“To Care for the Planet is to Care for My Future”—Grade 5 Participants, Earth and Me

Posted By: Margie Babon



It is wonderful to get along with 11-year old kids, grade five students from pilot section of Kalawaan Elementary School, Division of Pasig, Philippines  who created colorful posters about earth and willingly to share their thoughts and feelings about the environment.

Written at the back of each poster are touching messages that who would have expect having intense emotion on what is happening in the environment and how people are abusing the planet. Some hope for a cleaner earth, some are expressing sadness and anger and one believes that a beautiful planet will give peace of mind. Learn from these young minds expressing wisdom and giving us advice on how important it is to give concern for the earth.

Each entry has narrative paragraph attached at the back of illustration board.  Transcriptions are provided.

Thank you to teacher Mariciel Juson who encourages her students to join Earth Day call for submission.



Mariel Khey Caneda 

Mariel Caneda-drawing

Mariel Caneda-write up


Theme: Earth and Me

“My Sustainable Ways to a Healthy and Beautiful Planet”

Earth is the home not only for humans but also for the living and non-living things that make us people alive. It is necessary for us to help in the restoration if our home would not be a better place to live in or stay in this world would not be fruitful one, as time goes by, as people face modernization, many changes occur just like having technology that somehow has an effect on our environment first of all. The main purpose of modernization is to help people to have an easy life. But as time goes by, modernization had a sign effect on the environment it pollutes the environment in a slow but serious manner. The problem of the environment are getting serious and serious if we continue to disregard the care for the environment; maybe time will come that even the grass will no longer grow. It’s just the sense of responsibility that counts. Even a small manner can help in the rehabilitation of our home starts from the sense of responsibility, all can change just by having the sense of responsibility.



John Lyster Micutuan

John Lyster Micutuan-drawing

John Lyster Micutuan-write up

“Save the World! To Save Your Home!”

My Sustainable Ways to a Healthy and Beautiful Planet

I draw this picture for our planet. Taking care of our planet is the best way for a beautiful and healthy planet. Always throw garbage to the right trash can. Bottles, papers, cans should be throw in NON-BIODEGRADABLE. Banana peels, chicken bones, spoiled rice should be put in BIODEGRADABLE. People should replace cut down trees to brand new ones to prevent flood. Don’t cut trees in mountains there will be landslides when it rains. Don’t throw garbage in rivers cause living creatures live in rivers if you throw garbage in rivers all living creatures will die because of dirty waters.

Always save the world!!! To save your home!!!


Francine Rose Chan

Francine Rose Chan-drawing

Francine Rose Chan-write-upHi, my name is Francine Rose Chan. I’m in grade V in Kalawaan Elementary School. I join this poster making to give some advise to people to take care of our planet. Because if we didn’t take care of our planet we will die and our planet will be a dead planet. But there are many ways to take care of our planet like joining the clean up drive and putting signs like “DON’T THROW GARBAGE ANYWHERE.” Always think what are you doing if it is good or bad. Just imagine if our planet is dirty. If you don’t want a dirty planet let us take care of our planet.  Help the planet to be a healthy and beautiful planet. Do you want to participate with us?

Let us take care of our planet!!!



Jan Rae Castanos

John Rae Castanos-drawing

John Rae Castanos-write-up

“Clean and Green”

Our surrounding should always clean. As a living we have to maintain our surroundings clean not only our surrounding but everything. If we maintain our surroundings clean it will benefit us it helps to prevent diseases.

As a student or a role model of this country we must avoid throwing garbage everywhere we should throw it properly. Cleaning and planting helps our country to prevent floods and typhoon that destroys our nation.

We have to save our mother earth, we are so lucky because our planet is the only planet that humans, plants, animals can live. So that we have to start planting trees and cleaning.



Gerald Marquez

Gerald Marquez-drawing

Gerald Marquez-write-up

“My Sustainable Ways to a Healthy and Beautiful Planet”

I draw this figure because I want to see the whole world “what I draw” and I want to show to the people to take care of our environment and our health. I choose this theme “ What will you choose” because it has a connect to my drawing.

The right drawing figure shows what will happen to our earth when we are careless. The left drawing figure shows what will happen to our earth when we are careful and sustainable.

