Who are you in Your Previous Life?

Written by:  Margie Babon


“A psychic once read my palm and told me I was my mother’s mother in past life. Isn’t that weird?” –Chynna Phillips


We are aware that life is full of mystery. As human, we can’t avoid thinking of these two questions; first, “what is the purpose of living here on Earth?” and second, “What is next after?”

Our parents gave birth to us to fulfill the longing of their soul to become a mother and father. As we grow, we learn to love our siblings; we learn how to make friends, we meet foes and learn to love and hate a lover. We experience different events and face some circumstances that are odd and some are align with our purpose and intentions.

And somewhere in your life, you ask yourself why you need to experience and meet people in your journey who left remarkable lessons that you regret meeting them. Whether you believe it or not, people that we meet now especially those who are attached to us and vice versa are part of our previous lives. The souls of these people are attached with your soul and vice versa. We just can’t remember who we are in the past and who are these people involved and what roles they have played. Some call it “karmic relationship” and some usually call it soul mates. Soul mates are not only defining only lovers or intended as marital partner but it means having a soul connection and a belonging like a family or best friend which is close to your heart.

A very good example is meeting a very close friend of mine after 8 years that we had a very bad argument and we separated ways. On the night of the new year’s eve of Jan. 1, 2014,  I met him unexpectedly. Knowing he is not staying anymore in that place and he has his own family and kids. Upon meeting him again after 8 years, all the hatred and anger dissolves and only Love and Compassion was in our hearts that night. We hug each other, we cried together and we exchange word of “I Love You.”

I told him, perhaps in our previous life, you are my brother. That is how I feel about him, a really close brother in the deepest part of my heart.

In reality, a lot of people do not believe in reincarnation.  Some are not aware of it; others are close minded because of their belief and religion. And some doesn’t mind the inner soul’s purpose and intentions for they enjoy the technology and other material things in this world that shuts the door of knowing more of thy self.


You can help yourself to discover who you are in your previous life, first by reviewing your past experiences and review the relationships you have right now, with your family, friends, and love ones. The more curious you are, the more you will understand your present self, you will discover more why there are attachments with people. Tracing who you are in the past will serve as a guide to know more of the purpose of these people involved with you whether family, friends or lovers and why they are part of your journey.

Have you wondered sometimes when you keep seeing a person that you haven’t seen for a long time and both of you will say, “Small world we meet again?” Simply because they are part of your previous life and the sign that they appear only means, they still play a certain role to your life until now.

Let me share this personal experience of mine that is connected for a greater reason and how it helped me to know more the real identity of my soul.

In 2006-2007 while doing research on the life, struggle and plight of Agta-Dumagat indigenous group in Northern Luzon, I was being asked to help them claim the ancestral domain that they are asking from the government. And because they have helped us to complete the documentary film “Children of the Mountains,” I agree to the request that I will help the National Council for Indigenous People (NCIP) to continue and complete the book that has been left for 6 years by non-government organization.  The book to tell the stories and culture of  Agta-Dumagat of Dibut will be the key to claim the ancestral domain which comprise of green mountains, forest,  ocean and fish sanctuary. Only in the Philippines and the only law existing in the world that all the ancestral domain of the indigenous people in the country will be under the government property. It is quite ridiculous considering a lot of indigenous people don’t know how to read and write.  The book that will be produced will be submitted and needs to defend at NCIP in Manila. The book comprise of measurement of land, history of the place, culture based on elders memories, flora and fauna and the current situation.

I stay and live with the indigenous group for more than a month to help them finish the book. I agree to give my time and skills to them by doing the layout of every chapter, doing the interview, taking photos, etc. More than a month of being a volunteer without any salary at all but only a small allowance for my fare, to buy personal needs like soap, shampoo and food because in my doing it will benefit the community and the next generations to come.  After 2 months upon submission to the NCIP, among the ten books presented to the panel by the head of NCIP, only one has been chosen and that is the book I have completed. Finally, the ancestral domain was granted to the Agta-Dumagat after 10 years of waiting. I think it was the perfect timing to make it happen.

When I look back in this experience considering it was 6 years ago, as I review that event, my connection in creating the documentary film about them is just a vehicle for me to fulfill much greater purpose—to help them claim their land thru my skills in drawing and writing. A very remarkable experience that have helped me discover that I am a writer in my previous life and connected to a tribe that I fail to help perhaps in the past of 100 years ago  and now that I come back on Earth, it was the perfect timing to manifest what I left behind. Without this experience, I won’t be able to convince myself that the inner soul in me was once a writer. Honestly, I really want to become a writer and author, and to start honing my writing skills and share it to the world, I decided to create this blog only in November of last year. Imagine the gap between 2007 and 2012; I wasted five years before I totally decide that I have confident in writing an article and poetry of my own.


