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 Curiosity as it seems we usually gaze at the night sky to find the moon, counting the stars and find the brightest shining one that we even notice the formation of clouds appearing eerie,  beautiful or kind of odd. Every time we look at the night sky, we tend to whisper silently our thoughts, secrets and dreams reminding us that there is more to life beyond what our eyes could ever see. But to those who has psychic ability or very in touch with their intuition, they know that there are spirits hovering in the night even at the dark clouds.

Have you experienced capturing a photo at night and you look at the image there are circles of lights around? Some do not believe that what you capture are spirits. Some insisting it is in the camera setting but do try to make a lot of shots, none of the circle of lights are ever the same. These circle of lights varies in different shape, color and luminance which are called spirit orb.

To those who never believe in spirit orb, they say that the circle formed in the image are molds in the camera lens but I am not convinced of their belief for I personally know that my camera lens is clean free of molds yet it captures circle of lights. It is not only in the night that you can capture these mysterious form of light but also in day time. Usually a lot of these can be captured where nature is present like in the forest, mountain, cave, rivers and near the ocean. While some in abandoned house or even at your own house where spirit guides are present.

Few hours ago, I went out to the balcony to look for the brightest star. There is something strange in the clouds, what I found is the shade of reddish pale purple. I thought it was the moon covered by the clouds but when I look at the right side of the sky, I was surprised I saw the moon nearly covered by layers of clouds. I want to capture the shade of reddish violet so I grab my camera but when I get back,  the color was almost fading instead what I capture are different spirit orbs and some shades of lavender and cool pastel of pink colors. I search on the net what is celestial event for today, February 25-26, 2018. I was surprised that planet Jupiter is visible in the night sky in Manila, Philippines from past eleven in the evening until Sunday, at past six in the morning. That time frame was when I saw the clouds in reddish pale purple covering something that I thought it was the moon behind it, I find it so amazing!



This formation of light in pale orange at the bottom and white light on top appears to me like a celestial divine ascension.



Orbs are in pale white, some are in pale purple while the middle part has green wave of light.



This is such a beautiful formation of spirit orbs. It is like I am out there within the interior of thousands of stars and planet.



This is my favorite appear in cool pink pastel color and notice the very huge spirit orb on top left  and smaller at the right bottom, both appearing calm and so serene.


Though no one truly knows what are the spirit orb but in ancient traditions, ancestors believe that spirit orbs are incarnated soul to guide them on earth bringing healing and wisdom. While some highly intuitive people believe that spirit orbs are angelic beings, spirit guides or other spirit haven’t crossed to the other side of spiritual plane.

Whether you believe in spirit orb or not, our universe is made up of light, made up of energy. We humans are also made up of light and energy almost the same as particle of stars. Each living entity including animals and plants even fungus and mushrooms have its own energy of light radiating to one another. Even our loved ones who passed away, they have its own energy of light the reason why when we see them in our dreams, some appear in bright light. I truly believe in spirit orb and it is not from dust or molds from the camera.  It is a proof that we live in spiritual world where wavelength of light and energy is continuously emitting sharing to oneness.  Do try it yourself, and you will be surprised that some orbs have colors and not only as plain gray or circle of white light.

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection. – Michelangelo


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