“Lost Soul” – Trick or Treat, All Soul’s Day 2015 International Call for Submission

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon


An eerie picture of dark clouds covering the moon

Ever wonder why in horror film and freaky graphics about horror movie or when days are near to celebrate the day of the dead and in Halloween theme, the background is usually with dark clouds over a large full moon?  Have you tried looking at the sky during full moon where dark clouds are present? How do you feel when you stare at it? Do you feel frightened? Does it appear odd to you when the movements of the dark clouds are trying to hide the moon?

Every time I stare at the full moon with different layers of dark clouds moving slow and fast, I still feel a little freaky. I don’t know what kind of prayer I should speak.  I even cannot question God or the creator why it should happen that there is always a time of full moon with dark clouds. I know that people who love science explain that in a logical reasoning. Perhaps you may call it weird because I have a different explanation about it. It reminds me of the most unforgettable experience I ever had encountering a mass of lost soul.

It was year 2008 that my mother has an appointment with the doctor for the next day. It is always my evening habit of kissing my mother before I sleep and staring at her while she is sleeping silently thanking her for everything she did for us. That night that I am looking at her feels different. Though there has not yet results from the previous check-up she had, I feel afraid that my mother will leave us soon. That night I keep telling God, “Please extend her life because we still want her to be with us.” That night I was worried and it really feels odd. As I close the window to sleep, I noticed the moon was covered by lots of dark clouds. Dark clouds that move in a certain speed. Curious about the formation of clouds, I went out to the balcony and have a closer look.  I wonder what are in the dark clouds with different depths and layers. It feels so eerie; I went back to the bedroom then sleep.

In our house, we have different beautiful sea shells and in the bedroom we have two: one is small cowrie shell near the window and other one is the large seashells on the small corner table. While sleeping, I woke up by the bark of the dogs. I didn’t bother to get up so I continue to sleep; I was half-awake and keep hearing the dogs barking and some cats meowing. We don’t have a dog so I assume that the dog that was barking is from my sister which is beside our house. But the noises of the animals were getting loud and hear some angry voices of people that want to go inside the house.  What I have seen was a mass of lost soul at the balcony. Others are downstairs at the back of the service area near the gate, others are at the main door, and others are surrounding all the windows. These lost soul are bad spirit, they are all black. They want to get inside the house and get the soul of my mother. Still half-awake, I get up and stand raising my hand and commanding them to get out and leave us. I was angry and telling them to go to the light, go to the light. In a matter of a second, all the seashells in our bed illuminates and beam out a light so white covering the whole bedroom. I saw my mother in a shield of white light coming from the large sea shells. The bad spirit cannot get it in the bedroom and all of them were quickly get off and leave the house. Still standing, I open my eyes and saw my mother sitting on the foot of the bed. She said, “Who are you talking with and why are you so angry? I cannot understand what you’re saying but you raise your hand pointing to the window then pointing at the door then yelling to someone. What is happening?”  Then I said, “Mother, there are a lot of bad spirit outside, they want to get in, so I stand up and confront them. The seashells emit white light and cover the bedroom, covered the whole house.” I did not tell my mother that the lost soul wants to get her. I also did not tell her that the white light from the sea shells covered her and protect her from the bad spirit. As soon as I told her, my mother lights a candle and pray. After that encounter, I got terrible headache and cannot sleep and so does my mother. So she stays awake to prepare early for the visit with her doctor.

When my mother and eldest sister went out at six in the morning to go to the hospital, I left alone in the house. I am still frightened and afraid of my experience.  But I should be brave to let go of that fear as I need to prepare for office. While the sun is shining at six thirty, I went to the balcony and staring at the clouds talking silently, “Never ever go back here!! Never ever go back here!” I was angry to the mass of lost soul that I encountered. Their visit gave me a clue that my mother will die soon and it was such a sad experience knowing that my mother is still alive.

Before I left the house for work, my brother-in-law went to the house and asked me, “I woke up at four in the morning by the noise of the dogs and cats, the visitors were so early to visit our mother and why they have dogs and cats? Who are they? Are they relatives? They were at the gate and want to go inside.” I was surprised that he also has heard them. I told him that they are lost soul and bad spirit.

I was amazed how a seashell emits a white light to protect us from the bad spirit. I made some research about sea shells that in Feng Shui, shells are for protection from negative vibes.

The encounter of lost souls happened in May 2008 then my mother died in August 2008.


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lost soul


The human body is the best picture of the human soul.-Ludwig Witt Genstein

Your soul is nourished when you are kind; it is destroyed when you are cruel.” –King Solomon


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