Family is Everything

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon   Our greatest inspiration in life is our family—parents, siblings, wife, husband, niece and nephews even our grandparents. Not only the biological family but also true More »

Flower Pattern and Mandala in Sweet Potato

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon   Few days ago I crave to eat sweet potatoes cooked in coconut milk with sugar and jackfruit meat. While chopping the sweet potatoes (Camote in More »

Understanding People

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon   When looking at people is like trying to look at a pair of slipper with hundred varieties of style and of color. All look similar More »

Forgive Others for not Being Kind

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon    To understand people of how they act and misbehave is the kindest thing we do to ourselves. I repeat, it is the kindest and most beautiful More »

Continue that Dream! Happy 2017!

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon     Life without a dream is nothing! It is the fire that keep us going. It gives life to the soul. It is the breath of More »

Small Note

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon   While going to the vet clinic to pick-up my rescued cat after his neuter, a man approached us with his small note written “Apology for More »

Smile Don’t Cost a Thing

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon “Good morning ma’am,” the lady security guard says to the staffs of women who pass by at the x-ray security machine at the entrance of a More »

“Seeking for an Answer”-Personal Experiences about Religion

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Usual Unusual

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Real, True, and Pure

Written and posted by: Margie Babon   Be blessed when you are able to find real, true, honest, and pure people. They are very seldom to find and rare to come into More »

Topic 1: “Learning, Language, and Mimicry”- The Power of Your Brain Int’l. Cartoon Call for Submission 2017

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Learning to speak was the hardest thing to do. We start nonlingual and within 18 months we have a core working vocabulary of 50 words that we can pronounce and 100 words we can understand. At age 3, we have 1,000 words in command and we start to construct sentences. By our 6th birthday, our vocabulary exploded to 6,000 words. And as we grow up,  it takes 50,000  words to master good conversational English.

This not included the children who learn second or third language which means they double or triple the information of words in their head. Baby’s brain is different from adult in which the neuron’s branch out in 15,000 ways. There is extra neuron wiring that learn language so easily and they key is the comprehension speed in baby’s brain to understand fast and distinguish each word, syllable and sound. Parents know the earlier they introduce a child to second or third language, the less effort for them to acquire.

Top 10 Tongues

  1. Mandarin (885 Million) the most speakers— by a lot
  2. Spanish (332 Million)
  3. English (332 Million)
  4. Bengali (189 Million)
  5. Hindi (182 Million)
  6. Portuguese (170 Million)
  7. Russian (170 Million)
  8. Japanese (125 Million)
  9. German (98 Million)
  10. Wu (77 Million)

Aside from learning a new language, brain also love to imitate because neurons in our brain constantly watch what other people are doing and mime it themselves and that is how we learn. Mirror neurons are found all over the brain. When a mother opens her mouth, her baby imitates her. Under a microscope, mirror neurons look like other neurons. What makes them special is the web of connections that links these neurons in the motor and the sensory that process the visceral and emotional reactions. And these mirror neurons vastly expanded over time. When the baby smile, her mother smiles too. And that is how the brain sets up a circuit. Scientist and researchers believe that mirror neurons could be the key the way humans learn speech, signal meaning to one another and develop primal feelings of empathy.


Join!!  Hyperkreeytiv for its 2017 International Call for Submission entitled

“The Power of Your Brain.”

Submission in the form of cartoon, drawing or caricature.




2017 International Call for Submission entitled—“The Power of Your Brain.”

How to Submit:

  1. Participants can submit maximum of 3 entries.
  2. Submit your work by sending your entries to
  3. Images must be less than 500kb JPEG file in the following format:           surname_entry #_country
  4. Submit a short intro about yourself (not more than 200 words) and a photo or caricature not more than 200kb.
  5. Participants can submit entries until July 17, 2017.
  6. All works will be posted on July 27, 2017.


