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Forgive Others for not Being Kind

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Continue that Dream! Happy 2017!

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Small Note

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Smile Don’t Cost a Thing

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“Seeking for an Answer”-Personal Experiences about Religion

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Real, True, and Pure

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Forgive Others for not Being Kind

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Forgive for not being kind

 To understand people of how they act and misbehave is the kindest thing we do to ourselves. I repeat, it is the kindest and most beautiful action you will do to yourself by not going down to their level and get reactive of the negativities they are flagging on you. Relationship always start in ourselves  and if we want to be at peace with our own self, then we must be at peace with others. I know it is difficult to practice this thought but this is proper thing we should do. Understand. Forgive. Let go.

When we try to make sound observations on how people act, speak and treat others, we will arrive in the conclusion that they act according on their own belief. If they believe that people will compete them, will take something from them—they start to act full of insecurities by throwing anger and hatred on you for no logic reason at all. If they believe that people are dishonest, they start to act full of doubts. If they see others as enemy, they they act the same full of angst, rage and bitterness. But then if a person believes in love and kindness, then in whatever circumstances, whatever hardship, challenges, difficulties of the situation, he/she will practice love and kindness no matter what. In short, people act according to what they believe ‘coz belief is the basis of action.

As what James Allen wrote in his book “As A Man Thinketh”

“…belief lies at the root of all human conduct. Every thought, every act, every habit, is the direct outcome of a certain fixed belief, and one’s conduct alters only as one’s belief are being modified.”

It is such a heroic idea to change other people’s attitude but it is not a realistic solution. The best action is to ignore them without being attached to your emotions. Let them act who they are. And never get reactive, it is not your responsibility to catch their bad behaviour and stuck it in your chest. No one truly says, “I forgive you.” It’s not in words but through action of

(1) Let the bad experience go,

(2) Let the memories dissolve,

(3) Never be attached with your emotions, never carry it for days, weeks, months or years.

(4) Understand them,

(5) Get the lesson and

(6) Move forward

and this action is what we call Forgiveness.

No emotions attached, no anger, no revenge, no hatred. This way, you choose to love yourself instead of wrapping yourself in the heaviness of stress.

We have to face the reality that not all people have the same intentions of being kind, loving and understanding. The reason we get hurt, we expect others a mirror of who we are. Not all people have good intentions and that we must forgive them. Instead of getting frustrated, just focus on what is important to you. It is such a waste of time to put your attention to them. It will just cause leak in your energy and not worthy to think about.









“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”-Mahatma Gandhi

“There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.”-Bryant McGill


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Photo credits: Google images



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Continue that Dream! Happy 2017!

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon


 Continue that Dream_3 January2017

Life without a dream is nothing! It is the fire that keep us going. It gives life to the soul. It is the breath of our purpose and intentions.  To feel alive, we must keep on dreaming. Without any dream inside our hearts and mind we feel empty. We feel we are nothing. We feel we are only wandering without any directions at all. To make life on earth meaningful and full of excitement and adventure, we must dream! But if we dream, of course we want to make it real and that is the hardest part of it.

To make things happen, we should work hard and take that desire to the deepest part of our hearts. We should see our dreams in front of us like real. And if we see it real, it makes us smile giving us huge hope that we can do it. And that we should not give up whatever happens always there must be no excuses!  Having a dream means agreement that we owe to our higher self. Not only for our own happiness but for the happiness of people around us. There is no easy way to make dreams come true. The path is full of challenges, bitter, pain and sometimes guilt that’s why only few people achieve it. This is where the test comes on how tough we can be, on how brave we become.

“Big goals are always a summation of small goals that no one ever notices according. There is no success overnight.” -Brian Tracy

For us to be more inspired and continue the journey, we have to accomplish small things on a daily basis with consistency. Focus is the power word which is the greatest tool to do things we said we want to be done. Distractions are a lot that even our own thoughts can distract us if we won’t focus on what is important, on what is priority. We unnoticed time are wasted. Days are wasted. Months are wasted and so does year. You think of your age looking back having regrets why you didn’t start that dream when you were young.

Frustrations are unavoidable that even me get frustrated of my own dreams. It is like I accomplish nothing, it is like I don’t see any fruits yet. And when examining myself where this irritation of mine come from, I still lack of that passion, commitment, sacrifice and hard work. Which means I haven’t given my best yet. I haven’t given all that are needed. To cut that feeling of having defeated, I have to start again and recharge that excitement I had when I got that dream for the first time by finding inspirations—read books, evaluate my positive side of life, recalling the reasons why I want that dream to happen and most thinking of my family and others to make them happy. I think of the charity that I want. I think in a long-term where I want to see myself and what accomplishments I have created.

