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Posted by: Margie Babon


When was the last time you received a love letter?


One of the love letters from my niece that I kept for more than three years.


With a lot of social network like twitter, pinterest and face book, everyone can easily share and send e-cards. Rare to find, there are people who would rather prefer receiving conventional and personalize hand written greeting cards.

From eight-year old Tin-tin.


From eight-year old Rosette.


Two months ago, my friend living in Hawaii sends a private message to all her friends via face book that she wants a snail mail birthday card from Manila. Few days after her birthday, she was so happy to have dozens of birthday card.

Lanie’s dozens of cards, I gave her the biggest.


Let me ask you a question.  If you will be given a love letter or a birthday card, what will you choose? Do you prefer e-cards or the other one? What would be the impact in your personal and emotional life if you give a personalize letter to your friends, a handmade card to your family or loved ones? How does it feel if you receive a sticky note written “Thank You”?  Would you think that the experience will be much memorable? What is the hidden beauty of receiving a greeting card that you are able to see it, feel it, touch it rather than reading it in front of the monitor.

CJ is only five-years old when she draw this. Notice how she interpret me. Showing in the drawing a closed door. I admit, I closed the door if I am busy doing work and I don’t want to be bothered by kids. Teaching them the “private zone.”


A love letter from eight year old Tin-tin


From the book of John Gary, Men from Mars and Women from Venus, there is a story of a wife who posts a sticky note to the laptop of his husband who gets home late at night.  She mentioned how she feels bad and felt ignored. The next day, when the husband opens his laptop at the office, he was touched by the letter of his wife. Though conventional, writing a note is a big help to remind us of what we miss in life and what else needs to be done.

Who wouldn’t feel happy when you get home. Upon reading these words at the main door of your house, all the stress at the office disappear.


A year after the death of my mother, living alone in the parent’s house is the saddest part of life. Out of those blue days, time has given me a chance and taught me to embrace the present moment of happiness and love.  My adorable and creative nieces’ age 5-7 are writing me a letter almost every day.  The experience was like a fairy-tale.

Rosette is born as a comic-illustrator. She’s only eight years-old when she do this. I am amazed by her talent in drawing. The only niece who can draw very well and gifted.


Rosette’s rich imagination


Gerimie is only five-year old, as her godmother and close to her cousins Rosette, Tin-tin and CJ, she also send me love letter like the the other 3 girls.


Rosette’s work.


Notice the drawing has movement. Rosette’s comic drawing of a princess without any reference at all.


There are no accidents in the universe, right; which I truly believe that these kids evolve to contribute in my spiritual growth and transformation. It was like God is helping me to fill the emptiness of love and care which I long from my parents.

Argie is my nickname, it is how my family call me even Gerimie.


Rosette’s drawing has always a lot of movement. She can draw without any picture reference.


Gerimie is only 5 and she spell the word ‘thanks’ as ‘Tengs.’ I smile at this letter though I told her the correct spelling, she still write Tengs. (translation: Thanks, you love me and I love you).


From Rosette


Even though the letters are out of scrap, torn pages of a notebook, old used envelope, and even trash ribbon from a box of cake, I find the love letter special. I feel very special.

The butterfly looks like a sticker but all are manual drawing by Rosette. She uses the ribbon of the cake box that I gave to them.


From Gerimie. Translation: Thanks for the food, gift and toy (laruan).


From Rosette. Translation: Tita thanks (salamat) for what you give (ibinigay).


From Gerimie. I do not have any idea where did she get this strip of carton box.


As I get home from the office, I receive lots of love letter underneath the main door.  It completes my day, it lessen my stress and diminish my loneliness.  It was bliss! I can’t imagine the feeling  if those letters are coming from my own kids.


Dear Auntie (Tita) Argie, I hope (sana) you love me.


To return the love they are giving, I make sure to give hugs and kisses aside from the goodies which they really like.

Kid’s letters are truly inspiring though most are really funny!  Instead of throwing it away, I read it in front of them. I want to show them the importance of appreciation and gratitude in receiving gifts or any act of kindness.  The effort of these kids fills my life with happiness and greater reflection that our life on earth is for sharing with love.


Notice how CJ can draw, she is only 5 but she is trying.


Kids are so happy if you give them food and toys. They love pesto that I cook for them.