“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” -Oscar Wilde


Credits: Wikipedia and Your Brain- A User’s Guide

Photo: Google images



“The Power of Your Brain” -International Call for Submission 2017

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon



By just one thought, awareness becomes active whether the thought is intentional or not. That is how powerful the human brain that continuously remoulding and organising different thoughts and different experiences in different times thus, enriching the circuits of the brain neurologically. We can remember things, make plans, we have the ability to imagine, we keep envisioning, how we think, what we do, all comes from the greatest computer of the body system called brain.

Human brain has no mechanical moving parts but serves as the motherboard of body system and the seat of thoughts and mind. Though only weighing less than 3 lb., it is the home and storage of of pictures, songs, philosophy, dreams, passion, happiness, sorrow, of memories, of love, of wisdom, the consciousness and awareness of itself.  It is the greatest computer ever built, the seat of your mind, the seat of your being. It creates abstract thought, imagination, creativity, emotions, language, solutions and problem. It creates consciousness.

All the body organ that makes us alive is connected to the brain acting as the general commander of the body. The brain does thousands of thoughts and thinking while we breathe, we talk, we work, we crave for food, we exercise, etc. There is a giant super power or called it genius seating behind our brain that direct both the conscious and unconscious mind.

Human brain is also the source of good and bad moral depends on the thoughts we keep in our head. Through the power of the brain, we develop talent and skills, yet, brain can also be damaged having misalignment, disorder and addiction.

Who we are is what we believe which is wired already in our brain. And as the brain continuously collate experiences through different periods and phases of life, our physical body, emotional aspect and intelligence become a work in progress.

Join Hyperkreeytiv for its 2017 International Call for Submission entitled “The Power of Your Brain.”  Submission in the form of cartoon, drawing or caricature.

How to Submit:

  1. Participants can submit maximum of 3 entries.
  2. Submit your work by sending your entries to
  3. Images must be less than 500kb JPEG file in the following format:  surname_entry #_country
  4. Submit a short intro about yourself (not more than 200 words) and a photo or caricature not more than 200kb.
  5. Participants can submit entries until July 17, 2017.
  6. All works will be posted on July 27, 2017.


Watch out for the post that will be published covering the following topic each week to learn more and understand the power of human brain.

  1. Learning, Language, and Mimicry
  2. The Consciousness of Why You Are Here
  3. “Sleep”—The Brain Recovery
  4. Your Brain Has Gender
  5. Inside the Wild World of Adolescent Brain
  6. “Addiction” – When Your Brain Can’t Say No
  7. Personality and Brain Disorder
  8. Through the Ages
  9. The Chemistry of Love
  10. “Right, Wrong” – What Makes Us Moral
  11. Older, Wiser and Gray Hair
  12. Stress and The Power of Mood
  13. The Science of Your Appetite
  14. The Biology of Belief
  15. Sickness and Healing
  16. “Memories”—We Remember Too Much. We Forget Too Much.
  17. Evolution- Your Brand New Brain

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“I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells.” – Dr. Seuss

Family is Everything

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon


Family 1

Our greatest inspiration in life is our family—parents, siblings, wife, husband, niece and nephews even our grandparents. Not only the biological family but also true friends who stay with us for how many years and know our secrets and dreams in life, we consider them as family. Our family is the major source of our motivations to be responsible, to progress and fulfil the goals that we want. It is the family that encourage us and help us that we can make our dreams come true.

Along with the inspiration and encouragement there is also happiness and sadness that we get from our family. There are conflicts and misunderstanding for each member has its own character and behaviour that we must accept and understand. And out of disagreements or call it family war, the attitude of each family member grows and expand to certain maturity and the level of understanding widens. Even our parents cannot change the attitude of their sons and daughters especially when kids are grown up into adult life that they make their own decisions and choose whatever they want to do being their own driver of their life. That is why it is very true that the very foundation of who we are starts from our family. There are lots of adjustments we give to each member and there must be give and take in order to maintain the harmony and the bondage of love within.

Family 2

When time comes that our dearest parents have gone and passed away, this is the greatest challenge on how the family members will stay together and hold on to that ties of being a whole family. Because it is the parents that bind the children together. Without them, it is difficult to get close to the members of the family mostly if there are conflicts and anger that last for a year and so. The fighting of children over the properties of the parents and favouritism are always the issues and roots of the conflicts. There are family members who are unforgiving and having heavy heart and they carry it until they get old and sometimes they carry it until they die.