Each day as we wake up is a new beginning. We must keep going by taking actions towards the manifestation of our dreams. We must remember that life is not about attaining perfection but achieving the dream of a balance life–having food to eat, having good health, shelter to live, providing the needs of our family and loves ones, securing our future while spending time for ourselves to make us happy and most we to be involved in the service of others through our time, resources, skills, and talents.

Life on earth is a package of stress and happiness and we all know that. One cannot attain victory without hardship and pain. Goals in life and dreams in our heart are what separate us from the rest. Having that courage and obligation of not giving up to see results and continue to improve, develop and grow is life’s greatest challenge. Never give up, days will pass by anyway, so live and continue to work hard, dream, achieve and remembering the reasons why we have started.

To end this post, let me share to you a beautiful New Year’s poem written by humble human being under the name anonymous.


New Year’s Prayer

May God make your year a happy one!

Not by shielding you from sorrows and pain,

But by strengthening you to bear it, as it comes;

Not by making your path easy,

But by making you sturdy to travel any path;

Not by taking hardships from you,

But by taking fear from your heart;

Not by granting unbroken sunshine,

But by keeping your face bright,

Even in the shadows;

Not by making your life always pleasant,

But by showing you

When people and their causes need you most,

And by making anxious thoughts to be there to help

God’s love, peace, hope and joy to you

For the year ahead.



Happy 2017 full of love, wonder and sunshine!


“Never give up. Today is hard. Tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.”-Jack Ma


Small Note

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


While going to the vet clinic to pick-up my rescued cat after his neuter, a man approached us with his small note written “Apology for my time, I’m doing this to support the education of my kid. Thank you.”

Written at the bottom of the note are:

Sign pen 20 pesos (half a dollar)
Ball pen 10 pesos (few cents of a dollar)

More than four people buy including me who believes in the intention of this man. To support hardworking people like him selling a product is far better than giving money to people who are handing you a small envelope begging for pennies. Like other third world country, Manila has a lot of beggar roaming the streets even outside the mall or other office building. And what is too bad, most beggar are obviously strong enough and young to find job and get some work. Before giving money to these beggar, think of old people that are more than sixty years old working in the market or selling in the street that are not begging but doing their best to earn. I totally disagree to those who are giving money even how small the coins are, still, the more you give the more you support them to become a beggar for their whole life. You support them to be more irresponsible and lazy not to work hard and get some sweat!

It is always better to support street vendor by buying their product. Even how young or old the street vendor still their intention is to survive, to buy food, to make them feel they have still hope to earn and to live.

You never know how much gratitude they feel every time you buy product from them.

So thank you for this man selling pen. At last for the first time I got apple logo!!




Earth’s History by the Number

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Right after the formation of planet Earth 4.54 billion years ago, it faces different periods from the occurrence of large meteorites, asteroids and comets, the rising of the ocean to the age of freezing ice, earth is so tough having potent tolerance to bear these changes. The altered processes of atmosphere, temperature, and chemistry brought tremendous impact on earth’s geology. The different life forms that goes through a process from born, reborn, death to decay transformed earth’s surface and underneath it and that transformation act as the only response to adapt changes. Never forget to include other natural calamities that the Earth undergone through like tsunami, flood, earthquake, etc. that cause remarkable effect on evolution and mass extinction until now and in the coming future.

Here are some of the notably 20 sketches of the Earth’s history according to numbers.




115,000 years ago: Ice age starts. The most recent ice age, which turns out last for more than 100 years begins. Sea levels drop.

115k yrs ago-Ice Age


74,000 years ago: Humans almost wiped out by volcanic eruption. Massive eruption of Toba supervolcano in Sumatra blasts huge amounts of ash into the atmosphere, causing a big drop in global temperatures for several years.

74kYrs-volcanic eruption



85,000-65,000 years ago: Early modern humans migrate from Africa

85k yrs ago-africa


55,000-30,000 years ago: Human migration continues. Groups of early-modern humans spread to South Asia, Australia, Europe and East Asia (in that order); they are hunter-gatherers.

55-30k yrs ago-Migration



32,000-10,000 years ago: Human Creativity develops. Examples of cave art (by early-modern humans) in Europe.

