Flower Pattern and Mandala in Sweet Potato

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon



The flower pattern inside sweet potatoes

Few days ago I crave to eat sweet potatoes cooked in coconut milk with sugar and jackfruit meat. While chopping the sweet potatoes (Camote in Filipino) I noticed a beautiful design at the center of the white meat. It was amazing! The violet color marking is like being stamped on it. For how many years I cook and chop camote, it is my first time to a see a flower design in its core. And when I get the huge one, I find it difficult to chop in crosswise so I chopped it lengthwise and what I found is a mirror design of each other that also looks like a flower. It is mandala!



More flower patterns like being stamped on it using violet ink



Other design appear like exploded stars



The mirror design like mandala


Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle” that symbolizing a balance visual element of unity and harmony. In Buddhism and Hindu, mandala is a geometric figure that represents the universe and a symbol of dream towards wholeness, totality and self-unity.

Like other vegetables, fruits, wood grain, and flowers that has mandala design, the flower marking in sweet potato is amazing! It is beautiful, sacred, and mysterious. Mandala and pattern in nature appears to me that

  1. Life on earth and the creation is endless
  2. Nature exist for good intention and for a specific purpose. Look at the typhoon, the circular movement of its eye even the tornado in circular motion is mandala. No nature has created for bad intention. It exists to balance certain part of earth or the universe.
  3. Intention is moving in a circular motion creating ripple effect. What we do to others come back to us. What others do to others come back to them.
  4. It let you stop your busy mind. Like the feeling of sitting on the beach or watching beautiful stars that everything you think—dreams, worries, fears, anger, etc. everything stop and your mind starts to think of beautiful intentions, your mind starts to meditate.
  5. It symbolizes hope and beauty. Life on earth is full of challenges and hardship. Nature help us to lighten that heaviness and fill it with faith, courage and inspiration for us to keep moving and go forward.


wooden mandala

Mandala or design in circle found in wood grain

typhoon mandala

And even in the eye of the typhoon as it moves in circular motion is mandala


We live in a world, in a universe dancing in a pattern towards balance, unity, and loving and healing energy. Life is moving in different cycle and in different sequence but everything falls into the same pattern interpreted in shape, color, symbol, and beauty for our own spiritual journey.


“Love is a canvas pattern furnished by nature, embroidered by imagination.” -Voltaire


“Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so that each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry.” –Richard Feynman




Typhoon and Wood grain images from Google Images 



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