Wisdom of a Father

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This story is part of ancient Egyptian text known as ‘The Teaching of Dua- Khety’.

A father named Dua-Khety  is taking his son Pepy  to a scribe school. While sailing southwards to the Residence, a well-known school of writing among the children of the magistrates, Dua-Khety spoke to his son. “My son, since I have seen those who have been beaten, it is to writings that you must set your mind. Observe the man who has been carried off to a work force. Behold, there is nothing that surpasses writings! They are a boat upon the water. Read the end of the Book of Kemyett stating that:”

                       As for a scribe in any office in the Residence, he will not suffer want in it. When he fulfills the bidding of another, he does not come    forth satisfied. I do not see an office to be compared with it, to which the maxim could relate. I shall make you love books and I shall place their excellence before you. It is greater than any office. There is nothing like it on earth. 


…I have seen the metal-worker working
At the mouth of his furnace;
With fingers like the stuff of a crocodile
He stinks more than fish eggs.


The carpenter who uses an adze,
He is more tired than a worker in the fields;
His field is the wood, his hoe the adze.
His work is endless..


The jeweler drills with his chisel
In different kinds of stone;
Once he is done with the inlay of the eyes
His arms are weary, he is tired;
Sitting down at sunset,
His knees and back ache.


The barber is still shaving at the end of the day,
To the town he takes himself,
To his corner he takes himself,
From street to street he takes himself
To search for people to shave.
He works with his arms to fill his belly,
Like a bee which can only eat as it has worked.


Look, no trade is free from a director,
Except the scribe’s: he is the director.
But if you know writings, it will be better for you,
More than these trades I have shown you.





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Our parents want only the best for us. They want us to prosper and have a meaningful life on earth. Like Dua- Khety, every father in this world holds wisdom. And that wisdom will be forever in every son and daughter’s  heart and soul, a treasure that will be carried  forever.


 “Happy Father’s Day”  to every father in this world! May your life be filled with enormous love and joy.”



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