Without Earth

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon




No called human being

If Earth never exist

No trees, no animals

No forest, no fish


No war, no politics

No stress, no pressure

From people and material things


Without earth

We aren’t being able to touch

To see, to hear, to feel



If nothing in existence

Where could we be?

Are we in a different dimension?

A spirit hovering in the space?

Or just a thought within

A dust, a dot, a speck in a giant maze


Creation is mystery

Unending, such infinite

Always coming back

Birth, death, rebirth

Enigmatic cycle within a pattern

Bizarre, inexplicable, unknown


No other planet

Of physical and material existence

Did we come back or just new?

Whatever the reason

None allowed to know


Now we are here

As we experience different things

Do you still wish to go back?

Or longing to live

To a magical planet

Of wishes fulfilment


Our deepest desire we manifest

The reason of human existence

Out of thoughts, we create

With patience, and kindness

To live and leave full of honesty

Selfless love, truthfulness and integrity


With or without earth

There is greater behind all

Wrapped in layers

Of mystery and energy

Evolving in secrecy of reality


Honor the planet Earth for it is sacred, has breath that also needs nurture from human hands to restore and conserve what have been taken. Happy Earth Day!!


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