Messages: Be responsible, be careful and be sustainable

-Plant trees

-Do not throw garbage in any places

-And concern for our planet earth



 Jennivie Alentajan

Jennivie Alentajan-drawing

Jennivie Alentajan-write-up


“My Own Sustainable Ways to a Healthy and Beautiful Planet”

I’ve draw that because I want all the children know how to segregate trash they should know what are Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable. Biodegradable are those fruit peelings and vegetable peelings. Non-biodegradable are plastic bottles and empty cans. Biodegradable are can be fertilizer for plants. And non-biodegradable are can be recycled. Also I’ve draw that because I want to give some advice to people if they not stop throwing garbage anywhere imagine what will happen in the future.



Cyrus Chude Catacutan

Cyrus Chude Catacutan-drawing

Cyrus Chude Catacutan-write-up

Save our green and blue planet

“My Own Sustainable Ways to a Healthy and Beautiful Planet”

As you know the Earth is going to be weak and weaken because of the global warming, greenhouse effect and the depletion of the ozone layer. People too are polluting Earth, they pollute rivers, they throw garbage everywhere and now it’s still continuing. We are the ones that want a beautiful and healthy Earth. There are many ways to bring back the beautiful earth like the example of my poster, people are working and cleaning it is happy then it goes  to the earth, it is happy because of its cleanliness. A clean Earth gives surrounding and tourist spots cleaner, the more beautiful. We are the hope to bring back the green and blue planet! And at the end the healthy Earth comes out.



Jasmin Uy

Jasmin Uy-drawing

Jasmin Uy-write-up


I draw this because it describe our environment and it describe a clean environment. We need to clean our environment to save our mother earth. We need many people to clean our environment also us. We need to take care our environment so that it is nice to see and we will save our mother earth.



Adelane Mae Diaz

Adelane Mae Diaz-drawing

Adelane Mae Diaz-write-up

“Love Our Water Treasures”

 As you can see form my drawing, it’s a girl fishing wisely. She is using the good ways, she doesn’t doing her father’s job. Her father is a fisher but a bad fisher. He always throw dynamite on their river when he is fishing. Now he is dead because of his own dynamite. Now you learn that you don’t need to break our environment just to catch fish.




 Nicole Kein Cruz

Nicole Kein Cruz-drawing

Nicole Kein Cruz-write-up

“Move Your World”

Move your world is my title of my drawing. It indicates the three big trunks, green leaves represent my life I can stand strong and have peace of mind.

Clean surroundings represent  clean life, healthy body, healthy mind, clean leaves is next to godness.

River represent purity, flow of life

Everyday of our living flowers

And garden represents beautiful life

If we care on it

We can make our world wonderful;

Remember that God created all these thing.



 Aizel Anne Llabore

Aizel Anne Llabore-drawing

 Aizel Anne Llabore-write-upI use the theme “Save, Protect Our Mother Earth” because I want to help our Earth because some places in the world is very dirty. I want “save” our mother earth so that we have a clean and green places here. And I want to “protect”  also the earth from bad people who cutting down trees, smoking and many more. Please volunteer to some club or campaign to make clean our place. Help some people to clean our environment. Don’t cut trees and don’t throw garbage anywhere even in if in ocean, land, water and also in air. I hope some of us will do what some people says that don’t throw trash anywhere, don’t cut trees and many more. I hope that we will have our “clean and green” environment. Plant some trees for new generation, the will see many trees. I hope that we will understand our environment, they want to be, “save, protect our mother earth.”



Ethan Russel Cadalino 

Ethan Russel Cadelino-drawing

Ethan Russel Cadelino-write-up“My Own Sustainable Ways to a Healthy and Beautiful Planet”


As we all know global warming is a big concern worldwide…and while our experts are still looking for an answer here comes another thing that we cannot ignore as heavy floods hit around the world.

In the Philippines main reason causing floods is the uncontrolled cutting of trees, illegal logging! And worse thing is that some people with high ranking profile in the society baked this unlawful activity!

It seems that we can no longer find the answer we are looking for, as the solution is damaged by us, our mother Earth.

I challenge everyone to every human race let’s give love to our mother nature. Let’s give back to our planet the goodness she has given to us! We owe her.

Love Our Planet, Plant a Tree…!



“Nature is the art of God.”-Thomas Browne, Religio Medici 1635



“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” - Native American Proverb




Margie Babon was given a privilege to become a wildlife photographer in 2006 that let her choose to be a vegetarian for seven years now. Has background in film making as a producer and researcher on the plight of Agta-Dumagat documentary film Children of the Mountains that garnered the 2005 Mark Haslam Awardee  in Toronto, Canada. Sharing her passion in photography, drawing & creative writing  is a great opportunity to express her wisdom which is beyond academic teaching career for more than five years in College of Architecture and School of Fine Arts.



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