problem to overcome!



Life is about balance and it doesn’t mean that your life is not balance if there are problems arising. Obstacle, worries and problems in life are actually helping us to balance life by training us to be strong and tough to overcome them. If there’s good and bad, sunny days and rainy days, night and day, there are days in our life that has difficulties and a day to celebrate.

It is very true, riding a bicycle is easy to get balance than having a balance life because a balance life is a continuous process of struggle, triumph and growth. Getting balance is about taking risk to achieve what you want. If your life doesn’t have troubles and complications, it means you don’t want to exert any effort to discover more about your own journey. And that I believe is not a balance life. You put your days, months, years to safety where there are no challenges you are facing with to maximize who you are and achieve the greatest version of your life.


“The farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.” -Will Rogers



“Who Am I?”–Artistic Self-Portrait International Call for Submission 2016

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Who am I

People know me by name. They can describe my physical feature. They can see my hair, the color of my eyes, how I laugh and how I dress. How people see me are physical attributes of my physical feature in this physical world.

My family was the first foundation that has built and formed the person I am now. Within the shelter that my parents have provided has molded me beyond the person I am now, for I was raised with love, joy, happiness, understanding, and strength. Outside of my family, I open up myself to people that I trust—close friends, close relatives and true people that was given to me as blessings. Yet, not all the people I have met are good and true that have shaped my current attitude and behavior that I am now.

I have five senses that require me to eat, sleep,and work, to express who I am and socialize with people in order to learn how to survive. There are times I am happy, sad, hurt, and in love. I have curiosity; I have lots of questions about life. I was created to experience to live on earth but I know there is much beyond these physical things around me myself included. There is more than my name given to me. More than this physical vehicle, more than this physical tank called body. I have mind, I have soul, I have spirit that were all invisible yet encompassing the entire structure of who I truly am. My body has different systems and mechanism that complete my whole being to breathe and to have life.

Each and every day, I keep discovering myself and trying to know myself. I have feelings, I have emotions, I have doubts, I have fears, I keep looking for answer on why am I here and what is the purpose of this thing called life?

I keep seeking for truth looking for my true self and who I really am for I know that embracing the truth will lead me to inner peace and more self-love.

And each day as I live I know that this person inside me travels to the endless journey of lessons, sorrow, happiness, hurt, victory and pain.


Express your inner self, trap emotions, who you truly are….Join!!

Artistic Self-portrait International Call for Submission 2016!! 

Submission mechanics:

  1. Participant can submit 2 entries regardless of  each category (fine art photography, charcoal, painting, or photo-montage).
  2. Submit online maximum e-file of 150 mb
  3. Submission starts by July 1 until August 20.
  4. All submission will be posted by August 26.
  5. Submit your entry together with your short background about yourself to


“It’s hard for people to see you one way, but you’re really the other way, so it’s kind of like, ‘Who am I, who are you?’ Sometimes, I confuse even myself.” – Nicole Polizzi


Image: courtesy of Google 



So, You Want to Become a Blogger?

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon



Is there a voice in you reminding you to write? Is there a fascination within you every time you read inspiring poem, article, or creative writing? Is there a lifelong dream of yours to write, to share how you feel, to share what you know and to express who you are? If you answer yes even to just one question alone, then your soul is asking you to write and share what you know.

Before I started officially my website as a blogger way back in 2012, it was such a long long waiting for me to finally write an article.  Like any other task, job or business, “the beginning is always hard,” even when it comes to blogging. I register Hyperkreeytiv by month of July and then I started posting my article by month of November. I have wasted four months to start something new. Because I have my day time job six days a week, I really have to put discipline to maintain a blog. Being a blogger is being creative as you will think of different ways how to express that stuff inside your head. You will make ways how to share your creativity and your passion and the things in your head.

I was a college faculty when I started my blog and I know that in my heart, there is a passion to share my wisdom, there is a passion of teaching. My intuition and my soul keep on telling me and even reminding me in my night dreams to write and reach out people who want to learn, to be informed and to be inspired. This is how Hyperkreeytiv started.

If you have that dream of sharing your thoughts in writing, go on and pursue that dream to become a blogger.  Based on my experience for three years in blogging, I want to share the lessons I gain from it and take these as a treasure of advice.

  1. Share thoughts that you have interest with. To write something that you don’t like is difficult because it doesn’t come from your heart. Writing is enjoyable, easy and effortless if it is out of joy which means you love what you’re doing.
  2. You are not shy to express who you are. All that you write that comes from your head is the physical output of your mind. It is the extension of who you are. They say being a writer is an artist and artists are weird. Well, that is real true, if you are not weird then you are just average. Being weird means wearing a cap of brilliant mind and fully brave enough to show it to others without any side thoughts of what others will think of you ignoring the naysayers.
  3. Keep motivating yourself by having inspiration to sustain yourself on writing.  Being a blogger means no one is paying you to write but being a voluntary to share knowledge to others.  No matter how busy you are with your day time job, there must be a continuous flowing of inspiration that will let you keep on writing. Like in business, blogging must be continuous, has goal and has a purpose. Notice in some blog websites, after a year or few months, they stop on writing and they easily give up.  Do not be like them.  When you decide to become a blogger be responsible with your passion. Never give up unless you completely decided that what you share has no purpose anymore. Those who strive are the one who stay longer.
  4. Organize your post. Aside from different category you have, make a list on what topic you will share per week or per month. Advance listing and planning inspire you more to look forward in a positive way and makes you excited to pursue and publish your post. Sometimes when there is a burst of emotions and you want to share lessons in life and it is not part of your weekly list, go on and publish it. Unplanned topic is part of expressing who you are.
  5. Be honest.Readers of your post do not know you personally but writing has always transparency and you cannot hide the real you on it. They will know who you are and how honest you are by the way you express your writing through emotions. That is why to share personal experiences in life is very effective in building an audience.  They can relate on it and they learn from your mistakes or failure. Honesty in writing will create influence and build audiences.
  6. Always educate people. A lot of blog and websites are trashy and non-sense. Please do not add yourself on that population as a blogger. The main purpose of visiting a website is to get information, to get inspiration and to learn or get motivated.  Make this as your number one goal why you want to become a blogger.
  7. Blogging is not for fame sake. If you are a model, politician or even celebrity, if your goal is to become famous by creating a blog, there is no problem with that. But the reason to become famous is very shallow and doesn’t last at all. What always prevails is the purpose of educating people.