Envelope from Saudi? No idea where kids get this, no one works in Saudi.


Rosette is telling me to have money (pera) and give her gift (regalo) for Christmas (pasko). Notice again her character with movement, with a line “Kasama mo sa Paglakbay” (Together in your Journey).


The ‘Thank You’ version of Rosette, “Theangckyu.” (funny but so sweet!). Translation: Thank you for the book, I know the title (pamagat), Alice in Wonderland.


From Tintin. Her words are straight forward and formal. Thus, it reflects her status in the family, she is the eldest daughter. Translation: “Thank you for everything you have given to us.”


The abstraction on her flower, Rosette’s reflection of her behavior that is sometimes hard-headed.


Rosette can also create different types of lettering. She usually do the lettering and drawing project of her cousins.


One of my favorite works of Rosette. She gave this during my birthday. Notice how she spell the word “envelop”, she spell it using Filipino alphabet, “embelop.”


From CJ. Though the work has no name of mine, she wants me to keep her drawing.


Comic-drawing of Rosette. She is not only an illustrator but also a poet. Translation: I have a poem (tula) for you. There is a single woman (dalaga), she cooks (nagluto) chicken soup (tinola), I taste (tikman) it, it is so yummy!! (napakasarap). In this drawing, the girl is performing on a stage, the curve drawings at the bottom are heads of the audience. That’s why she wrote at the background (as the design of the stage/back drop, “Filipino Wins.”


from Rosette, she is trying to write the word, “beautiful.” Her is “Beutyfull.”


Below is a mysterious drawing of Rosette. An evidence that the talent of a person in drawing, sculpture,  illustrations and painting is very spiritual. It is connected to a divine soul and spirit that is mysterious. A talent given by God that is visually mysterious.

The eyes appear so mysterious to me even the figure in front of it. At first, you might feel scare of this drawing, as what I also feel every time I look at this drawing. But as you read her message, this is how Rosette interpret an “Angel.” Translation from her letter: Sana mabigyan kayo ng biyaya. Hope you will be given a blessing (biyaya). You (ikaw) are our angel (anghel).


Cute painting of CJ.


My favorite also from Rosette, she draw me facing my easel.


From Rosette


So sweet of her, Rosette.


Very creative idea of Rosette, you open the letter with instruction and drawing of a girl as a seal.


a note pad from pharmacy. Rosette can really draw and paint well.


Favorite work again from Rosette. She gave me a list of her favorite food but in illustrations. She said, these are what she wants for her party including red wine.


From Gerimie, her word Tengs (thanks).


Translation: This is what only I can say (sasabihin). I love Ninang (godmother).


A monster work from Benedict, my nephew same age as CJ. He gave this cheerfully to me as my birthday gift.


Notice how Jaycel draw a stick figure, at the age of sixteen, she said she cannot draw but she did.


This is the funniest letter of Rosette. It is only Halloween but she is asking a Christmas gift, one month in advance! (laughs!).


Cute how Gerimie draw a map showing the location of their house and mine.


Tin-tin in her letter, is angry with her little sister CJ. Very obvious of her emotions as the dots at the end part of the letter are in heavy marks. You can easily read Tin-tin’s character that if she is angry, it is really obvious and she cannot hide it.


Everything is recycled in this letter from Tin-tin. The heart shape that she cut is from a scrap of construction paper, the envelope was a used one from her mom.

The most adoring and lovely letter I got is from Tin-tin. After reading this, I cried, and I gave her a hug. Translation: “Salamat sa yo” (thank you), you’re (ikaw) the best Auntie (Tita) in the world (sa mundo).


“Whether handmade or electronic cards that we give or receive, it is the love and thoughtfulness that count.”


A handmade card from my college professor 15 years ago. It feels good to read love letters that I can hold and see the penmanship.



About the Author

Margie Babon was given a privilege to be a wildlife photographer in 2006 that let her choose to become a vegetarian for seven years now. Has background in film making as a producer and researcher on the plight of Agta-Dumagat documentary film Children of the Mountains that garnered the 2005 Mark Haslam Awardee  in Toronto, Canada. Sharing her passion in photography, drawing & creative writing  is a great opportunity to express her wisdom which is beyond academic teaching career of more than five years in College of Architecture and School of Fine Arts.





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