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Upon waking up in the morning before starting your day, expect life as awesome–see it, imagine it, feel it. Set aside worries and take a moment to be thankful for everything that’s in your life and you start feeling grateful. Gratitude sets hope for a wonderful life. Even in the midst of challenges, difficulties and boredom, we should be able to see life as awesome. If you’re not happy then don’t feel bad on your current situation, nothing is permanent in life and everything changes for our own good even if we don’t understand it. Sometimes the reason behind is better not to know.

Set the habits of creating new moment each day and find happiness in small things. It will help appreciate more of your life while setting wishes and fulfillment that life for today will be beautifully different in the future. Then it opens your heart to realize that it is in the simple things that we see greatness like a child happily playing imagining things almost real, spider busy weaving silk on its web, pigeon flying in the sky, sunset golden ray of light, the reflection of beautiful person in front you when you face the mirror, the home-food you cook on your plate, the dry lavender flower in your vase, etc.

It is also in thriving from the pressure that life brings awesomeness. We will never discover our inner strength without hardship and failures. We won’t see how beautifully brave our spirit is if there are no disappointments, rejection and other people’s stupidity. External forces polish us to bring the best person, the kindest and most loving person we could be.

Life is amazing through discovery and curiosity of who we are and what we can do to make life more worth living. Life is awe-inspiring through the mystery of nature including us—humans. And life is more remarkable if we share to others our honesty—the talent and skills that inspire people to live with inspiration and more confidence and that never losing hope to see a bigger picture of a wonderful life they wanted to be that is only within them waiting to be discovered.

Believe that life is beautiful and you will attract miracles day by day and that each moment is a happy experience that your soul truthfully crave.

To me, life is wonderful. Everything is wonderful. –Magic Johnson


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Hi! This is Margie

This blog is a true reflection of who I am. Deep, adventurous experiences in life…ideas, thoughts, inspiration more of such curiosity, odd and mystery, creativity, passion in me and my belief on things that truly matter worth fighting for—(1) to live in truth, being honest on who we are and to follow our heart  to do things that will make us happy and fulfill our purpose throughout our lifetime; (2) the importance of giving gratitude and respect, valuing Mother Nature; (3) and having compassion to animals and embrace the path towards highest consciousness of loving kindness by becoming vegetarian because animals are like us—they have emotions, they get hurt, they feel pain. Eating meat has also karma. Let not eat food out of struggle and suffering. And (4) to make life meaningful by honoring our Highest Self towards self-love and kindness to one another that will lead us to a more fulfilling spiritual journey.

Thank you again for visiting Hyperkreeytiv. Life is about lessons and if we seek guidance, knowledge, and inspiration we open ourselves towards growth and evolution.

Wishing everyone all the best in life. Love you all!


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