Second, you will be able to know more of your roles in your past life on Earth through recalling and re-thinking of your productive hobby, passion, intuition and dreams.

Review the activities you are much attached with and try to connect it with your life now. How does it serve you? And how does it serve other people?  Connect your unforgettable dreams to your life now and review if the connection has something to do to discover yourself. What are your passions? Are you into marketing and selling, perhaps you are an entrepreneur or own a business and the reason you came back is to fulfill more of the dreams that wasn’t continued before.

Again, let me share to you me personal dream experience when it comes to discovering yourself thru’ half-wake dream.

God and I are sitting in the park so happy and we are laughing. In my mind, “he is a God.” He is wearing white clothes, shiny and huge man and bald. Strange, in my half-wake dream, my soul is aware that I am guilty of not creating new piece of painting, drawing or any artwork for more than two months. God stop laughing and I am afraid that he will ask me about my skills and he did. He gave me a small canvas and I am afraid to get it knowing in reality I never painted so long and I become irresponsible of it aside that my family is discouraging me to continue that talent.

From that day on, I promise to myself that I will develop more of that talent and share it to people who need my work. It left a very important lesson in my life that when God has given you a talent in drawing or painting or writing, will you bury it? Or will you continue to live by it for it is part of your life and breath. That dream is telling me that I am a painter in my previous life.

Another fascinating experience is having an invisible guardian angel that talks to me in English language and not in Filipino. Not only in my half-wake dream but during my deep meditation, a male voice is talking with me and reminding me of something that I have to carry in life, like telling me to live with more gentleness and love.  This convinces me more that I am not a Filipina in my previous life.


Lastly, you can discover your previous roles in life through acting now on your heart’s desire, of what you want to accomplish and achieve as life-long dreams.  If you are happily married, your spouse could be your lover in the past life. You meet again in order to complete the task that both of you have left behind like having a baby, raise kids and be successful as a partner. If you are single and longs to have a baby and a family, perhaps in your previous life you are a mother and having kids.

By knowing more of what your heart’s desire and acting on it in the present moment, you are awakening the inner soul’s true identity from its previous roles that have live on Earth.

If you love to be with kids and you are a teacher, your past life is really a teacher. If you love designing a house and a building, you are an architect in your past lives.  If you are a doctor, a reiki healer, then you are probably a healer in your past.

 From the book “Future Lives” by Gloria Chadwick, she explains how reincarnation operates in reality:

How do time and reincarnation operate in your reality? The most commonly accepted definition of reincarnation is that over eons, a soul repeatedly incarnate into different physical bodies in consecutive lifetimes for the purposes of acquiring knowledge and balancing karma, with the goals of attaining enlightenment and perfecting one’s soul.


Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, the lesson in this article is to follow what is your heart’s desire, of taking actions to do the things that you want. And realize that there is no room for blaming yourself or any regrets of meeting people, getting attached to them in a wrong way or throwing anger to them and hate the experiences. Everything is interconnected for the purpose of perfecting your soul and those lessons are created for you either to become stronger or grow more and take a higher ladder on your spiritual journey. It is through the awareness of our past experiences that we can correct everything and make no regrets.

As what the saying goes, “human has the ability to create future based on the present choices.” If creating future is based on the now and creating past life is based on present moment therefore creating past, present and future is molding our karmic relationship through the moment of now.


“Remembering events in your past lives also provides you with answers to the questions of what you did in past lives and why you are involved in whatever it is that you’re experiencing now. Even if you can’t remember any events in your past lives, you don’t need to know what your karma is to balance it. Just take a good look at what your life is showing you and you’ll see the energies of the past events that you’ve experienced as they repeat themselves in the present.” –Gloria Chadwick, author, Future Lives



About the Author

Margie Babon was given a privilege to become a wildlife photographer in 2006 that let her choose to be a vegetarian for seven years now. Has background in film making as a producer and researcher on the plight of Agta-Dumagat documentary film Children of the Mountains that garnered the 2005 Mark Haslam Awardee  in Toronto, Canada. Sharing her passion in photography, drawing & creative writing  is a great opportunity to express her wisdom which is beyond academic teaching career for more than five years in College of Architecture and School of Fine Arts.







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