“Earth & Me,” Earth Day 2014 Project Summary

Posted By: Margie Babon


 Earth Day 2014-Call for Entries


Hyperkreeytiv truly believes that sharing creativity, skills and experiences builds awareness  and education that let people get inspired and to act for greater good serving humanity and protecting the planet.

Sharing to everyone the milestone of the project, “Earth & Me, My Own Sustainable Ways to a Healthy & Beautiful Planet”-  International Call for Submission Earth Day 2014.


To View all Entries:

To Care for the Planet is to Care for My Future- Grade 5 Participants, Earth and Me

Link: http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/to-care-for-the-planet-is-to-care-for-my-future-grade-5-participants-earth-and-me/


Earth & Me, What Humanity is Hoping For, part 1

Link:  http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/what-humanity-is-hoping-for-part-1/


Earth & Me, What Humanity is Hoping For, part 2

Link: http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/earth-me-what-humanity-is-hoping-for-part-2/


Is China the Most Polluted Country in the World?

Link: http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/is-china-the-most-polluted-country-in-the-world/


The Reality, Why We Should Care for the Planet, part 1

Link: http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/the-reality-why-we-should-care-for-the-planet-part-1/


The Reality, Why We Should Care for the Planet, part 2

Link: http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/the-reality-why-we-should-care-for-the-planet-part-2/


Photos of the participants:

“Gratitude To Participating Artist/Cartoonist Worldwide”- Earth Day 2014

Link: http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/gratitude-to-artist-cartoonist-participants-worldwide-earth-day-2014/




Our Planet Called Earth

Link: http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/our-planet-called-earth/



Teaser poster:

The Sun, the Earth, Love and Friends

Featuring work from artist-cartoonist Jovan Prokopljevic, Serbia

Link: http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/the-sunthe-earthlovefriends-earth-day-2014/


Corporate Social Responsibility

Featuring work from artist-cartoonist Borislav Stankovic Stabor of Serbia

Link: http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/corporate-social-responsibility-earth-day-2014/


Protecting the Environment Globally

Featuring work from artist-cartoonist Konrad Kondee Wieczorkowski of Poland

Link: http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/protecting-the-environment-globally/


Why We Should Care for the Planet?- Environmental Issues

Featuring work from artist-cartoonist Mark Lynch of Australia

Link: http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/environmental-issues-earth-day-2014/


Gratitude to All the Participants

Poster showing the names of different countries which join the Earth Day 2014 call for submission.

Link: http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/gratitude-to-all-the-participants-earth-day-2014/


“Earth & Me”- Grade 5 Participants from Kalawaan Elementary School

Showing photo of kids with artwork

Link: http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/earth-me-grade-5-participants-from-kalawaan-elementary-school/


Earth Day 2014 Coming Soon

Featuring work from artist-cartoonist Luc Descheemaker of Belgium

Link: http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/earth-day-2014-coming-soon/


What is in Your Basket?- Earth Day 2014 International Call for Submission

Being conscious of what you buy and how many trash you bring home

Link: http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/what-is-in-your-basket-earth-day-2014-international-call-for-submission/


Earth & Me International Call for Submission Approaching Deadline

Link: http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/earth-and-me-international-call-for-submission-approaching-deadline/


No to Drinking Straw, International Call for Submission, Earth & Me

A campaign to drink straight from drinking glass.

Link: http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/no-to-drinking-straw-international-call-for-submission-earth-me/


Earth Day 2014 International Call for Submission

Featuring photo of Mark Dimzon and the first ever coral conservation in the Philippines

Link: http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/earth-day-2014-international-call-for-submission-2/


Earth Day 2014 International Call for Submission

The First ever poster for Earth & Me International Call for Submission showing mechanics on  how to submit

Link: http://www.hyperkreeytiv.com/earth-day-2014-call-for-submission/



“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more.”

- George Gordon, Lord Byron, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage



About the author

Margie Babon was given a privilege to become a wildlife photographer in 2006 that let her choose to be a vegetarian for seven years now. Has background in film making as a producer and researcher on the plight of Agta-Dumagat documentary film Children of the Mountains that garnered the 2005 Mark Haslam Awardee  in Toronto, Canada. Sharing her passion in photography, drawing & creative writing  is a great opportunity to express her wisdom which is beyond academic teaching career for more than five years in College of Architecture and School of Fine Arts.


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