If you are totally inspired now and decided to start your own blog, never ever take any comment personally and allot no space for offenders. Why I said this? Simply because most people that you know personally like family, co-workers even close friends will not believe in what you write. Never get hurt if they ignore your invites to read your blog because they know you personally so why they should believe in you and there are people who are insecure of what you are doing. Because you are pursuing your dream expect some people out there will hate you. I think this not only happens to me but to most blogger and writer or even author out there.

Always remember this, as a blogger, you will get inspiration from “unknown people” who keep on visiting your website and who keep on sharing your post. They are the one who truly believes in what you are writing. Never expect if your siblings or even from your best friend that they will take time to read that. Because they cannot do what you can do, expect no appreciation from them. As a blogger, take out expectations from people who will praise your writing. No one will do that except from other people which are the “right audiences.”

So, do you really have the dream to become a blogger and share your life by educating us? Go on, pursue that dream and make it real. Follow that longing to express yourself in writing. Always remember, everything that comes from your mind when you manifest it and put it in the physical world is “self-healing.” Do not trap those ideas inside your head; it will create heaviness in you unconsciously. Persevere and make that idea real. Share your thoughts and be not afraid to express who you are. Go and become a blogger!

By the way, I did this article in less or more than 30 minutes. Words keep on flowing because I love what I’m doing.

Happy blogging!


Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all thins distinguishes the strong soul from the weak. –Thomas Carlyle


When you’re an artist, all you’re trying to do is self-express. –Kevin Smith


The writer is the engineer of the human soul.- Joseph Stalin


As a writer no one’s gonna tell me how to write, I’m gonna write the way I wanna write! –Jacqueline Susann




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Happy Birthday!

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon


bday dec 23


Today I am celebrating my 38th birthday and like each one of you, I cannot avoid to think of my age getting old and having worries of how to make my dreams come true. Of course, we should look at our birthday as a blessing and welcome it with gratitude. It is a kind of blessing that means another chance to continue reaching our goals, to make our life better and to correct past mistakes. Birthday means there is trustworthiness of taking charge of the responsibilities being given to us by the creator that we must live to the fullest sharing our greatest talents, skills and capabilities.

To get confuse on discovering our purpose especially during our birthdays or having a feeling of a little sadness that we cannot see any progress in reaching our dreams, having  a feeling of no directions at all despite of hardship are just normal emotions. We are only human that keep on discovering our true self, knowing what we really want, and getting the true honesty of what our life is all about. As we get old, we keep on asking ourselves what is the true meaning of life. We keep on looking on the answers to why we were born and what are the missions and intentions of the creator why we exist. As we get old and celebrate our birthdays, we want to get the answer even it is unclear and even if we aren’t sure of the reasons of our existence, still we want our lives to be happy and meaningful. We want more appreciation from people around us, we want to be more valuable, we want to be loved more and we want to share our time and attention to people that means a lot to us. And yet in each passing years, how we want to mold our life, how we want to cast our dreams and how we want our life be created is not in our final hands. Yes, we create our own future but there are unexpected circumstances that hinder our goals and changes the situations—bending our dreams. These unexpected circumstances change our behavior and sometimes change our belief and visions that makes us harder and stronger, and sometimes makes us weaker and wanted to give up. Yet, it is life…That is how life operates. Pain and grief is part of growing old in order to build a foundation of contemplating thoughts and wisdom which makes our spirit strong. This helps us to accept and embrace the reality and see the beauty of it no matter how painful and no matter how bitter experiences life could be. And each year as we celebrate our day of birth, we keep on looking and wishing that life will be friendly, loving and better even there are negative portion in our thoughts, though there are fear and doubts, we want to grow old happier, appreciated and secured.  The added age is the greatest reason why we should keep on going and why we should keep on living—to be happier, wiser, more forgiving and more loving because no one knows when it will be taken away. Each day must be lived fully with gratitude and joy in our hearts that we experience living on earth discovering who we really are while having the experience of  giving and receiving love.

Regardless of how we celebrate our birthday, with or without wine and food, with or without family, or greetings from our friends, what matter most during birthday is the spirit of happiness inside us that we should be thankful for. Which means that another year had passed and that we should congratulate and thank ourselves for all the hardship we did in order to survive including overcoming challenges. After all, it is not the age that counts but rather the blessings we receive in our entire life whether the gift that has given to us are happy and sad. Celebrating birthday should have no regrets in life but  keep looking forward to the beauty of the future, to the magic of mystery as it open its way to the reality of dreams no matter how impossible it may seem.

So stay happy not only during birthdays but each night and each morning that we experience another life. Always honor truthfulness and always be honest with yourself, this will bring more love and acceptance of who you are and will bring deeper understanding towards more meaningful life.


