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Day 30 –“I am a Fully Pledged Vegetarian”

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


30-Days No Meat Diet Challenge

Day 30- Fully Pledge Vegetarian

 We have now reached the final post for 30-Days No meat Diet Challenge.If you have put heart into it and challenged yourself not to eat meat, big congratulations to you!! Wow, you made it!! You are now a fully pledged vegetarian!! You are making this world better place to live with by bringing peace especially to animals who wanted to live. You are making great impact to the environment by conserving what is left behind through the awareness and knowledge that what we eat impact this planet and other web of life.

Congratulations that you are now “Real Environmentalist!” That you live having this advocacy for the animals that they are born not to be eaten and consumed by humans but to let them be free and live the way they wanted to live.  And you are a proof that people can live and survive without relying on eating meat and other animal products.

As a fully pledged vegetarian, you will no longer go back on the habit of eating at the fast-food that serves parts of dead animals. That you honor your sacred self, your spirit and soul that cannot stand eating corpses and remains of animals that was terribly and brutally killed and abused. That you will bring more love to yourself by feeding your body colorful fruits and vegetables that are good for your entire body, to your digestion system and most plant-based food that is good for the heart.

That you will not demand too much of artificial and processed food and other products that can destroy your body and that destroy the environment as well. That you will choose to eat natural food rather than junk food and [processed that contains preservatives and chemical that you do not even know where it came from. And because you overcome the 30-days challenge of not eating meat, it only means you take the challenge to be creative in preparing your own food. You take the challenge to survive by cooking your own food and willing to learn to have the skills to be a chef right at your own kitchen!

A fully pledged vegetarian is an advocacy itself! It is your responsibility that you share what you know by planting awareness to other people on why they too must choose to eat vegetables over meat. That you have to “walk the talk” and educate others on why they must become vegetarian!Try to influence others that being a vegetarian is

great choice for their health especially in their digestion since vegetables are fiber and 75%-95% water that supply electricity that turns into energy in our body.

Not only you will be against in eating meat when you become committed vegetarian but you are also against products that are tested on animals. You have this awareness that you will never use products that are from animal cruelty like leather shoes and bags and other made of animal skin. You will not also adore using clothes or scarf made of animal wool and wearing a coat made of animal fur. You won’t also cannot stand and having this guilt of using commercial products like soap, shampoo, perfume that were tested on animals. And you will find yourself supporting animal shelter or supporting animal advocacy or even adopting stray animals. Being a vegetarian is having that kind of love to animals especially towards stray animals who cannot have the ability to have proper food, a good shelter and has difficult to find loving human.

As vegetarian you are an activists fighting for the rights of the animals and you have this huge heart for the planet that you want to make this world a better place for the next generation to come.

So never be ashamed that you are a vegetarian. Never get offended when average and common people are laughing at you that you are a person eating grass. Every vegetarian and vegans are being mocked and it is usual. Never get hurt instead ride the joke and understand them.

Vegetarian people are tough and too brave to live in this world and have huge compassion towards pure love for the animals and for the mother earth. They live selflessly that they each day they live on having huge consideration giving respect and love to the animals that they can live and survive without eating animal meat.

So huge congratulations that you are now vegetarian! Welcome to the world of people who truly love animals and honor other life form. Welcome to a vegetarian lifestyle!

Always remember that “Your body is like a colorful garden of green plants and beautiful flowers and not an extension of slaughter house.”


Grateful to all of you who become faithful followers of our campaign “30-days No Meat Diet Challenge.

Will make a pdf compilation of this advocacy that you can download and serve as a guide and inspiration to educate others on why they must become vegetarian.

Love, peace and joy!


Margie Babon

Author, 30-days No Meat Diet Challenge


Famous People who are Vegans and Vegetarians



vegan 2





Start educating others on why they should become vegetarian like you do!

bernard shaw





vegan power




vegetarian 1


brad pitt


carlos santana


mike tyson






Give pure Love and kindness everyday and that’s what VEGAN and VEGETARIANS do in their entire life! Be counted!



