Forgive Others for not Being Kind

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Forgive for not being kind

 To understand people of how they act and misbehave is the kindest thing we do to ourselves. I repeat, it is the kindest and most beautiful action you will do to yourself by not going down to their level and get reactive of the negativities they are flagging on you. Relationship always start in ourselves  and if we want to be at peace with our own self, then we must be at peace with others. I know it is difficult to practice this thought but this is proper thing we should do. Understand. Forgive. Let go.

When we try to make sound observations on how people act, speak and treat others, we will arrive in the conclusion that they act according on their own belief. If they believe that people will compete them, will take something from them—they start to act full of insecurities by throwing anger and hatred on you for no logic reason at all. If they believe that people are dishonest, they start to act full of doubts. If they see others as enemy, they they act the same full of angst, rage and bitterness. But then if a person believes in love and kindness, then in whatever circumstances, whatever hardship, challenges, difficulties of the situation, he/she will practice love and kindness no matter what. In short, people act according to what they believe ‘coz belief is the basis of action.

As what James Allen wrote in his book “As A Man Thinketh”

“…belief lies at the root of all human conduct. Every thought, every act, every habit, is the direct outcome of a certain fixed belief, and one’s conduct alters only as one’s belief are being modified.”

It is such a heroic idea to change other people’s attitude but it is not a realistic solution. The best action is to ignore them without being attached to your emotions. Let them act who they are. And never get reactive, it is not your responsibility to catch their bad behaviour and stuck it in your chest. No one truly says, “I forgive you.” It’s not in words but through action of

(1) Let the bad experience go,

(2) Let the memories dissolve,

(3) Never be attached with your emotions, never carry it for days, weeks, months or years.

(4) Understand them,

(5) Get the lesson and

(6) Move forward

and this action is what we call Forgiveness.

No emotions attached, no anger, no revenge, no hatred. This way, you choose to love yourself instead of wrapping yourself in the heaviness of stress.

We have to face the reality that not all people have the same intentions of being kind, loving and understanding. The reason we get hurt, we expect others a mirror of who we are. Not all people have good intentions and that we must forgive them. Instead of getting frustrated, just focus on what is important to you. It is such a waste of time to put your attention to them. It will just cause leak in your energy and not worthy to think about.









“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”-Mahatma Gandhi

“There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.”-Bryant McGill


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