Moving Forward

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Moving Forward-Dec 31 copy

Past, present, and future is what we have in common through linear time. We all have yesterday—the past that is unchangeable. We have the existing called “now” —the present which we are capable of how we can make life experiences meaningful though there are unexpected things that also happen. And the energy of time where we put hope—the future full of positive emotions where the appearance of dreams looking forward to come true.

Life is the totality of time composed of days, months and years that cannot be rewind. Everything is about moving forward. The beginning and end is what make life exciting but another step onward is what make us alive! And it is the dream in our hearts why we look for tomorrow. Without dream, life is dead like in a straight line and it is boring. And though boredom is striking us and sometimes blocking us to do what we want, still, life is about moving forward no matter how bored we are. Because life is challenging us how far is our strength, how long is our patience, how hard-working we are, and what could be the best person inside us— the greatest of who we are. If we don’t move forward and do our best, how can we know the things we must improve? How can we know our potential? Unless you decide to live with enough of who you are having enough money, house, and other physical things but no ambition and just wait for what days will bring instead of setting things for the day that you want to experience. But I bet you, that kind of life is not meaningful. Life without pain has no gain. Life is momentous to those who aren’t afraid to try new things and gather new experiences. It is about expansion, movement, and change like plants and trees that keep on growing, evolving and humbly withstanding sun, wind and rain.

And now another year is coming where brand new life is awaiting, promise yourself make each day count towards the things that you want. Never be afraid to fail, take risk and be nosy to your dreams and not to petty things and unimportant people. Learn not get affected by unkind people and don’t attach yourself too much from your emotions, learn to ignore your own feelings by keep on working and make yourself busy! Share your life to circle of people who values you and help you achieving your dreams but don’t be afraid to give trust and give help to welcome new people.

To move forward effectively and not just in your memory ‘coz memory cannot be trusted, it can forget, practice jotting things that you want to achieve. Make a journal and jot it down whether using a notebook or electronic calendar.  I know some people displaying their branded pricy journal they bought from a famous coffee shop and guess what they put? –None! And I’m not surprised, a lot of people in this urbanized world don’t use journal at all. Because jotting down things means we put discipline to make things happen! It is the action that makes us different from one another.

This coming year I wish those people called action-taker to have great accomplishment and more harvest of success. And to those who have dreams and not starting, take action now by making tiny step and don’t be afraid.  Everyone start clueless but carrying faith in themselves that they can make it. And to those who live with enough, I wish you more happiness.

Happy 2018! More love, honesty, happiness, kindness, abundance, and success!


If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. –Henry Ford





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