Love and Solitude by Nancy Wood

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Frank Howell

From the book of Nancy Wood entitled Spirit Walker published in 1993, we feature two of her inspiring poem Love and Solitude.  As a poet, her creativity comes from the roots of her fascination with the Indian ancient culture like the Taos of Rio Grande situated in northern New Mexico which are very connected to nature—to the mother earth, and to the mystery of the universe. As what Nancy described in her introduction of this book, “A rich, deep, and complex religion, drawn mountains, desert, sky, animals, and birds, sustains the Indians.”  And that, until this modern times, Taos are still governed by ancient laws and customs that can be seen through seven centuries in their mud village.

Nancy believes in interconnectedness,

“….where a blade of grass, God may live; the wind was the breath of the Great Spirit, renewing us once again and that between earth and sky, suspended in time, this is what life all about.”


Love and Solitude



For us, my love,

The faraway moon laughed

And breathed a new song

For all the earth to hear


For us, my love,

The stars deserted the sky

And became a silver pathway

To our dreams.


For us, my love,

Time made a ladder out of grass

To show us to our happiness.


For us, my love,

Beauty encircled two lives and

Love created one horizon.




Do not be afraid to embrace the arms

of loneliness.

Do not be concerned with the thorns

of solitude.

Why worry that you will miss something?


Learn to be at home with yourself

without a hand to hold.

Learn to endure isolation

with only the stars for friends.



comes from understanding unity.


arrives on the footprints of your fear.


arises from the ashes of despair.


brings the clarity of still waters.


completes the circle of your dreams.


About Nancy Wood

Nancy WoodNancy Wood is a noted poet, novelist and photographer and the author of the classic poetry book Many Winters published in 1974. She has won numerous awards, including a literature fellowship from National Endowment for the Arts. Her book War Cry on a Prayer Feather was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in music in 1977. Nancy Wood makes her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she lives on the edge of the wilderness she celebrates in her poems.



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Painting credits:  “Eagle’s Path” –Painting by Frank Howell from the book Spirit Walker. 


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