Written and Posted by: Margie Babon


Oh Cupid

Have you appeared?

I can’t remember when

None I have actually met


Oh Cupid

Don’t be silly

You left the arrow

Of all

Why hit me

I was sitting alone



Tell me please

Where can I find

A true love

Not supposed to be blind


I know

Today is 14th February

Twenty-four hours’ after

It will pass

But being single

Oh my

Why always last!



May I know

Do you have fb or skype?

Let’s connect

And help me erase

Bitter experiences

Will you?

Send me roses

With beer please

Let’s cheers

Until the night sleep



Teach us to love more

Everyday should be


…..joyful Valentine’s Day

To be kind, to be generous

To talk with respect

Without hurting

Showing honesty

Appreciating all

Loving all


I know

It is difficult

To trust people

But if we’re coming

From good intentions

No matter how painful

Life can be

If the foundation

Nothing but pure love

We understand people

When they hurt us

We accept life as it is

For love is the greatest

Life we could ever live


Hey Cupid

Come on over now

You’re broken hearted

I know

Don’t stay stupid

Let’s drink and move on


Happy Valentine’s Day!!




Cartoon image: Google

angel cupid video via face book


dear cupid1






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