“Movie of Your Life”–All Soul’s Day 2015, Int’l. Call for Participation

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon



You are walking along the suburban street full of lights, establishments and café, and happy people chatting by. You stop for awhile and look at the huge poster of green salad, soup and sandwich thinking if you want to try. But your focus diminishes when someone yells, “Free movie, free movie, come inside. Sir, hey wearing a black hat, yes you, this movie is perfect for you.” Then you look at your back if he is pointing to someone wearing a black hat.  Yet no one wears a black hat except you. You realize he is pointing at you.  Curious about the movie, you walk towards the cinema to check what the title of the movie is. You asked, “What is the title of the free movie?” The barker said, “None sir, it is a surprise. In fact, when you get inside it is not a typical cinema. There is a free dinner that awaits you.”  Since you are free that night, you get inside the cinema. “Why is it so bright in here?,”  you asked yourself. You saw four round tables with four wooden chairs on each table fronting a small stage. No one is around. Yet the table is full of food–Fresh  green salad, pasta, pizza, red wine and fruit plate arranged on the table. “Good evening sir, we are still waiting for others to come, have a sit and you can start eating while waiting for others,”  said by a woman wearing a white suit with apron. “Oh, you frightened me! Didn’t notice there is a server here, why is it so silent. Anyway, what movie is this and what is the start?” you asked. “Sir, we cannot tell you that unless others will get here to occupy the table, for the meantime, enjoy your free dinner,” the woman said.   You sit on the last table from the right. Since you are hungry, you bite the pizza, it taste bland. You try the salad with lime sauce, it taste bland. You try to taste the red wine, it is bland. “Why the food is so bland? No wonder it is free!,” as you whispered to yourself. Suddenly the lights were off, and the light on stage gets bright. The movie opens with a voice of a woman counting from 10, 9, 8, 7….3, 2, 1……then followed by a soft music of a piano playing “Sundial Dream,” the background music on beautiful scenery of ocean, mountains, flowers….and a small river with kids laughing. The white and blue boat was docked on the side while three boys are happily jumping on the river. It reminds you of your childhood. “It looks like my brother, that shorts is the same as mine, my favorite shorts when I was ten years old. And that boat is like the boat of my dad that we use for fishing,” you said to yourself. Then a woman appears, carrying a towel and some cold drinks. You stand up and step back. “That is my mother that is my mother!…Where am I. Anybody here?” feeling frightened, you run to get out the place but the hallway is dark…yet there is a small light at the end. You run and run until you have reached the source of light.  You walk towards the door and outside was infinite bright light. Suddenly you hear a voice of a man, “Are you ready to watch the movie of your life?” Feeling frightened and nervous, you are speechless…you don’t know what to say. Toot-toot-toot….you hear the alarm and you open your eyes. Your mind went back to reality.  You look at the clock, it was five in the morning. Still feeling nervous, and your can feel your heartbeat so fast ; you realize it is just a dream. A dream that looks real. A dream that feels so real.  You stand a little fast. You get up and shut off the alarm, and then you sit on your bed analyzing the dream that you had and telling yourself, “If I will watch the movie of my life, am I ready to watch it? What movie do I want to create?  If I will watch the movie of my life, I want it happy, I want to see a life with meaning, with purpose, with joy, with success, with love to my family and helping others…”  Then you switch to your reality realizing that the dream was a sign, a guide to motivate yourself to choose a meaningful life.

When a person die, there is a moment that you will be given a chance to watch your life. A film like a rewind of your life on how you accomplish your dreams and how live on your journey on earth. It is hard to believe about this idea, but this was based on my experience few weeks after the burial of my mother that I experience this during my half-wake dream. I thought I am watching a movie. There is a narrator, mentioning the place and the significance of the scene. Suddenly I saw my mother standing near the river. The narrator is describing her life then followed by  meeting a man, it was my father. Then into another scene where my sister was there, still I can hear the narrator stating her life. I only wake up and realize that it was a dream when my mother looks at me saying, “my youngest.” I saw her getting close to me then the alarm beeped. Still analyzing my dream, it was the movie of my mother…her life..her own film… It was so clear to me. I have seen some highlights of her life…her life  that I wasn’t born yet.

This dream becomes a reminder to me that each one of us is creating our own movie and there will be a time that we will watch it.

If I will watch my movie, I want it happy. I want it to have a positive impact to others. I want to see  my life sharing love and joy and not hurting others. This experience becomes my guide to live each day with meaning and purpose doing the best that I can be, giving kindness, understanding, honesty and love towards myself, to my family and to others.

If you will watch your own movie of your life, what scenes do you want to see? And will you be ready to watch it without feeling guilt or fear?


The most honest form of film making is to make a film for yourself.-Peter Jackson

If you want a happy ending that depends, of course, on where you stop your story. –Orson Welles



Trick or Treat—All Soul’s Day 2015 on November 1 showcasing hilarious cartoons on November 1st.

 2015 Trick or Treat-last poster


To all the participants, thank you so much for making it happen!  Much gratitude to Seyran Caferli of cartooncenter.net for making this call for submission possible.


We are the movies and the movies are us. -David Ansen



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