No matter how heavy the misunderstanding of each family member, there should always be forgiveness, understanding and acceptance because there is no other thing in this universe called family.  Even if you hate your brother or sister, still you are a family and you were born out of love and to share love by helping and loving your own grandparents, parents, brother, sisters, nephews and nieces. Yes, we meet other people that we become best friends and they become family but the concern in the deepest part of our heart is still for our biological family. There are no coincidences on this planet, even your own family is meant for you and that you have task and purpose why you were with them.

Family 3

Without a family, we were not here on this physical plane. Every time we fight and hate members of the family, it affects our parents. It causes unhappiness and worry to them because the greatest dream they have is to make the family happy and whole. No material thing can ever replace the completeness of the family. True that it is hard to swallow pride and ego but asking for apology and forgiveness is far better than building a wall and never talk to them. Never carry a heavy heart for no matter what, wherever you are in this world, still you are connected through heart and soul. Not forgiving them or talking to them is keeping a heavy load of loneliness that you hide and cover it with ego.

Family 4

Family is everything and no material thing can ever replace that. Give honour  to your parents, give respect to your elders and share love and kindness to other members of the family. Support what they need and give them help without asking for anything in return and without expectations. The major reason why we live on earth, we work hard and make sacrifices is mainly for our family,  for they are the top priority. When we make our family happy, the happiness inside us is incomparable—it is true joy from heaven!


“Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.” –Michael J. Fox 

“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” – Desmond Tutu


Credits: All images in the poster courtesy of Google images



Without Earth

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon




No called human being

If Earth never exist

No trees, no animals

No forest, no fish


No war, no politics

No stress, no pressure

From people and material things


Without earth

We aren’t being able to touch

To see, to hear, to feel



If nothing in existence

Where could we be?

Are we in a different dimension?

A spirit hovering in the space?

Or just a thought within

A dust, a dot, a speck in a giant maze


Creation is mystery

Unending, such infinite

Always coming back

Birth, death, rebirth

Enigmatic cycle within a pattern

Bizarre, inexplicable, unknown


No other planet

Of physical and material existence

Did we come back or just new?

Whatever the reason

None allowed to know


Now we are here

As we experience different things

Do you still wish to go back?

Or longing to live

To a magical planet

Of wishes fulfilment


Our deepest desire we manifest

The reason of human existence

Out of thoughts, we create

With patience, and kindness

To live and leave full of honesty

Selfless love, truthfulness and integrity


With or without earth

There is greater behind all

Wrapped in layers

Of mystery and energy

Evolving in secrecy of reality


Honor the planet Earth for it is sacred, has breath that also needs nurture from human hands to restore and conserve what have been taken. Happy Earth Day!!


Flower Pattern and Mandala in Sweet Potato

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon



The flower pattern inside sweet potatoes

Few days ago I crave to eat sweet potatoes cooked in coconut milk with sugar and jackfruit meat. While chopping the sweet potatoes (Camote in Filipino) I noticed a beautiful design at the center of the white meat. It was amazing! The violet color marking is like being stamped on it. For how many years I cook and chop camote, it is my first time to a see a flower design in its core. And when I get the huge one, I find it difficult to chop in crosswise so I chopped it lengthwise and what I found is a mirror design of each other that also looks like a flower. It is mandala!



More flower patterns like being stamped on it using violet ink



Other design appear like exploded stars



The mirror design like mandala


Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle” that symbolizing a balance visual element of unity and harmony. In Buddhism and Hindu, mandala is a geometric figure that represents the universe and a symbol of dream towards wholeness, totality and self-unity.