“There are two great days in a person’s life—the day we were born and the day we discover why.” –William Barclay

The way I see it, you should live everyday like it’s your birthday. –Paris Hilton



10 Seconds

Written ans Posted by:  Margie Babon


social site2

How do you start your day in the morning? Do you take time to be in silence and meditate or you start your day by going online to check email and social site?

Life has a lot of things that needs attention– survival, family, basic needs, relationship, goals and dream. And human brain has unlimited storage to gather information from reading newspaper  to watching television, listening  to the radio, checking email, and signing to social sites getting ideas and other information from family and friends aside from necessary things in life. Overwhelmed with too much noise, people become unfocused and stressed. Without filtering what kind of data they will get, most people are like sponge absorbing anything which leads to wasting of time living each day without concrete accomplishment, direction and purpose.

Technology makes knowledge disposable and it is dividing our attention training us to go multi-task. It is molding us to create a habit of short attention span mostly in browsing social site. Technology teach us to look through each bit of information for about 10 seconds and less. People keep on reading and reading but retaining so little or nothing. Because information is easily available, to be distracted becomes an addiction, a habit. Though people are interested on what they are reading or browsing sites they often visit, they never really focus at all.

From the book “Your Attention Please,” by Paul Brown and Alison Davis, explains that,   “Too much information is not only overwhelming, and not just an annoyance but a total affliction. Plentiful data and information may lead to entropy, information anxiety, and attention deficit trait that the brain gradually loses its capacity to attend fully.”

Do we really need other people’s ideas, and noise? How about negative news, celebrity, politics and friends drama?

Stay organized by putting yourself fully hundred percent at the task in front of you and never stress yourself by getting unimportant information that waste your time. Have time to listen, read with comprehension and absorb the lesson well. Develop the habit of being centered and free of stress to accomplish important task and get results which is high in value.

“Toasted by information overload, we are overcooked.” – from the book Your Attention Please by Paul Brown and Alison Davis

“In our compulsive drive for more we are making ourselves sick.”—Dr. Peter Whybrow, director Semel Institute Neuroscience


Wisdom of a Father

Posted By: Margie Babon




This story is part of ancient Egyptian text known as ‘The Teaching of Dua- Khety’.

A father named Dua-Khety  is taking his son Pepy  to a scribe school. While sailing southwards to the Residence, a well-known school of writing among the children of the magistrates, Dua-Khety spoke to his son. “My son, since I have seen those who have been beaten, it is to writings that you must set your mind. Observe the man who has been carried off to a work force. Behold, there is nothing that surpasses writings! They are a boat upon the water. Read the end of the Book of Kemyett stating that:”

                       As for a scribe in any office in the Residence, he will not suffer want in it. When he fulfills the bidding of another, he does not come    forth satisfied. I do not see an office to be compared with it, to which the maxim could relate. I shall make you love books and I shall place their excellence before you. It is greater than any office. There is nothing like it on earth. 


…I have seen the metal-worker working
At the mouth of his furnace;
With fingers like the stuff of a crocodile
He stinks more than fish eggs.


The carpenter who uses an adze,
He is more tired than a worker in the fields;
His field is the wood, his hoe the adze.
His work is endless..


The jeweler drills with his chisel
In different kinds of stone;
Once he is done with the inlay of the eyes
His arms are weary, he is tired;
Sitting down at sunset,
His knees and back ache.


The barber is still shaving at the end of the day,
To the town he takes himself,
To his corner he takes himself,
From street to street he takes himself
To search for people to shave.
He works with his arms to fill his belly,
Like a bee which can only eat as it has worked.


Look, no trade is free from a director,
Except the scribe’s: he is the director.
But if you know writings, it will be better for you,
More than these trades I have shown you.



Brainy Quote


Our parents want only the best for us. They want us to prosper and have a meaningful life on earth. Like Dua- Khety, every father in this world holds wisdom. And that wisdom will be forever in every son and daughter’s  heart and soul, a treasure that will be carried  forever.


 “Happy Father’s Day”  to every father in this world! May your life be filled with enormous love and joy.”



Music and Me

 Written and Posted By: Margie Babon

music 3

When you were a kid, can you still remember how did you learn to sing?  Does your mother sing with you, or your father teaches you how to strum a guitar. Can you still remember your favorite music when you are a kid? I’m sure until now you can still remember the lyrics and the rhythm of Baba Black Sheep. When you were in your high school, any unforgettable songs you sing with your friends, have you dedicate some songs to your favorite teacher, have you send love letter with lyrics to your crush? Now that you are in adulthood, what music do you listen with?

According to Dr. Gregg Jacobs, author of Ancestral Mind says that

“We are born with the ability to apprehend music. Our brain unconsciously translates patterns of sound energy into the basic musical components of melody, harmony and rhythm. Like spoken language, music is a sound-based form of communication. At four months of age, infants can exhibit musical preference, suggesting that we enter the world innately prepared to respond to rhythm.”

Harvard university psychologist Howard Gardner, author of Frames of Mind and The Theory of Multiple Intelligence, contends that

Musical creativity represents a basic form of intelligence that is just important as linguistic and mathematical intelligence.”

Music is part of emotional and psychological human needs. Without music, it is such a lonely world; no life would ever exist on this planet. Without music, the world looks gray and dark. Music brings life to humanity, it brings communities together, it gives us joy and inspiration to live and survive.

The type of music that we listen to also changes as we grow from kids to adulthood. As our thinking mind evolves, so does the type of music we want to hear also evolve.  The reason why some kids who are gifted are tune in to classical music has advance mind, because the depths of the music also equal the depths of the mind.