To all our faithful followers of 30-Days No Meat Diet Challenge, BIG THANK YOU for your time and patient. We did it!! All of you inspire me not to give up on this challenge! That we have reached almost 1,200 readers for each post. Thank you that you have this confidence and strength that you can try to become vegetarian and do good for this planet! Love…Joy…Peace….




“The Gods created certain kinds of beings to replenish our bodies; they are the trees and the plants and the seeds.” –Plato

“Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.” –Thomas Edison

“By eating meat we share the responsibility of climate change, the destruction of our forests, and the poisoning of our air and water. The simple act of becoming a vegetarian make a difference in the health of our planet.”-Thich Nhat Hanh



Day 29 “The Real Environmentalist”

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Day 29 The Real Environmentalist
30-Days No Meat Diet Challenge

 Day 29 The Real Environmentalist

If you want to do good for the planet, start it by the way you eat. Start it with your diet. The food industry and meat supply have huge impact on the conservation or deterioration of our environment. It requires huge amount of resources to sustain the worldwide population on meat supply. Animal farm and meat industries contribute to too much carbon and other greenhouse gases. Include the waste from animal feces and the gases it produce to the atmosphere. Mountains of rain forest are converted to cattle farm in order to supply the demand of meat. Not only is the ecosystem being affected but the animals living there as they cannot escape from hunting, poaching aside that they were deprived of natural habitat which leads to the extinction.

Raising animal farm requires too much and sometimes really extreme supply of resources. Think of the amount of electricity, fossil fuel, water supply and amount of artificial feeds to produce, breed and raise more animals. Consider the animal manure as well that releases too much CO2 in the atmosphere and nitrous oxide which is more destructive than carbon dioxide that stays in the atmosphere for 150 years. And the animal wastes which are millions of tons that release in the agricultural, rivers and streams that contaminates the water.

If only one person each day decide to go for vegan diet, we can reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by 1.5 tons per year. And a person can save 1,100 gallons of water, 20 pound of CO2 equivalent, 30sq ft of forest land, 45 pounds of grain and an animals’ life every day!

Here are some major reasons why eating vegetarian diet is good for the planet Earth:
1. Conserves fossil fuels
2. Conserves water
3. Use grain efficiently
4. Conserves top soil
5. Saves rainforest







eating meat-not environmentalist


“Intelligence is the ability of a species to live in harmony with its environment.”-Paul Watson

“Earth was created for all of us, not some of us.”-Anthony Douglas Williams

Vegans and vegetarians are the “Real Environmentalist!” Living each day for the greater good of the planet! If we want to lessen global warming and conserve remaining ecosystem of trees, wildlife, natural habitat, we must become a vegetarian now!



Day 28 Adopt! Don’t shop!

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon
Give love and kindness to homeless dogs and cats
30-Days No Meat Diet Challenge

 Day 28 Adopt! Don't Shop!

 Everywhere in the world there are hundreds of homeless dogs and cats along the street looking for food to eat. Not only vegans or vegetarian has huge compassion when it comes to dogs and cats, even omnivores have the love to keep them as a pet. But to have the courage to be kind to stray dogs and cats and adopt them and give them love and acceptance and treat them as family, that only few people can do. And they are the ones who have huge heart to share what they have. These people have incomparable kindness that has open heart for poor animals to improve their lives by providing them food and shelter to have proper nutrition, good health and wellness growth.

To buy dogs with breed that are expensive is out of necessity of people to fulfill their joy, to fulfill their desire to have imported pets. When you adopt stray animals, you keep them not to fulfill your own happiness but to give unconditional love, kindness and happiness.

Each year in U.S. alone, 5 million of cats and dogs in the animal shelter are being killed through euthanasia. It will make you think where the owners of these dogs are or why they are being thrown away by the pet owner. If dogs or cats get sick, people throw them in the street. Stray animals that we see in the street and in the animal shelter are the product from irresponsible owner who never provide them real love. Because they are being bought to satisfy the needs so when they no longer are valuable to the owner, they throw them like trash.

There would be no stray dogs and cats if pet owner are responsible and that includes spaying and neuter their pets in order not to multiply. Never support breeders to considering that there are numbers of homeless dogs and cats in the street and millions in the animal’s shelter dying each year.