Like other vegetables, fruits, wood grain, and flowers that has mandala design, the flower marking in sweet potato is amazing! It is beautiful, sacred, and mysterious. Mandala and pattern in nature appears to me that

  1. Life on earth and the creation is endless
  2. Nature exist for good intention and for a specific purpose. Look at the typhoon, the circular movement of its eye even the tornado in circular motion is mandala. No nature has created for bad intention. It exists to balance certain part of earth or the universe.
  3. Intention is moving in a circular motion creating ripple effect. What we do to others come back to us. What others do to others come back to them.
  4. It let you stop your busy mind. Like the feeling of sitting on the beach or watching beautiful stars that everything you think—dreams, worries, fears, anger, etc. everything stop and your mind starts to think of beautiful intentions, your mind starts to meditate.
  5. It symbolizes hope and beauty. Life on earth is full of challenges and hardship. Nature help us to lighten that heaviness and fill it with faith, courage and inspiration for us to keep moving and go forward.


wooden mandala

Mandala or design in circle found in wood grain

typhoon mandala

And even in the eye of the typhoon as it moves in circular motion is mandala


We live in a world, in a universe dancing in a pattern towards balance, unity, and loving and healing energy. Life is moving in different cycle and in different sequence but everything falls into the same pattern interpreted in shape, color, symbol, and beauty for our own spiritual journey.


“Love is a canvas pattern furnished by nature, embroidered by imagination.” -Voltaire


“Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so that each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry.” –Richard Feynman




Typhoon and Wood grain images from Google Images 




Written and Posted by: Margie Babon


Oh Cupid

Have you appeared?

I can’t remember when

None I have actually met


Oh Cupid

Don’t be silly

You left the arrow

Of all

Why hit me

I was sitting alone



Tell me please

Where can I find

A true love

Not supposed to be blind


I know

Today is 14th February

Twenty-four hours’ after

It will pass

But being single

Oh my

Why always last!



May I know

Do you have fb or skype?

Let’s connect

And help me erase

Bitter experiences

Will you?

Send me roses

With beer please

Let’s cheers

Until the night sleep



Teach us to love more

Everyday should be


…..joyful Valentine’s Day

To be kind, to be generous

To talk with respect

Without hurting

Showing honesty

Appreciating all

Loving all


I know

It is difficult

To trust people

But if we’re coming

From good intentions

No matter how painful

Life can be

If the foundation

Nothing but pure love

We understand people

When they hurt us

We accept life as it is

For love is the greatest

Life we could ever live


Hey Cupid

Come on over now

You’re broken hearted

I know

Don’t stay stupid

Let’s drink and move on


Happy Valentine’s Day!!




Cartoon image: Google

angel cupid video via face book


dear cupid1






Understanding People

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon


pondering thoughts-people-Feb 8

When looking at people is like trying to look at a pair of slipper with hundred varieties of style and of color. All look similar in its physical feature but each has its own attitude, altitude, and behavior. Some are pretty outside but difficult to deal with. Some are looking simple and plain but incomparably beautiful in the inside. Some are weak and easily get broken while some are tough as hard as rock that last a lifetime.

To understand people is to understand the constant change of life including the cause and effect of that change that molds the human mind and its psychological well-being which are the main factor in survival.    Even if you ask each honest individual to define who they are, somehow, they have difficulty to tell their real character because people are dynamic and living in a multifaceted phase of life.  Yet, the strongest character that sums up the real person inside within them is according to their strongest principle in life.  And that principle is according to what they believe. People’s thoughts, actions, habits are manifestation of that principle which then becomes the concrete foundation of people’s character and attitude.

Understanding people is such a complex subject that makes relationship complicated, challenging and fragile. The most effective tool to understand people is never care about them! Ignore what they say if it doesn’t contribute to your emotional well-being. Appreciate those who are helping you to grow and to get matured. To those who are destroying behind you, forget it, never mind, those people not worth it to keep even in your thoughts.

You don’t need to explain yourself to people and insist what you know and forcing them understand your point of view ‘coz their understanding is only up to their own level of their own comprehension.