32-10k yrs ago-Cave Art


24,000 years ago: Extinction of Neanderthals (relatives of modern humans).

24k yrs ago-extinction-neanderthal



5,000 years ago: Indian Ocean Cataclysm. A large meteorite hits the Indian Ocean and causes gigantic tsunamis that may be the origin of various flood stories.

5k yrs ago-Indian Ocean



20,000-14,000 years ago: Anatomically modern humans first reach the Americas.

20-14k-modern humans-reach Americas



18,000 years ago: Maximum extent of ice of last ice age. Ice-sheets extend deeply into North America, Europe, and Siberia. South of the ice-sheets, mammoths, giant deer, horse, and wooly rhinos graze.

18k yrs ago-Last Ice Age



12,500-12,000 years ago: End of last ice age. Ice-sheets in full retreat; many continental shelf areas such as the North Sea are flooded as the ice melts and sea levels rise.

12k-End-Ice Age 



12,000 years ago: First settled agriculture in Turkey, Middle East, and Mesopotamia.

12k-First Agriculture



12,000-5,000 years ago: Many large mammals—for example wooly mammoths, saber-toothed cats, giant ground sloths, and cave bears—become extinct, possibly as a result of hunting by modern humans.

12-5k-Extinct Mammoth



c. 11,500 years ago: Beginning of Neolithic Age (New Stone Age) in Middle East.

11,500-Neolithic Age


c. 10,000 years ago: Recorded human history begins.

10k-Human record begins



8,200 years ago: Major Earth cooling lasting for several centuries.

8k-Earth Cooling



c. 5,500 years ago: First city-states in Mesopotamia.




c. 4,500 years ago: Great Pyramid of Giza built.



c. 3,000 years ago: Beginning of Iron Age in Middle East.

 3k-Iron Age



400-150 years ago: Little Ice Age, a cooler period in many parts of the world.

400-150 Litte Ice Age



1883: Krakatoa Erupts: Eruption of the Indonesian volcano causes up to 230,000 human fatalities as a result of ash falls and tsunamis.

1883-Krakatoa erupts



Other earlier history of Earth:

  1. Dinosaurs—the only dominant life-form on Earth had become extinct (although they left descendants that we know today as birds)
  2. Large meteorite hits Earth, probably contributing to the extinction of the dinosaurs
  3. Modern human evolved, almost certainly somewhere in Africa
  4. Ice age extend throughout most of the period
  5. A big drop and later a rise in sea level, the spread of modern humans across the world, and the extinction of many large mammals, quite possibly as a result of human activity.


“The earth history over the past several million years is that for every 100,000 years, we go through a dramatic climate cycle where we get 90,000 years of ice age and 10,000 years of a warm period. I think people today just have the expectation that we deserve a perfectly benign climate forever.” -Hugh Ross


Source: Bite-Size Science and Wikipedia

Illustrations by: Margie Babon



“Supermoon”- (November 14, 2016)

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


I didn’t get the chance to take photos of this stunning Supermoon yesterday since it was traffic going home. So I thought of writing a poem about this supermoon  and this took me less than 15 mins. to finish this inspiration. Enjoy!




A giant balloon floating
Everyone’s watching
Across the night sky
Half of the world
Standing by

A symbol of feminine
Coming out of nowhere
Though rising from the mountain nor ocean
You enter so grandeur
In the naked eye too beautiful

Super moon grant me
A power no one can own
Instill in my heart
A courage I can carry on
To be strong while getting old
To be humble like the creator

Getting close to the Earth
What might be the effect
Will you bring more fertility
Or to make people super moody
Hope there’s no catastrophe
Coz its frightening to see

Super moon still so romantic
Yet today very powerful
Too brilliant to comprehend
The magnification
Too huge behind my lens

Each day and each month
Different faces of yours
Regardless of location
Of race and nation
Still you are a moon
And we are a speck
Three hundred eighty-four thousand kilometers
Away from you





Photo credit:

Clayton Anderson (taken from Houston in 13th Nov. 2016)

Axel Elfner (Supermoon over Sonoran Desert)



Smile Don’t Cost a Thing

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


“Good morning ma’am,” the lady security guard says to the staffs of women who pass by at the x-ray security machine at the entrance of a large office building. I was standing at the last line waiting for my turn. None of them greet back. Every morning that I go to work, I keep noticing a lot of people don’t response back when the guard greets them good morning.  As I noticed, If some greet back, the lady guard feels happy, if none, it’s just okay. This is my common routine in the morning before going to work; I witness a lot of people who are snobbish and numb that doesn’t care at all.