If you want to raise or keep a pet, go out to the street, to the dump site, a lot of dogs and cats are longing for loving human who will truly accept them as family. Give love by giving happiness to the stray animals and not to fulfill your personal needs of buying expensive one. By adopting, you are truly doing kindness for the planet and for the animals that has spirit and soul like you!



To buy dogs with breed that are expensive is out of necessity of people to fulfill their own joy, to satisfy their desire to have imported pets. When you adopt stray animals, you keep them not to fulfill your own happiness but to give unconditional love, kindness and happiness to other form of life who have spirit and soul!


“When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.” –AD Williams

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”-Anatole France




Day 27 Volunteer! Support coastal clean-up, conservation group and animal welfare initiative

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


30-Days No Meat Diet Challenge
“Honor and respect other life form”

Day 27 Volunteer

Volunteering- an altruistic activity where an individual or group provides services for no financial gain.
Altruism- selfless concern for the well-being of others.

People are born not only to pursue its own happiness but to be the steward of this planet. To take care, protect and conserve other living things such as plants and animals. The ecosystem, mountains, oceans, even the flora and fauna are given to us not to be abused but to live in harmony with it for everything of this has life. Very true to say that, humans are the cause of the environmental destruction but human is also the biggest hope towards conservation and protection of our planet.

Each individual has the heart to give help to others without asking anything in return and this is what we call volunteerism. Not only to people who are in dire need of support, but our environment is in dire need of help including the animals that are being harmed and mistreated. The loss of the environment is also the loss of animals living on it and ours as well. And the declining in population and becoming critically threatened and endangered are the main reason why there are conservation group who has dedication and passion to protect the animals and to conserve on what remains. It is our responsibility as individual and as the citizen of the earth to take care of what has given to us.

Volunteer and join organization group that has dedication for the conservation and has the heart for the animals that need support. Animals have limited capacity and ability to protect themselves from human abuse. We are here to give them the right to live with freedom and joy. The issue on environmental destruction is global. Let us share our time and resources to conserve whatever has left for the future of the animals and for the future generation to come.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of other.”-Mahatma Gandhi














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Day 26 “I am not a Coat”–No to fur industry

Writend and Posted By: Margie Babon


30Days No Meat Diet Challenge
Against Animal Cruelty

Day 26- Care to Wear copy

Humans are maximizing the use of the body parts of the animals. Not only as meat but the skin and fur is also in the black market of wildlife and animal trafficking. Beaver, red fox, coyotes, raccoon, dogs, cats, mink, etc. are some of the animals that are included in 55million of animals being killed every year for the supply of fur. Such a proof that animals are born to be tortured, killed, and to suffer from human hands. Fur buyer and supplier call it natural and biodegradable but heck, is cruelty part of nature? They see fur like leaves that grows on plants and trees that it seems it is okay to continue to use it.

Where is beauty in animal cruelty just for the sake of fashion?! Helpless animals are being skinned alive most of the time. In full consciousness, slowly torturing in pain ripping their skin just like cutting a paper!

Clothes production other than fur is continuous. Why people cannot be contented in wearing clothes made of plants. If their reason is that it was a culture of wearing animal skin like American-Indians do, for God sake, we are now in the 20th century wearing western clothes and no longer like Adam and Eve covering our body with leaves and twigs. Let the poor animals live in their own rights and freedom to exist.

Like other animal business to gain profit, the production of mink in China and U.S. is getting higher. They keep on breeding to supply the demand of the consumer. If there is no demand, there is no supply!
Even endangered wolf has no escape in the cruelty of fur production. Gray wolves in Yellowstone are dwindling in numbers due to hunting, trapping and killing. Where do you think the skin goes? Of course it is salable for fashion.

Like farm fishing, animal livestock farm, breeding cats and minks for fur production has huge effect on the environment. It requires huge amount of water and electricity and other energy resources and imagine the feces it produce. If they can produce hundreds of thousands of mink, the feces each day it generates produces hundreds of phosphorous that can harm the ecosystem. How about in processing the pelt or the skin of the animals? It requires chemicals that act as a poison so the animal fur and skin will not get rot. It poisons not only the animal skin but also the ozone layer due to the poisonous gas it release to the air.