Most of the music has written with emotions that is why it communicates effectively that stirs up our emotions and sometimes become the last song syndrome. Music has magical effect in our consciousness, it

  • Teaches us us to be attached: “How do I live without you, I want to know, how do I breathe without you.”  (How do I Live, Le Ann Rimes)
  • Inviting us to recall the past“Why she had to go, I don’t know she wouldn’t say. I said, something wrong now I long for yesterday.” (Yesterday, Beatles)
  • Makes us feel sad and to have empathy:  “Love songs don’t leave you but lovers often do. So baby I’m afraid it could happen for me and you.”  (If I Sing You a Love Song, Bonnie Tyler)
  • Giving us courage to believe in ourselves: “Always believe in your soul, you’ve got the power to know, you’re indestructible, always believe in.” (Gold, Spandau Ballet)
  • Encourage us to live with happiness: “Happy, it’s so nice to be happy.” (Happy, Alexia)
  • Reminding us to be strong:“I will survive, as long as I know how to love I will stay alive, I’ve got all my life to give, I’ve got all my love to give, I will survive, I will survive.” (I Will Survive, Gloria Gaynor)
  • Reminds us to be truthful:“And I see your true colors shining through and I see your true colors, that’s why I love you, so don’t be afraid, to let it show —your true colors, true colors, a beautiful like a rainbow.”  (True Colors, Cindy Lauper)
  • Makes us thankful: “God bless you, you make me feel brand new, for God blessed me with you, makes me feel brand new”   (You Make Me Feel Brand New, The Stylistics)
  • Inviting us to contemplate: :”You raise me up so I can stand on mountains, you raise me up to walk on stormy seas, I am strong when I am on your shoulder, you raise me up to more than I can be.”  (You Raise Me Up, Josh Groban)
  • Inspire us to appreciate nature: ”I see trees in green, red roses too, I see them blue, for me and you, and I think to myself what a wonderful world.”  (What a Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong)
  • Makes us feel in love:  Love moves in mysterious ways, It’s always so surprising, when love appear over the horizon, I’ll love you for the rest of my days.”    (Love Moves in Mysterious Way, Julia Fordham)
  • Allow us to express our confusion:“I wanna know if he really loves me, I say a prayer with every heart beat, I fall in love whenever we meet, I’m asking you what you know about these things.” (How Will I Know, Whitney Houston)
  • Inspire us: “The greatest love of all is happening to me; I found the greatest love of all inside of me. The greatest love of all is easy to achieve, learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.”  (The Greatest Love of All, Whitney Houston)
  • Can pick us up when we are down:  “You just call out my name, and you know wherever I am, I come running to see you again, winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call, and I’ll be  there, you’ve got a friend.”  (You’ve Got A Friend, James Taylor)
  • Calm us when we are anxious: “What matters most is that we love at all.”  (What Matters Most, Kenny Rankin)
  • Moves us from tears to joy: “There are places I’ll remember, all my life, though some have changed…some have gone and some remain…With lovers and friends, I still can recall, some are dead and some are living. I know I’ll often stop and think about them, in my life, I love you more.”  (In My Life, Beatles)
  • Makes us dance: “Oh I wanna dance with somebody, I wanna feel the heat with somebody, with somebody who loves me.”  (I Wanna Dance with Somebody, Whitney Houston)
  • Makes us Dream: “Stars shining bright above you, night breezes seem to whisper “I love you,” birds singing in the sycamore trees, dream a little dream of me.” (Dream a Little Dream of Me, Mama Cass)

Then there are instrumental music that soothes our senses, makes us relax, letting us forget the past, or helping us to focus in the moment and leave the noise in our head. Then there are music that are awe inspiring, conveying history, aspiration and stories that mostly reflected in classical music.

Whatever kind of music we are tune into, just be aware that too much drama or sadness in music has negative effect in our sub-conscious mind.  Hard core music or underground music also creates a lot of noise in our inner spirit, and affects the heart beat and pumping of blood in our body. Make sure that the music you listen with makes you feel relax, joyful, inspired to move, inspired to enjoy the moment. Like negative news and violence that eyes can see, music also creates pollution in our mind and must be filtered as well. Choose music that enhances your emotions and well-being, giving you relaxation and serenity. Practice listening to music and make it part of your daily routine especially before you sleep, music is therapeutic, it nourishes mind, soul and spirit.




The Ancestral Mind book by Dr. Gregg Jacobs

Google images



The lyrics appeared in this post are just example to perfectly fit the description. 



Once a Day

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon




Life is so complex to think of including important things that we worry about—food, shelter, basic needs, education of our kids, retirement and improving relationship, etc.–in which all are connected to survival. Those thoughts though are invisible do reflect in our eyes and in our face that we cannot hide.  Sometimes, when we become pre-occupied of thoughts, we tend not to enjoy the present moment, we become so inclined that we do not notice people around us. That busyness of the mind results to difficulty to smile or give back a smile from people who smile on us. Even for some,  giving smile seems will cost an amount of money  to give one.  And this is very common with adults who think a lot of problem, worries, fears even doubts. But who among us (adults) are not serious?  Of course we are all serious, when we meditate, when we think, analyze, doing work—we need to be serious because seriousness means we value what we do and what we think of.  Yet, there is a huge difference between acting with seriousness and over-worrying with heaviness.


Each day, we only live only once. The moment we retire at night to sleep, no one knows  if we will wake-up the next day. So we need to maximize each day, and to do so, we have to enjoy every moment and be still to experience  bliss and happiness by controlling the thoughts we feed in our head. To live in the present moment is the spirit of living each day with gratitude.  Because when we live in the present moment, we become aware, we become observant, we analyze events, circumstances in a positive way, we see happiness easily, we see beauty  in simple things, we tend to appreciate everything and most, being in present moment teaches us to surrender and be contented in a deeper meaning of it.