“Understanding is deeper than knowledge. There are many people who know you but very few understand you.” -Anonymous

“You can only understand people if you feel them in yourself.” –John Steinbeck


understand-pondering thoughts-feb8

As featured in Pondering Thoughts Daily -Wisdom and Motivations

Photo source: Google images


Love and Solitude by Nancy Wood

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon


Frank Howell

From the book of Nancy Wood entitled Spirit Walker published in 1993, we feature two of her inspiring poem Love and Solitude.  As a poet, her creativity comes from the roots of her fascination with the Indian ancient culture like the Taos of Rio Grande situated in northern New Mexico which are very connected to nature—to the mother earth, and to the mystery of the universe. As what Nancy described in her introduction of this book, “A rich, deep, and complex religion, drawn mountains, desert, sky, animals, and birds, sustains the Indians.”  And that, until this modern times, Taos are still governed by ancient laws and customs that can be seen through seven centuries in their mud village.

Nancy believes in interconnectedness,

“….where a blade of grass, God may live; the wind was the breath of the Great Spirit, renewing us once again and that between earth and sky, suspended in time, this is what life all about.”


Love and Solitude



For us, my love,

The faraway moon laughed

And breathed a new song

For all the earth to hear


For us, my love,

The stars deserted the sky

And became a silver pathway

To our dreams.


For us, my love,

Time made a ladder out of grass

To show us to our happiness.


For us, my love,

Beauty encircled two lives and

Love created one horizon.




Do not be afraid to embrace the arms

of loneliness.

Do not be concerned with the thorns

of solitude.

Why worry that you will miss something?


Learn to be at home with yourself

without a hand to hold.

Learn to endure isolation

with only the stars for friends.



comes from understanding unity.


arrives on the footprints of your fear.


arises from the ashes of despair.


brings the clarity of still waters.


completes the circle of your dreams.


About Nancy Wood

Nancy WoodNancy Wood is a noted poet, novelist and photographer and the author of the classic poetry book Many Winters published in 1974. She has won numerous awards, including a literature fellowship from National Endowment for the Arts. Her book War Cry on a Prayer Feather was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in music in 1977. Nancy Wood makes her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she lives on the edge of the wilderness she celebrates in her poems.



Reference: Wikipedia, Google images 

Painting credits:  “Eagle’s Path” –Painting by Frank Howell from the book Spirit Walker. 


Forgive Others for not Being Kind

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Forgive for not being kind

 To understand people of how they act and misbehave is the kindest thing we do to ourselves. I repeat, it is the kindest and most beautiful action you will do to yourself by not going down to their level and get reactive of the negativities they are flagging on you. Relationship always start in ourselves  and if we want to be at peace with our own self, then we must be at peace with others. I know it is difficult to practice this thought but this is proper thing we should do. Understand. Forgive. Let go.

When we try to make sound observations on how people act, speak and treat others, we will arrive in the conclusion that they act according on their own belief. If they believe that people will compete them, will take something from them—they start to act full of insecurities by throwing anger and hatred on you for no logic reason at all. If they believe that people are dishonest, they start to act full of doubts. If they see others as enemy, they they act the same full of angst, rage and bitterness. But then if a person believes in love and kindness, then in whatever circumstances, whatever hardship, challenges, difficulties of the situation, he/she will practice love and kindness no matter what. In short, people act according to what they believe ‘coz belief is the basis of action.

As what James Allen wrote in his book “As A Man Thinketh”

“…belief lies at the root of all human conduct. Every thought, every act, every habit, is the direct outcome of a certain fixed belief, and one’s conduct alters only as one’s belief are being modified.”

It is such a heroic idea to change other people’s attitude but it is not a realistic solution. The best action is to ignore them without being attached to your emotions. Let them act who they are. And never get reactive, it is not your responsibility to catch their bad behaviour and stuck it in your chest. No one truly says, “I forgive you.” It’s not in words but through action of

(1) Let the bad experience go,

(2) Let the memories dissolve,

(3) Never be attached with your emotions, never carry it for days, weeks, months or years.

(4) Understand them,

(5) Get the lesson and

(6) Move forward

and this action is what we call Forgiveness.

No emotions attached, no anger, no revenge, no hatred. This way, you choose to love yourself instead of wrapping yourself in the heaviness of stress.