Never patronize the fur industry! Care on what you wear. Be contented wearing cotton or hemp clothes as long as it is out of plants and not from extreme animal cruelty.

Remember, if you care on what goes inside your body on what you eat, you also will care on what you will put on the surface of your sacred body.

Be against animal’s cruelty. Never buy clothes and bags made of fur and animal skin.



Never patronize fur industry. Fur buyer and supplier call it natural and biodegradable but heck, is cruelty part of our divine nature? They see fur like leaves that grows on plants and trees that it seems everything is okay to continue to use it.




Visit to know more about the cruelty on fur industry, the effects on the environment and their initiative to spread awareness and save animals from being skinned while alive!



Day 26-final copy

Remember, “If you care on what goes inside your body on what you eat, you also will care on what you will put on the surface of your sacred body.”


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Day 25 Wildlife Trafficking

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


30-Days No Meat Diet Challenge

Day 25-Wildlife Trafficking

Wildlife trafficking is unstoppable and seems that there is no island in this world that animals are safe from hunting and poaching. Humans are the biggest threat to the wildlife. Aside from trading, human population is growing and so forest denudation is sprawling in order to convert mountains to human habitat or mining after logging the forest.

The saddest part of wildlife trafficking is treating animals as a product in order to gain profit. Selling forest animals to the city and to keep as pet. Like parrots and myna bird, people are teaching them to speak, to imitate sounds, treating these animals as a living toy. And so when conservationist have saved endangered birds from pet owner, it is difficult for the conservation group to bring them to the wild since it knows how to speak, it might teach other birds in the wild to speak as well.

The worst part of treating animals as toys and letting work for business profit are animals in the circus. Imagine the stress of it to the animals. Like elephants, tiger, zebras, camel, kangaroo, monkeys etc. Being beaten by steel rod, hook even electrocuted to train them for tricks and other nasty activities that the circus owner wants them to do. And think of how they are treated living their lives inside the cage, lack of water and full of feces.

People who are running the business of animal circus are people who do not have soul! Very selfish of their own greediness of money by imprisoning animals to work for them and earn huge profit.
It is no difference on marine show of orcas, dolphins and sea lion. Even horse and elephant ride that are part of tourism, horse racing and bull fighting that animals are being abused in order to entertain people.

There is recent story published in May 2016 about the remaining 11 elephants to be released in the conservation and the government finally won the battle on stopping the Ringling Brothers Circus to stop the elephant show. For 145 years of business existence, still people are supporting this very bad business on treating animals with lots of cruelty and pain. Thankful to the compassionate people who have shown their concern for the welfare of the elephants to be free from slavery and they will no longer work at the circus. (See link below).

To stop animal abuse and wildlife trading is a long time battle. This world needs kindness and compassion to the animals that cannot speak and fight for themselves. Small things lead to a bigger change. Show compassion to animals by:
1. Never support wildlife trading by buying birds, monitor lizards, snake, deer, wild pig just to keep as a pet or to satisfy your taste bud.
2. Never support animal zoo, animal circus, park ride, even rooster fighting. All these activities are just to entertain people and not for the freedom and welfare of animals.
3. Support conservation group in your community. Volunteer and help them to disseminate information on what is the importance of wildlife, nature conservation and what should be the role of people in order to protect the last remaining animals in the forest.
4. If you are doing travels and tours, never take elephant ride even horse ride. I personally witness a young elephant at the Universal Studio in Singapore. A lady tourist wants to ride on her back but the young elephant refused. And then the master hit her with steel rod and she loudly cried.
If humans get stressed too, think of animals that have limited capacity to live and survive.
5. Adapt stray dogs and cats. Litters need food and home and someone that will accept them with their hearts. People who keep buying dogs and cats that has breed are out of necessity to fulfill their own happiness. There are lots of dogs and cats in the street that needs loving human. Be one of those who have huge heart to share kindness and shelter.


The case of Philippine cockatoo

Day 25- Poster 1


Circus is not fun for the animals

no to circus










An end of an era 

Finally 11 elephants are released from the circus to bring to the conservation.

