Lesson from a Farmer

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Lesson from farmer 1

A week ago I went to a visit in northern part of Luzon which is 14-16 hrs. drive from Manila. Though I’ve been there 11 years ago but the place is farther from the location I went to. I am not expecting that the province I visited is surrounded by rice field. Though there are mountains that you can see but it is really far from high hills and mountains. The place is called Gattaran, Cagayan Province where the famous huge river named Cagayan Valley is located.

No internet, no commercial area even a small coffee shop. All you can see are rice field all around. The house I have stayed is near school campus and trade school and fronting the main highway road. The life in this province is very simple. Though there are television and sky cable, still you can see how they live day to day. Each houses that we visited, everyone has their own small rice field and small farm they taking care of, they have carabao (buffalo), small farm of vegetables and fruits, some chicken livestock, pigs and some have horses. In short, it is a country living.

When I get bored, I go out and take some photos. One morning, I decided to walk in the middle of the rice field to meet a farmer. I want to see how they do their craft of planting rice. It is my very first time to walk in the rice field and I bet you, walking towards the middle is very challenging! The foot path is so tiny though some are covered with grass, there are muddy part that you might be able to fall if you get out of balance. And when I accomplished that task of meeting a farmer in the middle of the rice field, it was fun! It teaches me wisdom about life.

Here’s a short poem I composed from my mind while going back from the rice field.  

Planting rice is not fun
With your bare hands
Toiling the soil,
Digging the mud
As I watch him
Without any gloves
Without any boots
Under the heat of the sun
He teaches me that life
Is about working hard

A farmer I admire
Truly hardworking
Contented of what he has
As nature building him patience
To wait for the harvest
Living a simple life
A long walk to the field
Thirsty and tired
Yet he gave time
And share to me
His golden smile


Life’s Lesson

 Lesson from farmer 4

Walking towards the middle of rice field is a challenge. The foot path is so tiny making you walk one step at a time. And there are red ants along your way biting your feet while stepping to the soft and muddy tiny foot path. An obstacle that you must overcome while ensuring yourself you won’t fall down to the wet and muddy ground.

And this experience teaches me that

“In life for you to reach the destination that you want, you need balance. And there are hurdles trying to stop you but it is your determination that will motivate you to keep on going.”

And while walking to the long tiny foot path, I have learned that,

“The technique to achieve balance, look straight without doubts, and do it with speed. Your determination will drive you not to fall yet there are chances to fall down but still keep going and surrender.”


I want to see how a farmer do his craft and what I learned from him is

“In everything that we do, we need to toil the ground ‘alone’ before we reap the rewards, before we get the result.”


Lesson from farmer 3

And it is such a privilege that this humble farmer welcomes me to observe what he’s doing and give me a warm smile at the end. And his smile is my reward that I took the challenge and reached the middle of the rice field. Heck, going back is another problem to overcome!



Life is about balance and it doesn’t mean that your life is not balance if there are problems arising. Obstacle, worries and problems in life are actually helping us to balance life by training us to be strong and tough to overcome them. If there’s good and bad, sunny days and rainy days, night and day, there are days in our life that has difficulties and a day to celebrate.

It is very true, riding a bicycle is easy to get balance than having a balance life because a balance life is a continuous process of struggle, triumph and growth. Getting balance is about taking risk to achieve what you want. If your life doesn’t have troubles and complications, it means you don’t want to exert any effort to discover more about your own journey. And that I believe is not a balance life. You put your days, months, years to safety where there are no challenges you are facing with to maximize who you are and achieve the greatest version of your life.


“The farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.” -Will Rogers



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