Smile Don’t Cost a Thing

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


“Good morning ma’am,” the lady security guard says to the staffs of women who pass by at the x-ray security machine at the entrance of a large office building. I was standing at the last line waiting for my turn. None of them greet back. Every morning that I go to work, I keep noticing a lot of people don’t response back when the guard greets them good morning.  As I noticed, If some greet back, the lady guard feels happy, if none, it’s just okay. This is my common routine in the morning before going to work; I witness a lot of people who are snobbish and numb that doesn’t care at all.

Why not greet back and give smile to a person who happily greets you? Why is it so difficult for them to be generous in return? Why is it so hard to be kind?

If we are grateful about life, if we feel grateful towards ourselves, it’s easy for us to give gratitude to others.  The way I observe life, if we start our day feeling happy by being thankful for the brand new day that has given to us, it is easy for us to share to others that happiness within us.

Giving smile doesn’t cost a thing but it means a lot to others who appreciate it. Giving smile means giving kindness in return. It is a signal that you welcome people to appreciate them even in just very quick encounter. For those people who are so difficult to greet back or to give a warm smile, it is a reflection of how they treat themselves. It is a mirror of bitterness the way they see life. We cannot give to others what we don’t have. Being so hard, stiff, and strict doesn’t give positive effect to others and you draw people to be away from you. Being unfriendly creates distance and if you are in the workplace, people find you heavy and difficult person. Others consider this kind of behavior as honest without faking who they are. That it is the reality of who they are whether others see it as rough behavior it doesn’t matter to them. Each of us has individual attitude and characteristics on how we flag our personality to others. And we were raised in different geographical locations having different culture and it is understood that there are huge differences among us. But as we age, we tend to realize, life should not that be heavy. And it feels light if we share to others even a small portion of who we are by sharing smile.

Putting a smile in our face can make us more beautiful. It brings joy and sunshine to others esp. to those who need it. Life is tough and that is the reality but there are ways how to handle our day to day lives by not becoming so heavy towards ourselves and towards others. Giving a smile don’t cost a lot of penny but it means a lot to people for smile brings appreciation and acceptance to people around us and most towards ourselves.

Happy Monday and don’t forget to give smile and be kind starting today!


“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”-William Arthur Ward


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