Why not greet back and give smile to a person who happily greets you? Why is it so difficult for them to be generous in return? Why is it so hard to be kind?

If we are grateful about life, if we feel grateful towards ourselves, it’s easy for us to give gratitude to others.  The way I observe life, if we start our day feeling happy by being thankful for the brand new day that has given to us, it is easy for us to share to others that happiness within us.

Giving smile doesn’t cost a thing but it means a lot to others who appreciate it. Giving smile means giving kindness in return. It is a signal that you welcome people to appreciate them even in just very quick encounter. For those people who are so difficult to greet back or to give a warm smile, it is a reflection of how they treat themselves. It is a mirror of bitterness the way they see life. We cannot give to others what we don’t have. Being so hard, stiff, and strict doesn’t give positive effect to others and you draw people to be away from you. Being unfriendly creates distance and if you are in the workplace, people find you heavy and difficult person. Others consider this kind of behavior as honest without faking who they are. That it is the reality of who they are whether others see it as rough behavior it doesn’t matter to them. Each of us has individual attitude and characteristics on how we flag our personality to others. And we were raised in different geographical locations having different culture and it is understood that there are huge differences among us. But as we age, we tend to realize, life should not that be heavy. And it feels light if we share to others even a small portion of who we are by sharing smile.

Putting a smile in our face can make us more beautiful. It brings joy and sunshine to others esp. to those who need it. Life is tough and that is the reality but there are ways how to handle our day to day lives by not becoming so heavy towards ourselves and towards others. Giving a smile don’t cost a lot of penny but it means a lot to people for smile brings appreciation and acceptance to people around us and most towards ourselves.

Happy Monday and don’t forget to give smile and be kind starting today!


“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”-William Arthur Ward


Meaning and Poetry

Words by: Roy Austin




Sharing a set of poem full of meaning, curiosity and wonder from our contributor writer who is a retiree named  Roy Austin. His style of writing holds deeper meaning about life and the mystery outside yet such an inspiration to read with over and over…


Rumination at Aphelion

She will pay her penance
for her obtuse offspring,
their exploitation at large
that has wounded her so,
her long, sacred passage
she does not forsake,
as each her nascent children
she must leave in her wake,
through her endless orbits
with her troubled youth
she whispers unto space
our moment of truth;
how should one say it,
again and again,
the earth is our passing
and a sweet amen.


Ode to Grandeur

Grandeur is the rolling earth
turning to a morning sky,
the gliding eagle grips my question-
does not the dawn imply the eye!
Do those sun-rays strike a chord
to fill the mountain air with song!
Are these vibrations from ‘the ground’
reminiscent of a Gong!
where that sheep-dog with the sheep
is running foothills to the scar,
are those ripples in the rock
the fluid echoes of a star!
A clutch of eggs the hue of sky
as if the sky had learned to fly
until the sun descending low
leaves Glory in it’s afterglow!


Not to Know

Some thoughts are certain
like those stubborn pack mules
that stop to graze on grass,
I hope they make it there
over the mountain pass,
to look conspicuous
as smuggled contraband,
bound for the soul’s plateau
with their swag in hand!
Then thoughts of the soul,
how does that star- dust
connect man to the whole,
the finite, seeking the infinite
’til the void of nothing, is found,
as the face of transcendence
will surely show
the meaning of faith
is not to know.



About the Author:


Roy K. Austin  writes poetry and article but he enjoys studying 20th century sage / philosophers and drawing on Vedanta and mystical insights, he enjoys writing poetry that points to the non – dual vision of life, that it might just strike a light in someone’s darkness. He also writes with gratitude and love for these sages, who, in Ken Wilbur’s words, are the spiritual  avante – garde  who ‘rode a beam of light‘ at the head of the evolution of human consciousness. He has 2 books published now out of print. He has rural pursuits and enjoys walking his Labrador. He resides in Dorset England.

See more works of Roy  Austin by visiting his website:


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“I am Brave, Bold, and Courageous”- Artistic Self-Portrait Int’l. Call for Submission 2016


Bold and Courageous-28Sept2016


Inside me is a strong force to live and survive. I have the strength to face life may it be an obstacle, hardship or triumph. No one can ever pull me down for I know myself more than others. I have been through tough times that no one has ever helped me and stood with except my own self. I am strong, courageous and independent.