11 elephants

Ringling Bros. Circus has been in the business for 145 years. How many wild animals they have been killed and brutally treated as slaves just to earn thousands or millions of money by entertaining people? We do hope that time will come that this circus will be totally banned and closed and release other animals like tiger, lion, zebra, camel, etc. and bring them to the conservation shelter like what they did to the elephants.

see story:


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Day 24 Animals for Profit and for Fun

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Day 24-Animal for Profit and for Fun

30-Days No Meat Diet Challenge
“Against Animal Cruelty”

Respecting animals to be free from animal cruelty is the main reason why people choose to become vegetarian. Animals are not only being butchered for meat consumption but people are using them for profit and fun in animal shows, betting for animal games and fighting, commercial zoos and Marine Park.

There are also animals that are being used to test products for human consumption. Not only cosmetics and personal hygiene products even medicines all are being tested with the animals. Then after the test, animals suffer bearing the side effect of the product. They get wounds, allergies then when they are no longer useful anymore, animals are being killed to death. And who knows where the animals get go after the killing. There could be possibility that they also sell it especially the rabbits.

There are different organizations that are doing advocacy against animal cruelty like PETA and Greenpeace international. Aside from environmental organizations, there are also group of people who do campaigns against animal testing even animal sports fighting like bull fighting in Spain. Slashing the ears and stabbing the bull for money, for games and for fun brings compassion to some people to stop that kind of culture

The cost of tourism
Marine Park, commercial zoos, animal circus, birds show and elephant ride are all part of tourism to gain more profit to the community. But animals are suffering and being deprived at the end. Watching performance of animals makes people happy and just to enjoy the moment or even just past-hour, a past-time that bring huge stress to the animals. In order for the animals to eat and live within the shelter, they are being imprisoned for how many years just to serve people’s desire for money.

Personally, I am not happy seeing animals in the zoo. Observe them when they walk back and forth that they don’t have freedom be in the wild. Most of the animals in the zoo are crazy. Who wouldn’t go crazy if you are inside the cage for how many years looking at nothing…A lot of depressed animals are in the zoo and Marine Park. People will say it is for conservation so that the younger generation could see them. But is there a way that animals are free and never being in captivity?

Humans are taking too much advantage to the animals. People are killing animals for meat; people are using animals to have enjoyment and to gain money for business pleasure.

When you decide to become vegetarian, you have huge compassion with animals. You no longer enjoy buying products that are tested with animals. You no longer enjoy going to the places where animals are being kept like a prison. Animals are not created for profit and for fun. They are created to show to use the innocence of their hearts and giving us pure love.

Animals are suffering much from human hands. And by choosing not to eat meat is a great gift that you do for them, for the earth, and for the sacredness of your soul. Lessen the sufferings and carry that compassion towards animals by becoming vegetarian and be against products that undergo with animal testing. And never waste money going to zoos or to watch dolphin shows. Rather spend that money by donating food or medicines to animals in the animal shelter where they need it the most.

“Animals are not property or “things” but rather living organisms, subjects of a life, who are worthy of our compassion, respect, friendship, and support.” –Marc Bekoff

Poster 1-Day 24


After watching the documentary film “The Cove” you will no longer enjoy watching any dolphin shows. Learn more about the powerful film revealing the darkest secret of dolphin killing:





Day 23 Bio-electric body

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


30-Days No Meat Diet Challenge

 Day 23 Bio-electrical Human Body


Human body is a very powerful electric station and a conductor of electricity. The main reason why sometimes when you bumped into a door, table, and chair or even to other person’s body parts, you feel certain electricity.  Often or sometimes, you hear from other people saying, “You hit me with your electricity,” or “I’m tired” or “I don’t have energy.”

Fruits and vegetables have electrical charge that our body needs. Like drinking clean water, to go for vegetarian diet or consuming fruits and vegetables daily will bring balance and harmony to our bio-electric body. Human body is a biological system that interacts with the electric system that the body produces. And in order to produce electricity in our body, we need fresh and alive food from plant kingdom of fruits and vegetables which are essential to produce higher energy that our body, nervous system and sharper brain needs. We have unending flow of energy that we use day to day accomplishing goals and tasks so we need good source of producing it. Electric current in our body is very important for us in order to move and feel strong. And that electricity inside our body has incredible ability to transform the food we eat into energy.