If we embrace the reality that we live only once a day, we:

  1. Easily give smile to strangers we meet without expectations  if they will respond or not or give back a smile
  2. Easily laugh with our own mistake and with others
  3. Easily associate and laugh with kids and encourage ourselves to live like them and see  life as play, laughter and happiness
  4. Become conscious of how we act towards ourselves and others. We become careful of what we say and how we communicate with them and this improves relationship that we build as the bridge towards kindness, patience and understanding
  5. Easily forgive and let loose heavy baggage of the past. We get a deeper understanding that everyone we meet plays an important role to complete a sacred path that is intended for us to go through, to learn and to become strong.
  6. Want to be the very best version of ourselves
  7. Gain wisdom that existence of life is spiritual and that includes our own existence as the greatest evidence
  8. See all things whether material or non-material are part of spiritual process that will complete a certain purpose or path
  9. Expand our mind to bestow larger understanding that life is about detachment. That we do not own people even our own parents and siblings, even our partner and kids. People come and go; they appear for a certain purpose and disappear for a mysterious purpose that plants a seed of lessons for us to carry.
  10. See life as a game that we must enjoy whether we win or lose; there shouldn’t be regret at the end.
  11. Build a character of having empathy to people that enable us to put ourselves in other’s situation which is the key towards greater understanding of not judging others easily.
  12. Easily give love and feel loved that we see everything as love
  13. Easily appreciate life and we become thankful of the experiences whether good or bad
  14. See everything as blessings bringing positive vibes and happiness
  15. Become more observant that we notice everything—flowers, saturated color of the sun, the shades in the full moon, the romance in music, the sweetness of life—in which everything appeal on us as beautiful,  divine and connected towards oneness.
  16. Become contented on what we have without asking for more. It will give us greatest acceptance that the reality of life is not to have comparison but to accept differences that we have our own different journey in life, different status in life, different ways to accumulate goals and dreams.And in this perspective of deeper acceptance within, we accept more of ourselves and our own abilities that lead to loving and understanding more of ourselves.
  17. Incline towards generosity and service to others. We have the ability to feel those who surrounds us that they need help and we easily offer what we can do, we volunteer and take action automatically without expecting if they will accept our offer in return.
  18. Become careful not to repeat same mistakes. Not because of the bitter experiences, hatred or painful past, but because we want to grow, improve and evolve.
  19. Spend more time to people that matter to us, giving attention and more love to them
  20. Easily give to others of what we have and only keep things that we need. We don’t accumulate tons of material things but we tend to accumulate wonderful experiences thru’ action towards happiness by doing things we must do each day.
  21. It builds a strong character within us to understand that people has different character, mindset, attitude and personality that we should not impose what we want but welcome the natural self within them by accepting how they behave. That we see their action and reaction based on what they have done in the present moment without any judgment of the past.
  22. Value more our time and our own life. Knowing that there is only one day to live, we want to spend it doing what is right without hurting anyone or taking advantage with someone. We want to live with honesty and integrity by living with righteousness, love, understanding and kindness.
  23. Feel motivated to do our very best in each task and responsibility assign to us


Try to incorporate the above suggestions because we do not know if we are still alive by the next day. And as we practice this idea, we will be no longer the person of yesterday. We surrender more of our thoughts and action that will create a stronger bond between our inner self and that higher power. As we surrender to the higher sacred process of creation in which includes our own life, hopes, dreams and future, we  evolve, grow, and love more.


“You live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” -Mae West


“There is only one day left, always starting over: it is given to us at dawn and taken away from us at dusk.” –Jean-Paul Sarte



About Margie Babon

pic-for hyperkreeytiv 2015

Margie Babon is fascinated to the wonders of nature and beauty of life and she is expressing it through writing, blogging, painting, photography and drawing.

A former college professor in both College of Architecture and School of Fine Arts  in Manila and a former  volunteer of an environmental organization that lead her  for the divine purpose of helping a community of indigenous people to claim the ancestral domain they have waited for more than 10 years.



“This Year Will Be My Best Year Ever”–Happy 2015!

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


As we celebrate New Year, we set hopes and wishes, new things and expect new experiences. Sometimes, the excitement for the New Year only last for the beginning of the week.  And if we only set it as “hope” and “wishes” without taking risk and action, we are only creating delusions.  New resolution could only be effective if and only we make actions. Resolutions should not be verbal, or just only in your mind, resolutions must be written down. I repeat, “Resolutions, goals, hopes, dreams, wishes, must be written down in your journal or in your laptop.” When you write it down, it means you are serious to make changes and create necessary steps to achieve what you want.

“But I’m lazy to write it down, I don’t have time; it’s in my head anyway.”  People has a lot of excuses, “I don’t have time,” but they have a lot of time in entertainment, watching TV, surfing the internet all day, going out with friends to drink and socialize, etc. which they keep saying as valid reasons not to write down what they want. Believe it or not, only 3% of the total population is serious on writing down their goals. Be not like average people who just make resolutions on their head. Do not trust your memory, sometimes our brain tends to forget important things. When you write down what you want to achieve, you will think ways and add details on how will you get the goals done. There is a magic in it, when you write down your goals and make vivid details on getting it, it means you are passionate about your life; you want your life more meaningful and more purposeful.

There are a lot of resources when it comes to self-development to inspire you, there are videos, books, magazines, blog and even online coaches that are willing to assist you. And the only key to be motivated is by your own action, determination, perseverance and discipline and your own willingness to be successful. Nobody is perfect yet we want our life in a perfect way, as we keep going, we want to practice a balance living sharing our life with our family, friends, community, while keeping our health, finances and focusing our mind to goals and dreams. And to make this happen, it is not only in our head, if we keep on thinking and thinking without doing anything, there is something wrong with us. Like any activities, writing goals is not an easy task. But through practice and passion, writing task can be a habit, you can make it automatic like breathing.