I am brave to face the unknown, to go out for daring adventure and choose the path that only few people travel through.   I am not afraid of life on what will be the next as long as I am doing my best. Without regrets, I know I am guided to every decision, choices and desires I want to create. I am brave that I take out fear and surrender everything to the mystery for I know the process of life is working according to my present actions, thoughts and deeds.

Though there are times I become weak and uninspired almost giving up still the force inside reminds me to thrive.Up and down, up and down, the journey of life even if I stumble and get tired, I must keep going for life is more meaningful by moving towards the direction that we want…. by moving forward.

Without difficulties, I won’t be able to understand fully what life is about. Without hardship, I won’t be able to test my tolerance, I won’t be able to learn to sacrifice, and I won’t be able to learn accepting and loving more of myself.

Like a well-rooted tree grounded to the earth, I can stand still under heat and rain and no matter how many storm may pass, still braver and stronger. I can raise the level of my tolerance if required so. Training my mind to be tough when criticism strike and knocking me down; to learn how to ignore people that treat me like non-living things without feelings and emotion; and to be brave enough to face difficult people and situation without losing my identity and ambitions. My faith is high and I know I can overcome everything as long as I am confident, determined and brave.

I believe that there is no loser when it comes to life for all of us are struggling to live, learn and survive.

What separate us from one another is the courage to face life by being responsible on who we are. It’s the bravery of the heart that don’t gives up is what we need. A heart that never ever gives up no matter what!

“Be bold; be brave enough to be your true self.” –Queen Latifah


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September 16-18 Lunar Eclipse Harvest Full Moon

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Harvest Moon

The reddish full moon called Harvest Full Moon that falls every month of September appear as normal full moon but to look at it closer using a telephoto lens brings more surprises!


Have you seen and experienced a lunar eclipse full moon? If you like astronomy or just having a simple curiosity what’s on the sky at night or love to stare at the stars and moon, I’m pretty sure you really want to experience it yourself seeing a lunar eclipse.

Last September 16-18, it was my first time to see such amazing lunar eclipse from a full moon called Harvest Full Moon. Using my telephoto lens, I could be able to see two different lights yet I cannot see the moon. The tricky part is if you look at the sky without any telephoto, it appears as normal full moon except that the lights around it change a bit fast. It was also my first time to see a huge circle around the moon and the effect of the eclipse on the lights surrounding the moon creates a different look. It creates texture and some like an explosion of a nebula aside from interesting colors of a rainbow.

What more is amazing? The infinity symbol in the full moon that both appear in different days except I did not have chance to capture and take photos on the 17th of September ‘coz it’s raining and it is cloudy in Manila.

To share my personal experience on lunar eclipse, here are some of the amazing photos I have recorded for two days of September 16 and 18.



A circle within a circle. Seeing the full moon around a ring is such rare to see in a lifetime!


This is the full moon behind my telephoto sigma lens. The eclipse light appear in a shape of a mushroom but the harvest full moon is not visible.











Bright light of lunar eclipse full moon with blue and orange color on left and right edges











What a surprise seeing the symbol of infinity in the sky


Lunar Eclipse set 3-Sept16

From infinity symbol to fading full moon


Lunar Eclipse-Sept 16 set 4

The ring around the full moon is rare that makes it special. And seeing rainbow colors surrounding the moon is pretty normal but in this eclipse, this occurrence is so fast. If you are using manual mode, your hands must be too fast to adjust the ISO, shutter speed and aperture.


Eclipse Moon-set 2-Sept 18

Eclipse full moon displaying different colors around the moon  then after turns reddish. (photo taken using wide lens in manual mode).


Lunar eclipse moon_Sept 18

Notice the texture of the light and different spectrum of colors surrounding the moon. (photo taken using wide lens in manual mode)


Lunar Eclipse FUll Moon-set 3-Sept 18

Full moon being covered by dark clouds appear such a lovely mystery to me. (photo taken using wide lens in manual mode)


Infinity Symbol-Lunar Eclipse

The amazing symbol of infinity in the sky that I have seen for the first time in my life is like a sacred symbol in the universe! It is like it is telling us that life and the universe is infinite!


Lunar Eclipse-set2

The direction of lunar eclipse light on the 18th of September becomes like a mirror of September 16 eclipse full moon


To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in wild flower holds infinity in the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour. -William Blake


Photos copyright 2016 by Margie Babon


Day 30 –“I am a Fully Pledged Vegetarian”

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


30-Days No Meat Diet Challenge

Day 30- Fully Pledge Vegetarian

 We have now reached the final post for 30-Days No meat Diet Challenge.If you have put heart into it and challenged yourself not to eat meat, big congratulations to you!! Wow, you made it!! You are now a fully pledged vegetarian!! You are making this world better place to live with by bringing peace especially to animals who wanted to live. You are making great impact to the environment by conserving what is left behind through the awareness and knowledge that what we eat impact this planet and other web of life.