Dead and lifeless food such as animal meat, refined sugar and other highly processed packaged food have negative impact on this bio-electric processing because they load the body with toxins. Dead and lifeless foods are energy zappers. Unlike fruits and vegetables especially raw, it loads electricity and gives our body higher energy since it require small amount of energy to digest it.

The less effort that the body expends in converting food into energy, the more energy is left to use in other things. Digesting low-level energy food requires the body to produce more energy in order to break it into small pieces and absorb it. That is why after digesting meat, it makes your body feel sleepy and tired and put great deal of stress.


Day 23-Poster 1



Day 23-poster 2


Six Laws of Nutrition

1. Under-eat. It takes 15 mins. For the stomach to send a signal to the brain to tell you that you’re full, In the case of food, less is more.
2. Never eat and drink at the same time. Your body is set up to digests solid and fluids separately.
3. Eat fruits separately so they can work as a cleanser. They will frequently bind you up if eaten in combination with other foods.
4. Vegetables are builders. They are the fabric that forms healthy bones and tissues. Raw and under cooked is best.
5. If it comes from a can, bottler, wrapper, it is probably not for human consumption.
6. Water is the elixir of life. The more the better.


Poster3-1 Under eat


Poster 3-2 Drink-Eat separately


Poster 3-3 Eating fruits separately


Poster 3-5


Poster 3-6 Water



“Apples, grapes…any kind of fruits gives me the energy I need to get through my busy day.”-Kristin Chenoweth




Day 22 Beyond Doctor’s Prescription

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


30-Days No Meat Diet Challenge

Day 22- beyond prescription

Throughout history, human are relying on plants to find cure for different types of diseases.This ancient practice of healing is what we are looking back to even in this period of commercialism, industrialism and technology. Indigenous people all over the world are still putting their knowledge and beliefs in traditional healing that was passed unto them. Approximately 60,00 years ago that the use of medicinal plants started during Paleolithic period where stones and wood are the only tools available. While the list of herbal medicine started to be documented 5,000 years ago during Sumerian period. Such evidence and proof that human are relying on what nature truly offers.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of the population in Asia and Africa are presently using herbal medicine. Because Philippines is blessed to have rain forest and belong to tropical countries, we have different varieties of plants and herbs that cures headache, stomach ache even that lessen menstruation cramps by boiling turmeric and ginger. The practice in rural areas and remote provinces when it comes to healing minor ailments and even chronic disease by considering herbalism are what urban dwellers are looking up to. If the prescribed drugs and medicine cannot cure the disease and the patient suffer even the side effects of it especially in chronic disease, that’s the time that people seek natural and traditional healing method.

In other country like United States, licensed doctors who turned to become natural-therapy doctors prescribing their patients on herbs and plants are labeled as quack doctors that even some of them are put to jail and imprisoned. Society and the government are more interested in money and financial gain supporting pharmaceutical industries pushing people to us their products rather than encourage people to think creatively for natural healing supporting alternative healing method.

If people has discipline and aware of what they are eating by choosing vegetables and fruits alone and herbs, and they are willing to have better dietary changes, people doesn’t need drugs and other unknown medicines. But then we live in a capitalism world where medical authorities has the power manipulating the society and making them believe that human health needs those chemically produced drugs. It is like we do not have freedom to choose out own treatments based on our own instinct and guts. Plants and herbs have ability to cure our body naturally.

Mother Nature is offering us varieties natural medicine if we have the willingness to quest for the truth when it comes to healing and loving ourselves. If we only listen to nature, connect with nature, and follow the rules of creation which is natural process, we are taking our steps to better health.
Our culture today is about “fast and easy” even in food that doesn’t value our future health. It is always put own choice to eliminate bad food in our diet by not consuming junk food and deadly processed food. Always remember, we are the cause of our own illness by the food that we eat and we are also the cure by the health choices we make.