As we get old and looking back those years that have been gone, we can’t avoid regretting and saying, “my life were wasted there, how I wish I didn’t do that, for how many years I wish I did that, I wish I could have done that, etc…” Ever wonder why people (a lot) react this way? Simply because they do not design their life what they want and where they want it to be. They are not clear what do they want to do with their life.  Believe it or not, a lot of people choose to plan where the next trip or travel will be for holidays or vacation rather than creating weekly, monthly or yearly plan of their own life. When you reach 60, 70, 80 or 90, you don’t want to regret that your life wasn’t meaningful at all. You don’t want to think back of your life as wasted or full of regret. Each of us has its own purpose why we exist on this planet, but the sole purpose of our existence is to make our life meaningful not only for our family but to do good for the world, for the community, for the people around us, that in return, will make us happy.


And the answer not to regret on how we spend our life, start designing it and create a vision and a map.

In designing your best year, you must be

  1. Clear of what you want to do in life, clear on what do you want to achieve
  2. That clarity of what you want to do is based on things that you like to do, things that you enjoy doing even voluntarily without getting in return
  3. And when you discover things you like to do, passion and  excitement in life comes out


When you already know what you want to do and what you want in life, create your 2015 plan.

  1. What are the 3 biggest goals I want to achieve this year?  I’m talking about realistic goals
  2. Based on the 3 major goals, chunk those goals to quarterly and monthly.
  3. Then create weekly goals which are based on your monthly goals. What are the 3 main priorities for this week?
  4. From weekly, create your daily 5 Top Priorities. Based on how many years of my experience, if you write more than 5 goals in a day, you are creating over schedule that might lead you to frustrations. It becomes unrealistic. So stick with 5 and list not includes the daily chores. Top priorities that leads you to your major goals. These daily task when accomplished are confidence-builders that makes your more courageous to get those bigger goals.
  5. In your weekly, create strategies and techniques on how will you achieve those goals that you set. Write it in details.



Example of a monthly goal planner

After you create your 2015, extend those visions, extend your planning skills, and extend those passion. Our goals come in short-term and long-term. According to Jim Rohn, America business leader and philosopher, here are the key questions we must ask ourselves in making plans of our life:

  1. What do I want to do
  2. Who do I want to be
  3. Where do I want to go
  4. What do I want to have
  5. What do I want to see



In every corresponding goal, write down the no. of years in order to achieve it and compute how much do you need. Make it clear as possible.

We can separate short-term versus long-term. Say in 2 years starting from now, what do I want to have? In 3 years, 5 years, where do I want to be?  And if you are really passionate with your goals, lead a 10-year plan. Imagining your life after 10 years from now, how old are you by that time and what have you achieved.


Writing down goals is not an overnight task; personally, it takes me 3 days to finish my goals. Of course, I do it at night time where my brain is relaxed and focused. As you progress with your list, keep revising your goals and plans but never throw old ideas. If you have written goals, carry it with you, review it until you memorize it and until you put it in your heart. After taking actions, surrender the rest to the Higher Power, surrender it to God. The more you work hard for your goals, the luckier you get, the more powerful you become, and the more happiness you feel on the inside. You see yourself accomplishing things by your own motivations, by your own drive, by your own “why.”

Writing down goals is not easy to do but easier not to do. Every time you feel lazy, unmotivated, think of yourself when you reach 60, 70 or 80, you don’t want to spend your old days full of regret that you did not pursue what you want to do in life.

And daily motivations is very important, we need it as much as we need to take a bath on a daily basis. Not only by reading books, listening to audio, watching motivational videos, we need to look for inspiring people, a mentor that will inspire us and challenge us to keep going. To share my personal motivation, I sign up with Darren Hardy, publisher of Success magazine. He offers daily mentoring, sharing relentlessly his skills, wit and knowledge for free.

Darren Daily


Sign-up now and if you are serious with your life, you won’t regret to be part of his daily coaching.  Every day, I jot down on my daily coaching notebook what action and challenge I must do for the day and reflect on it.

Make this 2015 the best year ever and never never never give up in getting your goals. No matter how hard and tough life is, life will passed by anyway, so why not jump off and take that risk to make your dreams come true.

Here is a post that will help you to realize that you must live your life to the fullest:

“Who Am I”–On Finding Your Purpose


Happy 2015!


Write it in your heart that every day is the best day in the year.- Ralph Waldo Emerson


I hope that this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re doing something. –Neil Gaiman


Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.- Oprah Winfrey


All of us every single year, we’re different person. I don’t think we’re the same person all our lives. –Steven Spielberg


margie-blog pic-final 21octMargie Babon was given a privilege to become a wildlife photographer in 2006 that let her choose to be a vegetarian for seven years now. Has background in film making as a producer and researcher on the plight of Agta-Dumagat documentary film Children of the Mountains that garnered the 2005 Mark Haslam Awardee  in Toronto, Canada. Sharing her passion in photography, drawing & creative writing  is a great opportunity to express her wisdom which is beyond academic teaching career for more than five years in College of Architecture and School of Fine Arts.


“Without Saying a Word”- Understanding Body Language

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon


People can say what they want to say but often the reality of what they want to express often cannot be spoken by words but only through body language.  Facial expressions, body posture, gestures, eye movement and the use of space frequently reveal words and emotions that they are trying to conceal.  Nonverbal communication is sometimes “shouting” the true intention instead of what they say.

