Exceptional Illustrations of Izabela Kowalska-Wieczorek

Posted By: Margie Babon

Written By: Margie Babon and Izabela Kowalska-Wieczorek


First aid for peace_ Kragujevac'17_ Grand Prix

First aid for peace_ Kragujevac 2017_ Grand Prix


To discover your own talent takes time, patience, risk, effort and money. It also requires bravery, honesty and courage to know your own potential where you’re good at. Yet there are people that are truly lucky born with natural skills and talent that at the very young age they know what they want and are already in the clear path of who they are. Like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Mozart, our featured illustrator from Poland is truly has exceptional talent ever since she was a kid. Consider them as fortunate that at young age they have precision of what to pursue yet the inspiration they are giving to others is not from the innate talent but the discipline, hard work, motivations and persistence they carry focusing and staying in their chosen field in their entire lifetime.

It is such a privilege that we are given this opportunity to have a look at the brilliant talent and illustrations of Izabela Kowalska-Wieczorek who grew up as young illustrator helping her parents to edit and redraw the illustrations for the children’s book.

7 il._ Izabela Kowalska- Wieczorek

Book illustration_Izabela Kowalska- Wieczorek


We discover Izabela when she participates in The Power of Your Brain cartoon submission last September 2017.  While looking at her work,  Izabela has her own distinctive style, elegance and sophistication aside that each masterpiece has a story of its own. And her own technique and manner of composing the drawing makes her a success and truly deserving to win grand prize in the various international competitions.

Art of cavemen_ Solin'16_ Grand Prix

Art of cavemen_ Solin 2016_ Grand Prix


New tradition_ Sicaco'15_ Gold Prize

New tradition_ Sicaco 2015_ Gold Prize


Defender_ Olive'14_  1 prize

Defender_ Olive 2014_ 1st prize

Thank you so much Izabela for your long patience and for sharing your time!

To the readers, enjoy her stunning artwork, delve into her own magical world that seems like you’re watching a Pixar movie! And take note on her priceless wisdom that is applicable not only to the illustrators  but to all walks in life.


3 il._ Izabela Kowalska- Wieczorek

illustration_ Izabela Kowalska- Wieczorek


5 il._ Izabela Kowalska- Wieczorek

illustration_ Izabela Kowalska- Wieczorek


  •  When you are a child, do you dream to become a cartoonist or illustrator?

I was born “with a pencil in my hand”. My parents were graphic designers, so I grew up in dye tubes, drawings and paper piles and my favorite activity was to “correct” the illustrations in children’s books. To protect the home library, parents bought a huge blackboard for me and my brother. At elementary and middle school I won several awards in art competitions, which affected my future plans. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw and winning the contest for illustrations, I started an adventure with a book.


1 il._ Izabela Kowalska- Wieczorek

illustration_ Izabela Kowalska- Wieczorek


8 il._ Izabela Kowalska- Wieczorek

illustration_ Izabela Kowalska- Wieczorek


  • How many years you are working or pursuing the hobby as illustrator and cartoonist?

For 37 years I have illustrated books for children. Four years ago I decided to test my capabilities in another area of art, I chose satirical drawing. That is how I discovered my new passion.

9 il._ Izabela Kowalska- Wieczorek

illustration_ Izabela Kowalska- Wieczorek


  • As illustrator, what is the challenge of staying in the hobby, skills and talent and how do you improve it?

 In receiving a lot of purchase on my children’s book, it helps me to improve my work. I do not want to disappoint small readers which are the children so I always try my best. Positive response from others is the best incentive to continue working and through practice by training my hand and brain is the best way to improve my talent.


Safe light_ Portocartoon '15_  2 prize

Safe light_ Portocartoon 2015_ 2nd prize


  • Share some of your motivations on pursuing being an illustrator and staying in the field. How do you motivate yourself to draw and not giving up to make people happy thru’ your work?

 Painting and drawing fulfill my dreams that I can create my own world. I am grateful to share what I create especially to children. And I am thankful that there are other avenues to share my creation like cartoon contest and satirical that even without written words describing the work, the drawing itself is a discussion…the drawing itself has its own conversation, has its own dialogue depending on how the viewer convey the message. And to see the works of other artist which have different approach that evolves from one idea and theme, I find it extremely interesting! By participating in cartoon contest, I have a chance to present my visions on a wider forum. It is addictive and gives me happiness.


Winner_ Tuba Satyrica'13_ Grand Prix

Winner_ Tuba Satyrica 2013_ Grand Prix


Family life_ Satyrykon'16_ Special Prize

Family life_ Satyrykon 2016_ Special Prize


Crow & fox_ Smiling cat '14_ Honorable Mention

Crow & fox_ Smiling cat  2014_ Honorable Mention



  • Any principles in life you follow as illustrator?

Never leave the level without improvement and keep trying to do your best – it is my motto that I lead in every field of life and art.


Time of memories_ Olense  Kartoenale'15_ 4 prize

Time of memories_ Olense Kartoenale 2015_ 4th prize


Favorite_ Animal cartoon'16_ 1prize

Favorite_ Animal cartoon 2016_ 1st prize



  • What is the most unforgettable challenge in your life as illustrator, the most unforgettable experience and what it has taught you.

My first children’s book was the biggest challenge and great hope. But unfortunately during the printing, it come out to the biggest disappointment that half of the details disappeared in the blackened print. In addition, the original illustrations have also disappeared. I learned that you need to watch every phase of publication that the role of the illustrator never ends upon finishing the whole drawing.


10 il._ Izabela Kowalska- Wieczorek

illustration_ Izabela Kowalska- Wieczorek



  •  Share some tips for amateur illustrator who has ambition to produce better cartoons.

Watch the creativity of the best artists, but do not imitate anyone. Listening to yourself does not lose your individuality. In my opinion this is the most important in art.


whole life with rock & roll

Whole life with rock & roll, Croatia 2016



Camouflage, Croatia 2017



  •  Any future plan as illustrator.

I have many plans and desires related to illustrations. In the near future I plan to participate in several cartoon contests.


2 il._ Izabela Kowalska- Wieczorek

illustration_ Izabela Kowalska- Wieczorek



 Meet Izabela Kowalska-Wieczorek

Born in 1955 in Torun and graduated at Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts in 1980, Izabela Kowalska-Wieczorek pursues book illustrations for children, cartoons, graphic, painting and drawing. Participated in individual and group exhibitions of graphics, painting and illustration in Poland and abroad. Her work received international awards like the competition “Olive” where she got the Grand Prix in 2014.


with Amelka

Izabela with her cat Amelka


World Humor Awards_ Italy'17

World Humor Awards_ Italy, 2017


My exhibition of ilustr. & cartoons _Toruń'16

Izabela’s exhibition of illustration & cartoons _Toruń, 2016



“Listening to yourself does not lose your individuality. In my opinion this is the most important in art.” – Izabela Kowalska-Wieczorek


See more of her amazing work in her website portfolio  and google plus.

e-mail:  bajkowiec@gmail.com      website: bajkowiec.blogspot.com


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