Family is Everything

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon


Family 1

Our greatest inspiration in life is our family—parents, siblings, wife, husband, niece and nephews even our grandparents. Not only the biological family but also true friends who stay with us for how many years and know our secrets and dreams in life, we consider them as family. Our family is the major source of our motivations to be responsible, to progress and fulfil the goals that we want. It is the family that encourage us and help us that we can make our dreams come true.

Along with the inspiration and encouragement there is also happiness and sadness that we get from our family. There are conflicts and misunderstanding for each member has its own character and behaviour that we must accept and understand. And out of disagreements or call it family war, the attitude of each family member grows and expand to certain maturity and the level of understanding widens. Even our parents cannot change the attitude of their sons and daughters especially when kids are grown up into adult life that they make their own decisions and choose whatever they want to do being their own driver of their life. That is why it is very true that the very foundation of who we are starts from our family. There are lots of adjustments we give to each member and there must be give and take in order to maintain the harmony and the bondage of love within.

Family 2

When time comes that our dearest parents have gone and passed away, this is the greatest challenge on how the family members will stay together and hold on to that ties of being a whole family. Because it is the parents that bind the children together. Without them, it is difficult to get close to the members of the family mostly if there are conflicts and anger that last for a year and so. The fighting of children over the properties of the parents and favouritism are always the issues and roots of the conflicts. There are family members who are unforgiving and having heavy heart and they carry it until they get old and sometimes they carry it until they die.

No matter how heavy the misunderstanding of each family member, there should always be forgiveness, understanding and acceptance because there is no other thing in this universe called family.  Even if you hate your brother or sister, still you are a family and you were born out of love and to share love by helping and loving your own grandparents, parents, brother, sisters, nephews and nieces. Yes, we meet other people that we become best friends and they become family but the concern in the deepest part of our heart is still for our biological family. There are no coincidences on this planet, even your own family is meant for you and that you have task and purpose why you were with them.

Family 3

Without a family, we were not here on this physical plane. Every time we fight and hate members of the family, it affects our parents. It causes unhappiness and worry to them because the greatest dream they have is to make the family happy and whole. No material thing can ever replace the completeness of the family. True that it is hard to swallow pride and ego but asking for apology and forgiveness is far better than building a wall and never talk to them. Never carry a heavy heart for no matter what, wherever you are in this world, still you are connected through heart and soul. Not forgiving them or talking to them is keeping a heavy load of loneliness that you hide and cover it with ego.

Family 4

Family is everything and no material thing can ever replace that. Give honour  to your parents, give respect to your elders and share love and kindness to other members of the family. Support what they need and give them help without asking for anything in return and without expectations. The major reason why we live on earth, we work hard and make sacrifices is mainly for our family,  for they are the top priority. When we make our family happy, the happiness inside us is incomparable—it is true joy from heaven!


“Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.” –Michael J. Fox 

“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” – Desmond Tutu


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