We have to face the reality that not all people have the same intentions of being kind, loving and understanding. The reason we get hurt, we expect others a mirror of who we are. Not all people have good intentions and that we must forgive them. Instead of getting frustrated, just focus on what is important to you. It is such a waste of time to put your attention to them. It will just cause leak in your energy and not worthy to think about.









“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”-Mahatma Gandhi

“There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.”-Bryant McGill


Also posted in: Pondering Thoughts by Hyperkreeytiv

Photo credits: Google images



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Continue that Dream! Happy 2017!

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon


 Continue that Dream_3 January2017

Life without a dream is nothing! It is the fire that keep us going. It gives life to the soul. It is the breath of our purpose and intentions.  To feel alive, we must keep on dreaming. Without any dream inside our hearts and mind we feel empty. We feel we are nothing. We feel we are only wandering without any directions at all. To make life on earth meaningful and full of excitement and adventure, we must dream! But if we dream, of course we want to make it real and that is the hardest part of it.

To make things happen, we should work hard and take that desire to the deepest part of our hearts. We should see our dreams in front of us like real. And if we see it real, it makes us smile giving us huge hope that we can do it. And that we should not give up whatever happens always there must be no excuses!  Having a dream means agreement that we owe to our higher self. Not only for our own happiness but for the happiness of people around us. There is no easy way to make dreams come true. The path is full of challenges, bitter, pain and sometimes guilt that’s why only few people achieve it. This is where the test comes on how tough we can be, on how brave we become.

“Big goals are always a summation of small goals that no one ever notices according. There is no success overnight.” -Brian Tracy

For us to be more inspired and continue the journey, we have to accomplish small things on a daily basis with consistency. Focus is the power word which is the greatest tool to do things we said we want to be done. Distractions are a lot that even our own thoughts can distract us if we won’t focus on what is important, on what is priority. We unnoticed time are wasted. Days are wasted. Months are wasted and so does year. You think of your age looking back having regrets why you didn’t start that dream when you were young.

Frustrations are unavoidable that even me get frustrated of my own dreams. It is like I accomplish nothing, it is like I don’t see any fruits yet. And when examining myself where this irritation of mine come from, I still lack of that passion, commitment, sacrifice and hard work. Which means I haven’t given my best yet. I haven’t given all that are needed. To cut that feeling of having defeated, I have to start again and recharge that excitement I had when I got that dream for the first time by finding inspirations—read books, evaluate my positive side of life, recalling the reasons why I want that dream to happen and most thinking of my family and others to make them happy. I think of the charity that I want. I think in a long-term where I want to see myself and what accomplishments I have created.

Each day as we wake up is a new beginning. We must keep going by taking actions towards the manifestation of our dreams. We must remember that life is not about attaining perfection but achieving the dream of a balance life–having food to eat, having good health, shelter to live, providing the needs of our family and loves ones, securing our future while spending time for ourselves to make us happy and most we to be involved in the service of others through our time, resources, skills, and talents.

Life on earth is a package of stress and happiness and we all know that. One cannot attain victory without hardship and pain. Goals in life and dreams in our heart are what separate us from the rest. Having that courage and obligation of not giving up to see results and continue to improve, develop and grow is life’s greatest challenge. Never give up, days will pass by anyway, so live and continue to work hard, dream, achieve and remembering the reasons why we have started.

To end this post, let me share to you a beautiful New Year’s poem written by humble human being under the name anonymous.


New Year’s Prayer

May God make your year a happy one!

Not by shielding you from sorrows and pain,

But by strengthening you to bear it, as it comes;

Not by making your path easy,

But by making you sturdy to travel any path;

Not by taking hardships from you,

But by taking fear from your heart;

Not by granting unbroken sunshine,

But by keeping your face bright,

Even in the shadows;

Not by making your life always pleasant,

But by showing you

When people and their causes need you most,

And by making anxious thoughts to be there to help

God’s love, peace, hope and joy to you

For the year ahead.



Happy 2017 full of love, wonder and sunshine!


“Never give up. Today is hard. Tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.”-Jack Ma


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