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Be blessed when you are able to find real, true, honest, and pure people. They are very seldom to find and rare to come into your life. Be thankful that you got a chance to know them, to work with them and to be with them no matter how long or short the time they have given or you have given to them.

Yesterday I cannot stop my feelings and burst out my sadness by sharing a post about a true friend I have met in 2011. I know it is too personal to share it to you so I decided to delete that post. Instead I want to share the lessons of meeting people, the gift they have given me in the form of unconditional love.

I honestly admit this that I have a dark side in me, that I tend to become self-destructive and controlling. I keep doing a research if people born on December under the sign of Capricorn share the same attitude as mine. And based on my research, Capricorn goes into their dark side and has the tendency in destroying herself/himself and hurt others. I know, other people do not believe in astrology but as I keep on understanding myself more and more, astrology and the planets has huge effect on one’s personality and that is very true of me. Ruled by the planet Saturn which is the Lord of responsibility, karma, discipline, limitations and difficult lessons, I do encounter a lot of tough lessons and hardship in life. I meet a lot of tough people, I meet a lot of hurting people, I meet a lot of people who put me down. And sometimes, if the lesson is so tough, if the lesson is hurting, I become weak, negative, controlling, manipulative and go for self-destruction to end the hardship of the situation. I do not  think of others that I will hurt them as long as I will express my emotions even to the people I do not personally know. And my heavy emotions are caused by the attitude of “seriousness.” And most of the Capricorn is like that. So if you have a friend who is a Capricorn, understand them, love them, and cheer them up if they are too serious. But despite of our dark side, we are very loyal friends, down-to-earth, practical and we have loving heart even how many times we get hurt.

All of us wants someone to understand us, listen to us, love us, and accept us as who we are. And because I meet a person who has those attributes (which is not all people are like them), I become attached. I become attached to them because I value so much the friendship, I value so much of their time, I appreciate too much their admiring character, and at the end I become attached. And this too much attachment causes disaster on me. I become possessive, selfish, jealous and insecure. My attachment leads me to destroy myself and hurt others. And I know that even how many times I will apologize, hurting words has been said and I cannot erase them anymore. I cannot put the trust and most I cannot bring back the good friendship that we build for how many years.

And as I apologize to people that I hurt,  my true friends that I have hurt in the past, I discover more how loving person they are. I discover more how compassionate they are to me, that their understanding of the situation and my attitude have slap in my face a pure heart that I am looking for in a very long time.

And as they give understanding and share the gentleness and love on their heart, they are silently teaching me that:

1.       Even how tough people are, they have the pure heart to understand you back. There is kindness behind that difficultness they have shown you. And that kindness will remind you to look back to your heart and focus on love.

2.       Attachment leads to destruction. Too much of it even leads to disaster. Never be too possessive when it comes to relationship. Never be too selfish of getting attached to them seeking their time and attention because at the end, you are hurting yourself and you don’t give space for the relationship and friendship to grow and flourish on its own.

3.       Do not take life so serious, do not treat others even friends too serious. Have time to play and have time to enjoy yourself without them, without depending on them your happiness.

4.       Always, always be kind. We meet people only once and who knows when this life will be ended. Better to have more friends than to have number of people hate you. No matter how hurting they are, no matter how difficult the lessons they are giving, instead of getting angry, having revenge or destroy yourself and others, step back and detach. Leave…Leave silently without heavy heart, without being affected too much. Think of other important things, think of other things that will have good result than focusing on the pain.

5.       If you are about to end the relationship with people, always be at peace and let them leave at peace because all the relationship that have been part of your life is all about you. It is not about them, it is not about those people who enter and exit, but it is about who you truly are and what makes you in the present moment after that encounter.

6.       Live always with unconditional love. See the person who is hurting you inside the circle of unconditional love. Anger leads to nowhere, love leads to kindness and more love.

7.       When problem arise, trust the friendship and trust the love that evolves the friendship. Be open to them, be honestly open to them. Discuss to them your problems; discuss to them your worries rather than sharing your problem with other people whom you do not know well. This is my huge lesson in life. I should never share my heart problems, my relationship problem to people I do not know personally because it leads to more problems, it will be misinterpreted and your integrity will be affected. . Instead, go back to your true friends where true love and understanding can be found.

8.       Value the relationship that comes into your life. How you value others is how you value yourself. No matter how hurting situation is, respect people as how you want to be respected. Give them dignity, give them the value that they deserve. Always remember that what we do to others is what we do to ourselves. Let this wisdom be the guiding light on how we treat others, how we treat our friends.


Meeting people who are real, true, compassionate and has pure loving heart is very rare and once they get into your life, enjoy the friendship they are offering to you. Just be light and never get too serious and worry about it whether they will stay or not or whether they will give attention and help or not. They only come once in a blue moon and honor that encounter. Give them love, respect, understanding of who they are and accept whatever gift of lessons they will give to you.

And to all my best friends out there that I have hurt, I sincerely apologize for everything I have done wrong. You know in your heart how much love I have given to you. Thank you for understanding my weaknesses, for understanding my dark side, for understanding my difficult and eccentric attitude. Know that wherever I am even in my next life, the friendship we had will always be in my heart. God knows how much I treasure the bond and how much regret I had when I hurt you, when I was out of my mind and hurt you. May you always find true love, real love, in the entire path that you will go into and that your life will be surrounded with more kindness and happiness. I love you all and thank you for sharing your life to me. Each of you is unique and there will be no one like you in this world. I can never find someone like you in my entire life. I salute the pure heart in all of you and I am dearly thankful that the universe has given me a chance to know you. I love you all..I love you all..


“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” –Thomas Aquinas

“Rare is a true love, true friendship is rarer.” –Jean de La Fontaine





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