Congratulations that you are now “Real Environmentalist!” That you live having this advocacy for the animals that they are born not to be eaten and consumed by humans but to let them be free and live the way they wanted to live.  And you are a proof that people can live and survive without relying on eating meat and other animal products.

As a fully pledged vegetarian, you will no longer go back on the habit of eating at the fast-food that serves parts of dead animals. That you honor your sacred self, your spirit and soul that cannot stand eating corpses and remains of animals that was terribly and brutally killed and abused. That you will bring more love to yourself by feeding your body colorful fruits and vegetables that are good for your entire body, to your digestion system and most plant-based food that is good for the heart.

That you will not demand too much of artificial and processed food and other products that can destroy your body and that destroy the environment as well. That you will choose to eat natural food rather than junk food and [processed that contains preservatives and chemical that you do not even know where it came from. And because you overcome the 30-days challenge of not eating meat, it only means you take the challenge to be creative in preparing your own food. You take the challenge to survive by cooking your own food and willing to learn to have the skills to be a chef right at your own kitchen!

A fully pledged vegetarian is an advocacy itself! It is your responsibility that you share what you know by planting awareness to other people on why they too must choose to eat vegetables over meat. That you have to “walk the talk” and educate others on why they must become vegetarian!Try to influence others that being a vegetarian is

great choice for their health especially in their digestion since vegetables are fiber and 75%-95% water that supply electricity that turns into energy in our body.

Not only you will be against in eating meat when you become committed vegetarian but you are also against products that are tested on animals. You have this awareness that you will never use products that are from animal cruelty like leather shoes and bags and other made of animal skin. You will not also adore using clothes or scarf made of animal wool and wearing a coat made of animal fur. You won’t also cannot stand and having this guilt of using commercial products like soap, shampoo, perfume that were tested on animals. And you will find yourself supporting animal shelter or supporting animal advocacy or even adopting stray animals. Being a vegetarian is having that kind of love to animals especially towards stray animals who cannot have the ability to have proper food, a good shelter and has difficult to find loving human.

As vegetarian you are an activists fighting for the rights of the animals and you have this huge heart for the planet that you want to make this world a better place for the next generation to come.

So never be ashamed that you are a vegetarian. Never get offended when average and common people are laughing at you that you are a person eating grass. Every vegetarian and vegans are being mocked and it is usual. Never get hurt instead ride the joke and understand them.

Vegetarian people are tough and too brave to live in this world and have huge compassion towards pure love for the animals and for the mother earth. They live selflessly that they each day they live on having huge consideration giving respect and love to the animals that they can live and survive without eating animal meat.

So huge congratulations that you are now vegetarian! Welcome to the world of people who truly love animals and honor other life form. Welcome to a vegetarian lifestyle!

Always remember that “Your body is like a colorful garden of green plants and beautiful flowers and not an extension of slaughter house.”


Grateful to all of you who become faithful followers of our campaign “30-days No Meat Diet Challenge.

Will make a pdf compilation of this advocacy that you can download and serve as a guide and inspiration to educate others on why they must become vegetarian.

Love, peace and joy!


Margie Babon

Author, 30-days No Meat Diet Challenge


Famous People who are Vegans and Vegetarians



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Start educating others on why they should become vegetarian like you do!

bernard shaw





vegan power




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brad pitt


carlos santana


mike tyson






Give pure Love and kindness everyday and that’s what VEGAN and VEGETARIANS do in their entire life! Be counted!



To all our faithful followers of 30-Days No Meat Diet Challenge, BIG THANK YOU for your time and patient. We did it!! All of you inspire me not to give up on this challenge! That we have reached almost 1,200 readers for each post. Thank you that you have this confidence and strength that you can try to become vegetarian and do good for this planet! Love…Joy…Peace….




“The Gods created certain kinds of beings to replenish our bodies; they are the trees and the plants and the seeds.” –Plato

“Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.” –Thomas Edison

“By eating meat we share the responsibility of climate change, the destruction of our forests, and the poisoning of our air and water. The simple act of becoming a vegetarian make a difference in the health of our planet.”-Thich Nhat Hanh



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