Day to day, we interact with different people in almost different events and meaningful moment in life, yet, we still cannot understand what they’re thinking nor do they understand our thoughts. To communicate effectively, having knowledge in reading people better will help us develop our skills in social perception. And understanding people’s action will help us to establish more truthfulness in our relationships with family, friends, co-workers, job interview, maintaining a business and even dating.

Observe highly successful people and achievers. What have you noticed with them?  They have a great ability to connect with different people possessing confidence as the reflection of how comfortable they are towards themselves. They have greater self-awareness than average people as they keep on studying themselves and being observant with others.  With this kind of attitude, they have the ability to make people feel comfortable that creates immediate sense of rapport.  And this kind of skills is what we need in order to survive, to get what we want in life and be happy.

In 1966, American anthropologist and cross-cultural research Edward T. Hall introduces a new concept on social cohesion showing how people behave and react in different types of cultural defined personal space he called, “Proxemics” –a study of measuring distances between people as they interact with one another.

To understand easily Hall’s theory on Proxemics, he made a diagram showing four a distinct zone in which people communicates.



Intimate distance for embracing, touching or whispering

Close phase – less than 6 inches (15 cm)/ Far phase – 6 to 18 inches (15 to 46 cm

Personal distance for interactions among good friends or family members

Close phase – 1.5 to 2.5 feet (46 to 76 cm)/ Far phase – 2.5 to 4 feet (76 to 122 cm)

Social distance for interactions among acquaintances

Close phase – 4 to 7 feet (1.2 to 2.1 m)/ Far phase – 7 to 12 feet (2.1 to 3.7 m)

Public Distance used for public speaking

Close phase – 12 to 25 feet (3.7 to 7.6 m)/ Far phase – 25 feet (7.6 m) or more.


Each of us has different perception in reading people because it is personal; it is about our own judgment and intuition yet when it comes to their facial expression, we can get accuracy on how they feel. And aside from obvious facial expressions, there are other types of body language that we can learn to understand its meaning if we try to become more observant ad we will spot the meaning if it suggests power, weakness, anxiety, arrogance and spotting if the person is showing interest in you or not.

Below are great examples of the typical body language that we usually encounter in a conversation which we can learn from and apply in our social interactions and personal observations.


Belly Button Rules

 mom and teens

When trying to communicate with your teens to get personal connection and let them feel comfortable to talk what they want to say, the number one rule is “Belly Button Rule.” In a conversation, align your belly button to your teen’s and you’ll be on the path of open, respectful and powerful communications.

Belly Button Rules almost apply in teamwork and if you have new business or friendship contacts.


When not to go with the Belly Button Rule


When people need a little break from you, notice that their belly button suddenly angling away from you. The navel direction is a nonverbal signal that you send to others if you are interested with them or not.



Self-touching Gestures

Bored pretty woman with red hair in coffee house with male friend

Self-touching gestures signals nervousness, lack of confidence and even boredom  like rubbing fingers or hands together, fidgeting, picking nails, rubbing arms, touching legs and putting hands in pockets.

You’ll often see self-touch gestures in situations that are awkward, unfamiliar or in high stress.

In a networking event, if you see business professionals in self-touching gestures, it scream insecurity, lack of self-confidence and even sending a message “Don’t talk to me, my insecurity will drive you nuts!” And to approach people with this kind of body language is a sure sign that he/she is not a potential contact.




According to Janine Driver author of “You Say More than You Think,” she explained that

Our  bodies have three vulnerable areas: (1) our neck dimple (the fragile indentation at the front neck below Adam’s  apple), (2) our belly button and (3) our “naughty bits.”

When people get nervous or threatened especially women, you can spot them covering their throat and neck dimple. This gesture is unconscious protecting the brain from harm. The hidden message of this gesture is “ I don’t like what you said,” “I don’t trust you,” “I don’t feel comfortable,” and even “ I’m wrong an you’re right and it embarrassed me.”





The Superman Pose

Putting both hands on your hips is a power gesture called “Superman Pose” that is truly a powerful gesture. This means that a person is ready to move forward and a classic sign of confidence.


Superman pose is very common in celebrity fashion photo op and beauty pageant. where women shows power.



Full Frontal Gesture with the three most vulnerable areas—neck dimple, belly button and naughty bits—means boldly confident, open and approachable person, who keeps his/her hands at his/her sides, open or behind her back. They are very confident person or shy person but master her own body language. This pose says, “ I am confident. Nothing you can do to hurt me.”  And there is nothing more attractive and influential than that degree of confidence.

Confident business man standing on white background




Power Steeple

Oprah Winfrey Celebrates the Opening of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls - January 2, 2007

Oprah Winfrey Celebrates the Opening of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in January 2007, showing his great confidence and belief by her “Power Steeple” gesture.

Recognize “steeple” in a meeting, negotiation or high-stakes power plays that pops out easily.

This gestured when paired with confident body language and words, creates a striking message of assuredness and absolute belief. The best time to use steepling is to lend a speech when making a critical point. When uses improperly, a person shows a lot of egos.



The “A-OK” Two-Fingered Steeple


Apple CEO Steve Jobs makes a precise point with the OK two fingered steeple.

OK gesture in a two-fingered steeple indicates precise thought. The two-fingered steeple is best uses when making an important point. Yet it also suggest a contradiction on what others are saying that indicates the person is so positive on what he is saying.



Basketball Steeple


President Barack Obama evokes passion and authority with the basketball steeple.

A likable feeling-based power gesture that when expanded as if you were holding an imaginary basketball suggests an action of being hopeful, likable, dedicated and firm in your convictions.



Aggressive Handgun Steeple

Venezuelan politician Hugo Chavez in handgun steeple gesture.