It is now the time to abandon the artificial food and go back to ancient tradition of eating natural food of herbs, fruits, grains, nuts and vegetables!

soild foundation





Day 21 Seasonal and Local

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


30Days No Meat Diet Challenge

 Day 21 Seasonal and Local

As you are standing in front of vegetables and fruits shelf, you feel overwhelmed with different types and keep thinking what to buy. There are sections of conventional, organic and pre-cut. There are local and imported as well. “It’s just the same” as you silently tell yourself when you check organic and regular lettuce. You put down the organic and buy the regular one which is half the price of organic. You look at the bag of lettuce that is ready to eat but this thought has crossed your mind, “how many hands does this lettuce pass through?” You put down the ready to eat lettuce in a bag and get regular lettuce instead.

When buying fruits and vegetables in grocery and supermarket, it is very rare to see people with a list of fruits that they must buy. And some though they have list, it changes and get another kind instead if the fruits that they want to buy doesn’t look fresh or not available. The number one requirement as a consumer is that what we buy must fit our budget. Second is practicality that if there are discounts in some fruits, we eagerly buy it.

As a consumer, of course we care where it comes from. In the Philippines, there are few islands and places where fruits and vegetables in Manila come from such as Batangas, Benguet (near Baguio), Tagaytay, Quezon, Mindoro, Tarlac, Pampanga, and Davao. And there are lots of imported fruits and vegetables as well from China, Korea, U.S., Australia, and Canada. With those kilometers and miles that fruits and vegetables traveled before reaching the supermarket shelf, you ask yourself, is it still fresh? Of course, there are certain sprays of preservative added to it in order not to produce mold unless it is preserved with sugar like jam or fermented in salt.

When you grew up in a City where supplies of fruits and vegetables come from different places, to taste a freshly picked fruits is highly priced experience. Do you know the real taste of freshly picked strawberry? How about mangoes? Papaya, pineapple, or what is the taste of freshly juiced carrots?We can taste fresh pick if we join farm tour or go to these places where vegetable garden is available and we can see the harvest.

Even fruits and vegetables in cans are also loaded with chemical preservatives. Yet we still consume it because we need to have it. As a vegetarian and vegan, we want to taste and have varieties of menu not only steam okra or fried eggplant.

Belong to the tropical region, we are blessed to have lots of vegetables, root crops and fruits not only in the grocery but more available in the market. Buy more of it and enjoy eating fruits when seasonal. Because it is seasonal, the harvest is plenty and it will cost you less which means you can save money to buy for other food. If it is seasonal, it should be as well locally grown which means produced within the islands of Philippines. Much better if you will buy are freshly harvest within your community, or just harvest from a neighborhood and it will benefit you for less preservatives and less fuel cost and less carbon footprint.

There are apples, grapes and oranges even pears that taste like chemical when you buy it due to preservative especially when you buy it at the market. Imported fruits are better to purchase at the grocery or supermarket which you know it was stored and handled cleaner and safer. Local vegetables and fruits are best when you buy it at the market. It is cheaper and you are not paying any tax.

The technique to take out the pesticides or other chemical sprayed to fruits that you will eat even the skin like grapes, tomatoes or lettuce is to soak it in water with salt, or with vinegar or baking soda in few minutes. Others that you can peel the skin are okay not to soak.

We discuss the difference of organic and conventional type of fruits and veggies in our post “Daily Raw” that the only difference is that organic has higher vitamins and nutrients due to the fertile soil that doesn’t have pesticides and chemical.  If you are on a tight budget, buy the conventional but if you can afford organic, go for it.

In buying fruits and vegetables, it is always best to have locally grown. You are not only doing it for your health but you are supporting a community of local farmers to have jobs and earn. It is also good for the environment, for the planet because it will use less fuel to transport it.


“It’s all about fair trade, and helping people eating locally grown stuff. We’re recycling everything. We’re trying to tour in the most conscious way possible, environmentally and socially.” –Andrew Dost

“I am huge believer in giving back and helping out in the community and the world. Think globally, act locally I suppose. I believe that the measure of a person’s life is the affect they have on others.” –Steve Nash


day 21- seasonal-varieties


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