Is it a Ghost or Spirit?-All Soul’s Day International Call for Submission 2015

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


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“Who is that?” asked my mother. None answered. Another knock on the door and my mother asked again, “Who is it?” No one answered again. My mother is boiling some roasted coffee while preparing things we will bring to our vegetable garden. The garden is located at the downward slope of the yard which is few meters away from the house. Then we heard another knock for the third time,  I ran towards my mother and stay behind her and cling on her skirt. My mother looked at me and said silently, “It’s only four in the morning, who is this knocking at the door? Stay at my back and we will open the door.” As she opened the door, standing is a well-dressed man wearing a black coat and black hat. He was holding a map and showed it to my mother which I also saw, it is a sketch with road and trees.   I never heard him speaking anything, what happened was a mental telepathy of communication with my mother. And I understood him as well. My mother closed the door abruptly. Then we didn’t hear knocking anymore.

The well-dressed man holding a map is not physically living in our current time but comes back, he is living from the past of Spanish and Japanese colonial era. I told my mother, “Mother, he is not a real human, he is a ghost!” Then my mother said, “Yes, he is a ghost looking for the chest of gold buried in our yard.”

I really feel frightened. That moment is very unforgettable for me. It was my first time to see a ghost face to face, that moment that I am only six years of age.

Not everyone has the ability to see spirit or ghost and even communicate with them. Some call it a gift but some doesn’t want it to have. But have you ever wondered what is the difference between ghost and spirit is?

In the simplest form of explanation, spirit and ghost are both spirit except the other one doesn’t want to leave the material world.

When a person died, spirit will shed its physical body to move into its astral form. In the astral form the spirit is able to enter into the more refined energy of the astral world. No matter what the manner of death, this process always remains the same. The spirit will cross over into the light going to the spirit world.The Light is the doorway or the passage/corridor that guides the deceased into the afterlife.

The term “Ghost” is when a person died; it chooses not to cross over the light to go to the spirit world. Some they don’t realize they are dead so they don’t cross the light. Some are confused or attached to their desires to stay in the physical world. They are referred as “earthbound.” Ghosts are also spirit except that they are disturbed and don’t have peace with their emotions. According to James Van Praagh, author of  the book “Reaching to Heavens,  these earthbound spirits are very common to stay close with their family few days or weeks after their death and they even attend their own funeral.  Earthbound spirit has attachment not only to the family but to the material things they owned in the physical world and even desires.

Like the example of a well-dressed man that my mother and I have encountered. He is looking for the chest of gold buried in our yard. His spirit is still has attachment to the material things, the reason why he keep on hovering on earth. If you have watched the movie of Nicole Kidman “The Others,” that movie is an example of spirit that is attached to the physical world. They are not aware that they are dead but still have ownership of their house and other things.

When a person is dying, it is important to release forgiveness to everything the person holds anger to.  Because when a person died, it cannot bring all the material things he or she accumulated but what the person could only bring to the spirit world is emotions.

What I observe on earthbound spirit; they are disturbed soul who seeks prayer to attain peace and giving them intention to stay with the light because a lot of disturbed spirits are lost soul. They chose to be trapped on earth and don’t want to surrender to the Light.

Below is an example of how I see a mass of molecules that turns into a shape of man’s head. I was sleeping and it was past 6:00 in the morning. Upon seeing a mass of molecules, I ignore it and went back to sleep. After few minutes, it feels heavy on my leg though I am covered by a blanket.I yelled to the bad spirit telling him, “Go to the light!!” Then it left the room by forming a face and exit by the open window.




“Trick or Treat” –All Soul’s Day International Call for Submission 2015

Ghost or Spirit


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“I’d like to see a ghost. It would confirm there’s an afterlife.” –Marlon Wayans


Cartoon credits: Kondee Wieczorkowski

Photo credits: Google images



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