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Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Usual unusual-16feb2016

It was 12th of February, Friday after office during rushed hour where traffic is so heavy and commuting is such a burden.  It is so difficult to catch a ride. I was standing at the side walk in front of a shopping mall with a lot of passengers also looking for a service vehicle to go home. Because there is no proper line and we are not at the terminal station, in order to catch a ride, you need to be attentive, quick and fast.  Then a service vehicle without passengers stopped in front of us and luckily I get in. I am sitting beside the driver and we are all-in-all ten passengers. The vehicle is silent, no music  yet the only sound you can hear is the communication radio. After fifteen minutes when we have reached the Stock Exchange Building, the driver speaks up in a loud voice  like he is holding a megaphone. Really that loud!

Sir, maam, I just need your attention. I want to share to you the words of God. According to the bible, but let us pray first and thank Lord Jesus,  blah blah blah..” The driver started to preach. Because his voice was so loud, I put my ear phone and started to listen to the radio on my phone and put the volume high but I can still hear the voice of this “preacher-driver.”  When we have reached a school near the stock exchange tower, I really cannot stand it anymore. No one among the passengers is having the courage to let him stop so I took the moment. I got the nerve to speak out.

Me (talking to the driver): “Excuse me; will you continue to preach until we reach Pasig Church?  (Pasig church is the last destination of the route that will take us an hour due to heavy traffic).

Driver (in a very loud voice and yelling): “Maam what is wrong, I am just sharing the words of God. You know, the first time I hear the words of God, it makes me cry. No one is teaching me the words of God.”

Me: “You don’t need to yell. First of all, we take a ride for us to go home. Understand most of your passengers came from work. We are so tired. Now, you don’t need to feed us those words of God. I respect your belief, but please also respect us. You don’t need to teach us what to do, we have our own thinking mind, we have our own belief, and we have our own dreams. You don’t need to teach us what to do.  I have only 3 hrs. of sleep, I am sleepy and tired  and I am not interested in your preaching. Look at the other passengers, no one is interested. Just focus on driving and no need to preach.”

Driver: (still keep talking to his own self, telling how poor he is and other drama of his life yet no one is listening to him. Passengers are minding their own business, holding their phone doing Facebook while earphone and headphone was on. He keeps on talking and talking..)“People are so illiterate when it comes to the words of God. Lord Jesus is the only savior and he will save you. You know before I convert to become born again, I am so lost. I don’t know where I am.. According to Romans chapter blah, blah blah..”

Me: (started to get angry) “Will you please shut up!!  You are so stressful. Stop talking about your life. Preach it in your church where people are same minded as yours and not with the passengers who are tired, hungry and want to go home. Shut up!”

Then the driver finally stopped talking and put the am radio on listening to the news.

When we finally reached Pasig Church, when I get off from his car, I said in a loud voice, “Thank God I’m out!”

Heck my feelings lighten up when I saw two teenage boys laughing while pointing out the sticker at the back of the trike  saying “Butt Man” (hahaha)

The plate number of the service utility vehicle is  UWJ577 and written at the back of the door “To God be the glory.” The travel route is SM Megamall-Robinsons-Pasig..So beware of this SUV unless you want to be preached and get stressed by his so so loud voice. Passengers travel to relax while taking a ride and not being forced to listen to life’s drama which is stressful.


The driver who is preaching the words of God appear to me as a crazy man (for while he sis talking, he is laughing) and he was poisoned too much by the group he belongs with. I feel sad for this man; he is living under the control of other people. His mind, heart and faith are under the spell of the society who is so blinded about the words of God. For sure, this man doesn’t know how to listen to his own spirit, to connect within the divine creator seated in his authentic soul and spirit. Because he was controlled, even his faith and belief about God comes from other people, he was manipulated by the society.

This experience is so unusual to me. I’ve been working in the Ortigas area for how many years and it was my first time to encounter a driver who is preaching the passenger.  While I have seen a a lot of pastor or born-again preaching in public places even at the  market where beggars are around and even along the street, born-again preacher is very usual, very common scenario.

I do believe that we meet strangers to teach lessons and in return gaining lesson from them. Each of us is living with individual faith when it comes to the topic about God (though we belong to different religion). Do not force people to let them be like you and believe in what you preach because faith is about individualism. And when we talk about religion, we are dealing with norms of society, generic, common that doesn’t care for individual faith between you and God, it doesn’t know the word “privacy. “The driver and other preacher or pastors like him are already closed-minded like a horse on a carriage and they cannot do anything but being controlled by the horseman. For them, in order to save your soul, you have to join their group, convert and become a believer.

According to their shallow mind, if you are not a believer you are illiterate. No matter how you argue with them, you cannot win. None is illiterate when it comes to faith. We don’t need religion if you are truly connected with your own spirit because faith is a sacred conversation between you and God. Think of the indigenous people, they do not know how to read and write, they do not know how to read a bible but they know by heart that there is a god. Upon waking up, seeing the beautiful sunset, hearing the  chirping of birds, seeing the beauty of flowers, being with nature, they know by heart there is God and that is enough. You don’t need to convert people to be under your religion. Your very own existence, having your own breath is the greatest reason to believe that there is a god who created all of these and you don’t need a lot of laws, scriptures, teachings in order to live, saved and survive.

Always remember this: God wants each one of us to be successful, to be of service to others without controlling others, to find our purpose, to be truly and honestly be who we are by doing the desire of our soul, to make others happy by helping others in finding a meaningful life without manipulation but with freedom towards truthfulness that is align on their own personality , on who they are, doing what they want without poisoning their hearts and mind.


“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” –Mahatma Gandhi

“True religion is real living; living with all one’s soul, with all one’s goodness and righteousness.” –Albert Einstein



Author’s Note:

What if I become more kinder to the driver and give him more understanding and through that, I will help him to be out of that poison and too much wrong belief…maybe I can help him to analyze what is really the right one. But because I am so sleepy, tired, hungry and I don’t like too much noise, and the driver is nagging his passengers in a very loud voice that we are not saved, so I confront him. Though I talk in a gentle and kind words when I approach him in the beginning (honestly I even join him in opening prayer, I also pray silently) but then his thoughts are not aligned properly on what the real faith is. Sorry if I appear as disrespectful to the driver but in order to be respected, he must show that he deserves it. 


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