Small Note

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


While going to the vet clinic to pick-up my rescued cat after his neuter, a man approached us with his small note written “Apology for my time, I’m doing this to support the education of my kid. Thank you.”

Written at the bottom of the note are:

Sign pen 20 pesos (half a dollar)
Ball pen 10 pesos (few cents of a dollar)

More than four people buy including me who believes in the intention of this man. To support hardworking people like him selling a product is far better than giving money to people who are handing you a small envelope begging for pennies. Like other third world country, Manila has a lot of beggar roaming the streets even outside the mall or other office building. And what is too bad, most beggar are obviously strong enough and young to find job and get some work. Before giving money to these beggar, think of old people that are more than sixty years old working in the market or selling in the street that are not begging but doing their best to earn. I totally disagree to those who are giving money even how small the coins are, still, the more you give the more you support them to become a beggar for their whole life. You support them to be more irresponsible and lazy not to work hard and get some sweat!

It is always better to support street vendor by buying their product. Even how young or old the street vendor still their intention is to survive, to buy food, to make them feel they have still hope to earn and to live.

You never know how much gratitude they feel every time you buy product from them.

So thank you for this man selling pen. At last for the first time I got apple logo!!




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