Life is Like a Candle

Written and posted by: Margie Babon


To all of the hardworking people in this world, honestly doing their best to give joy and happiness and love to their family and community, sharing their time, life and selfless love to others aside from their own family, friends and themselves, this poem is dedicated to all of you!




Like a candle,

The moment we are born

Life started to lit


By living to the fullest

And make that fire burning

The greatest goal we should be doing


If there is a fire

There is a wind

Blowing harder to kill the flame

Almost disappearing…yet keeps on fighting

With remaining strength,

Faith and determination

Fire comes back

And keeps on burning

Bigger and brighter

Illuminating wider


Challenges are natural

Like a strong wind, unpredictable

And when it comes

Our faith must be strong

Like wick of the candle

Holding steady, a symbol of hope


Life is like a candle

Brings brighter light as it gets old

Like a person living to the fullest

Accomplishing meaningful things

Acting with full potentials

Honestly doing the best

That will benefit the rest


And when the last flame has died

No other chance to give light

Only memories was left

On how beautiful the flame was

Red, orange, blue, yellow and white

Now,  candle’s wick turned into ashes

Like life, breath and purpose has ended


Life is like a candle

Its burning flame must be visible and not be hidden

It must bring light and goodness to the world

A noble legacy, the only memory will be left

As we exit and go


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