So, You Want to Become a Blogger?

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Is there a voice in you reminding you to write? Is there a fascination within you every time you read inspiring poem, article, or creative writing? Is there a lifelong dream of yours to write, to share how you feel, to share what you know and to express who you are? If you answer yes even to just one question alone, then your soul is asking you to write and share what you know.

Before I started officially my website as a blogger way back in 2012, it was such a long long waiting for me to finally write an article.  Like any other task, job or business, “the beginning is always hard,” even when it comes to blogging. I register Hyperkreeytiv by month of July and then I started posting my article by month of November. I have wasted four months to start something new. Because I have my day time job six days a week, I really have to put discipline to maintain a blog. Being a blogger is being creative as you will think of different ways how to express that stuff inside your head. You will make ways how to share your creativity and your passion and the things in your head.

I was a college faculty when I started my blog and I know that in my heart, there is a passion to share my wisdom, there is a passion of teaching. My intuition and my soul keep on telling me and even reminding me in my night dreams to write and reach out people who want to learn, to be informed and to be inspired. This is how Hyperkreeytiv started.

If you have that dream of sharing your thoughts in writing, go on and pursue that dream to become a blogger.  Based on my experience for three years in blogging, I want to share the lessons I gain from it and take these as a treasure of advice.

  1. Share thoughts that you have interest with. To write something that you don’t like is difficult because it doesn’t come from your heart. Writing is enjoyable, easy and effortless if it is out of joy which means you love what you’re doing.
  2. You are not shy to express who you are. All that you write that comes from your head is the physical output of your mind. It is the extension of who you are. They say being a writer is an artist and artists are weird. Well, that is real true, if you are not weird then you are just average. Being weird means wearing a cap of brilliant mind and fully brave enough to show it to others without any side thoughts of what others will think of you ignoring the naysayers.
  3. Keep motivating yourself by having inspiration to sustain yourself on writing.  Being a blogger means no one is paying you to write but being a voluntary to share knowledge to others.  No matter how busy you are with your day time job, there must be a continuous flowing of inspiration that will let you keep on writing. Like in business, blogging must be continuous, has goal and has a purpose. Notice in some blog websites, after a year or few months, they stop on writing and they easily give up.  Do not be like them.  When you decide to become a blogger be responsible with your passion. Never give up unless you completely decided that what you share has no purpose anymore. Those who strive are the one who stay longer.
  4. Organize your post. Aside from different category you have, make a list on what topic you will share per week or per month. Advance listing and planning inspire you more to look forward in a positive way and makes you excited to pursue and publish your post. Sometimes when there is a burst of emotions and you want to share lessons in life and it is not part of your weekly list, go on and publish it. Unplanned topic is part of expressing who you are.
  5. Be honest.Readers of your post do not know you personally but writing has always transparency and you cannot hide the real you on it. They will know who you are and how honest you are by the way you express your writing through emotions. That is why to share personal experiences in life is very effective in building an audience.  They can relate on it and they learn from your mistakes or failure. Honesty in writing will create influence and build audiences.
  6. Always educate people. A lot of blog and websites are trashy and non-sense. Please do not add yourself on that population as a blogger. The main purpose of visiting a website is to get information, to get inspiration and to learn or get motivated.  Make this as your number one goal why you want to become a blogger.
  7. Blogging is not for fame sake. If you are a model, politician or even celebrity, if your goal is to become famous by creating a blog, there is no problem with that. But the reason to become famous is very shallow and doesn’t last at all. What always prevails is the purpose of educating people.

If you are totally inspired now and decided to start your own blog, never ever take any comment personally and allot no space for offenders. Why I said this? Simply because most people that you know personally like family, co-workers even close friends will not believe in what you write. Never get hurt if they ignore your invites to read your blog because they know you personally so why they should believe in you and there are people who are insecure of what you are doing. Because you are pursuing your dream expect some people out there will hate you. I think this not only happens to me but to most blogger and writer or even author out there.

Always remember this, as a blogger, you will get inspiration from “unknown people” who keep on visiting your website and who keep on sharing your post. They are the one who truly believes in what you are writing. Never expect if your siblings or even from your best friend that they will take time to read that. Because they cannot do what you can do, expect no appreciation from them. As a blogger, take out expectations from people who will praise your writing. No one will do that except from other people which are the “right audiences.”

So, do you really have the dream to become a blogger and share your life by educating us? Go on, pursue that dream and make it real. Follow that longing to express yourself in writing. Always remember, everything that comes from your mind when you manifest it and put it in the physical world is “self-healing.” Do not trap those ideas inside your head; it will create heaviness in you unconsciously. Persevere and make that idea real. Share your thoughts and be not afraid to express who you are. Go and become a blogger!

By the way, I did this article in less or more than 30 minutes. Words keep on flowing because I love what I’m doing.

Happy blogging!


Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all thins distinguishes the strong soul from the weak. –Thomas Carlyle


When you’re an artist, all you’re trying to do is self-express. –Kevin Smith


The writer is the engineer of the human soul.- Joseph Stalin


As a writer no one’s gonna tell me how to write, I’m gonna write the way I wanna write! –Jacqueline Susann




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