Literally looks like a gun with the index finger ready to shoot, often can be seen all over political season, and I n boardrooms ready to aim a shoot. Beware that using this loaded handgun steeple will make you appear overbearing or too controlling.



Confident and Power-hungry Handshake

 Business Handshake to Seal a Deal

Handshake usually indicates the level confidence and emotional level towards people. Commonly done in a meeting, greeting and congratulating a person who accomplished a project or done something big.


Notice the “power-hungry” gesture in a twisted hand-shake.

In shaking hands, when people want them to let you know that they are in-charge, they will slightly twist the other person’s hand to make their palm-up (see photo below). Respond to this “power-hungry” gesture by giving a little hand hug with your other hand to neutralize the power with a touch of class.


Respond to over-dominant handshake by giving a “hand hug.”




Palm down Gesture 

palm down

Palm down gesture with his hand in his fist shows confusion.



The Middle Finger Displays

A subconscious show middle finger that leaks frustration or arrogance.



Hand over mouth

Mouth touchers be warned, this classic sign of shock and surprise especially if the hand covers the entire mouth is being interpreted as a sign of disagreement as if you are sealing your lips shut.


covering lips

Fingers to lips suggest you have a lot in your mind.



Grabbing Chin

grabbing chin

Grabbing your chin in a conversation or a meeting is a sign of thinking and consideration.



grabbing chin-contemplating

If doing it longer, it sends a message of wisdom and contemplation.



Resting on hand


If your face is resting on your hand, you appear bored, as it seems like the hand is the only one thing that keeping your head up.



Hand resting on face

Resting your hand on your face makes you seem interested and thinking or considering what someone else is saying or doing.



The Blank Face

blank face

Not sending facial signal is an instant barrier to others expressing, “Do not disturb.” Blank face appears unfriendly and sometimes appears aggressive. Always keep an expression on your face but make sure it’s the positive one.



Psychopathic Happiness or Duper’s Delight

The picture below shows crying but what makes them different? Can you point-out what picture is showing natural gesture of crying from the fake one?

Duper's Delight

Convicted murderer British-born computer programmer Neil Entwistle who slaughtered his wife and nine-month old baby daughter. Neil showing “doubtful crying” by partially covering his face and crying to convince people he is not the suspect.











Athlete crying

Entwistle is actually laughing and doesn’t display sadness. In true sadness or gried, the corners of our mouth are turned down, our inner eyeborws are pulled together and slightly up toward our hairline. Entwistle is demonstrating Duper’s Delight.

Duper’s delight is an expression of joy and happiness, the delight they get out of being deceptive. The liar experiences a moment of pride and enjoyment successfully duping the other person.


Duper’s delight or fake happiness is not only reserved for murderers. One way to trace a fake smile from real one: smile shorter than two-thirds of a second or longer than four seconds are often false smile.



Natural smile has huge difference from a fake smile.



“The Fig Leaf”—hiding the naughty bits

fig pose

A fig leaf usually indicate a sense of unease and anxiety.

In the classic fig-leaf pose, the person will clasp his or her hand (sometimes by the wrist), and place it directly in front of the crotch or lower belly. This gesture is very common in the funeral, photo ops or other formal, somber situations. People perceive this pose as fear and conveying weakness.


Instead of clasping your hands in front of you, make a full frontal pose, both hands on the side open that sends a message of ease and being approachable.


If you notice yourself standing on a fig leaf, put your hands behind your back and send message that you are confident and are able to answer all the questions.




 Crossed Ankle


Crossed ankle tends to weaken your appearance. This pose often female, makes them look like a little kids either feeling bored or terrified in getting trouble. This pose makes you feel small appearing your feet is not on the ground.


Crossed ankle entwined around a chair doesn’t mean politeness as people say. But it doesn’t have any difference from chewing a gum or chewing on a pen cap or rolling the paper up side done in a meeting.Wrapping around your ankle in a chair either screams, “ I’m so frustrated” or “I’m so insecure and nervous and want to get the hell out of here!”




The next time you caught yourself doing this, say to yourself, “No!” then take a seat and wrap one leg or sit properly both feet on the ground that suggests “you are grateful.”



Hands on the side or inside the pocket

Confident business man standing on white backgroundanxiety

Open hands on the side while standing shows confidence while hiding hands in the pocket makes a man appear anxious. Some men doesn’t know what to do with their hands when talking with someone or during pictorial, instead of hiding it in the pockets of your pants, hooked it in your belt or pocket to show ease and confidence.

Hands inside the pocket suggests dominant attitude.



 Other body movement


Solid touch in a social conversation can solidify rapport.


One hand on a hip shows disrespectful and irreverent.


Annoying, mysterious or easy to read body language, everything falls into a habit of  people to act according to their own comfort zones, an attitude of survival especially when there is fear underlying. I do believe that all of us are gifted in reading body language but we need to tap more of it and master it through observations and trusting our intuition.


“I have learned to depend more on what people do than what they say in response to a direct question…and to look for patterns rather than content.” – Edward T. Hall (1914), Nonverbal Communication Pioneer





You Say More Than You Think by Janine Driver




Understanding Body Language by Alan Pease



margie-blog pic-final 21oct

Margie Babon was given a privilege to become a wildlife photographer in 2006 that let her choose to be a vegetarian for seven years now. Has background in film making as a producer and researcher on the plight of Agta-Dumagat documentary film Children of the Mountains that garnered the 2005 Mark Haslam Awardee  in Toronto, Canada. Sharing her passion in photography, drawing & creative writing  is a great opportunity to express her wisdom which is beyond academic teaching career for more than five years in College of Architecture and School of Fine Arts.


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